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Resolved personal info from clients and late nite customers

We hate asking for phone numbers and the dreaded questions of, " "have you been to this location berfore?...

Resolved bad hair cut

I had requested my hair; vairied in length up to 12 inches; be cut to 4inches all over. Judy cut it down to 2 inches in back. When I got home I found out a coupon was out that day for $9 off. I had told her I had been unemployed for 9 months now and was hoping a haircut would help energize my job hunt. Judy did not mention there was a coupon available.
I emailed a complaint to corporate and recieved a phone call supposedly from them stating that Judy would have been fired if she had mentioned the coupon (I had thought coupons were supposed to drum up business, what else are they for!!!) and other bs. In other words I am stuck with a way too short hair cut and will never visit a Great Clips again.

Resolved price

Client received a haircut on 3/9/09 and stated that she had a coupon for approximately $5.00 discount but did...

Resolved my husband hair cut

My usband went to get his hair cut and when he finished he came home and the one side of his hair was cut...

Resolved poor service

My autistic son and I went to Great Clips so he could get a hair cut. He is six years old, and slower to get...

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Resolved employment

This is a employment complaint and a heads up for new and old stylist and barbers what to expect because when...

Resolved awful company

I currently work at a Great Clips and I wished that I didn't. I have worked at many salons but I have...

not using fresh aprons and towels

They are not using fresh towels and not cleaning hair on the floor after each hair cut they are not even...

hair loss

on September 25 2008 I went to the above salon for a perm, I had had a perm 2 months previous to this which...

Resolved scam and lies

Great Clips refused to do my daughters hair because I didn't have an appointment. There were 3 employees in the store with my daughter and myself as the only customers. I was told by the stylist that "if I do your daughters hair then I wont get paid by any other customer if they come in". I said, "so you are refusing to do my daughters hair because someone else 'Might' come in?"

She said that I would have to leave and make an appointment.

Do not they brag about the "walk in and sit right down" deal? What a big lie!!

  • Je
    Jen Warner Aug 18, 2009

    Great Clips does not take appointments so this complaint makes no valid sense.

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  • Ha
    hatemyjob513 Sep 08, 2009

    great clips does take appointments for styles. If your daughter wanted a hairstyle yeah she needs to make an appointment, if she just wanted a haircut then it's walk ins only

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  • Wu
    wussamattau Oct 01, 2009

    thank you jen i agree...and millana you are right's all a big lie...walk right in sit right down...MUUUAHHHAHAHAHAAAHAAAAAA

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  • Bl
    blackanus Oct 04, 2009

    as long as i have a face you have a place to sit

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  • Do
    DoublDelightx20 Apr 20, 2012

    You are not required to make an appointment for a haircut. Not only that the Great Clips that I work at only accept appointmnents over the internet and in store for hairstyles because we are a busy fast paced salon.

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sexual harrassment

I took my son into a Great Clips hair salon in Atlanta, Ga. I ask for the good barber. This one time, my...

Resolved yelled at us

I've been going to Great Clips for 3 yrs and always ask for the only good barber. This one time, my wife...