Great Clipsmanager at great clips salon


Her name is Chantel St Denis. She manages the salon in Schenectady at 3413 state street. She is 20 years old not even old enough to drink but has a drinking problem. Shes missed days of work cause she is hung over and has problems scheduling her staff. Giving the staff their schedule 2 days after the week as started. Or changing the schedule to suit her 2nd job at the bar. Also her girlfriend is in and out of the salon most of the day. just hanging out. Or chantel clocks out during her shift to pick her girlffriend up sometimes rolling the clock back. The salon is in bad shape cause of the horrible manangement. Not sure how a cooperation your size puts a 20 year old irresponsible mananger on staff. Look at your numbers for that salon. They suck and its mostly cause of the b.s. surrrounded by the mangement .She needs to stop drinking and do her job. Other stylist have left this salon, myself and 2 others because of her.

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