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Don't take greyhound, rather go for cityliner or catch a taxi. I got onto bus 1701 GJND1002 Joburg-Newcastle-Durban at 10:00am this morning and only arrived at newcastle at 18:00 this evening because of what greyhound said in there smses to be a 'technical fault' and 'road works' when actually it was because the bus broke down twice and they had to send a mechanic from jhb. We waited in standerton for two and a half hours so that the joburg mechanic could tell us the same thing as the standerton mechanic. The hostess of the bus told us that this happens regularly. I want to know how often evaluation checks are done on those buses. The problem with our bus was that everytime it came to a complete stop it broke down. Pathetic to offer that kind of service after I paid R260 for my ticket, cityliner is only R150, however I chose greyhound because it is apparently the better choice. Well apparently not!!!


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    Karen Du Plessis Aug 06, 2012

    Yes, i very disappointed customer. I traveled with Citiliner on friday night as I urgently needed to go to Durban. It was the most horrible service and trip I ever had. We left East London station 2hrs later than scheduled time(22H45) and reach Durban 16h00 on Saturday afternoon. No apologies! Only a unfriendly driver and a faulty bus. It is a disgrace and insult, Greyhound was the best but it seems money is more important than clients! If I can give anyone advice don't even think of getting onto Greyhound buses! Disgusting! Their service is bad, bad, bad. Me and my friend needed to be at a meeting and had to hire a private taxi because our transport could not pick us up at the time the bus arrived. They don't even assist anyone. Very disappointing! I will let my voice be heard and Greyhound must pay for their poor service!!!

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