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former employee

I was fired from Great Clips because I told my manager that I did not feel comfortable working alone on the weekend to close the shop by myself. My manager gave me a very bad haircut. My bangs were a short spike and she went scissor happy on my hair with the thinning shears. Great Clips was always on me to do the haircuts in under 13 minutes from the time the customer is checked in on the computer to the time they pay is clocked on the computer. They threatenened to fire us is we did not consistantly do haircuts in 13 minutes. The requirement to work there is to do a minimum of 3 haircuts per hour. And when it was slow, if you wanted to keep your job, you are supposed to clock out until a customer walks in. They also constantly threatened to fire us if we did not sell at least 10% in products sales. And their products selection was very limited to products nobody wanted. I was the only moral, married stylist who worked there. The coworkers there always offended me with their inappropriate conversations about going to bars, sex, and how they get away with cheating welfare, and also the ### they date.

bad service

5920 Carolina Beach Rd # 160, Wilmington Salon was having a deal for 5.99 hair cuts. I went to get my hair...

no credit card refunds possible

Stylist at a Great Clips frnachise recommended a product and said satisfaction was guaranteed or return product for a full refund. Receipt clearly states Great Clips has a commitment to full satisfaction or refund. When I returned the product, they don't do credit card refunds. So, I'm out of luck. No one said that up front. I've emailed corporate and am notifying BBB, and the Consumer Protection Division at the State Attorney's office. I'm also emailing all my contacts, plus my 50+ female coworkers and asking them to forward my complaint to their contact lists. It's not a large amount, but they'll more than pay that amount in lost business and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Ri
    Rick Mu Jan 31, 2011

    I work for a Great Clips and your satisfaction is our guarantee. Sounds as if the employee did not know how to do a credit card refund. We do them in our salon. We require that the product had to be purchased in our salon and you have the receipt.

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For anyone out their planning on going to this place beware... This salon changes stylist like I change my...


I went to this place with my daugther and mother, and we have this lady (Kelly) to help us she was the...

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abusive franchisee

Attention all licenced stylist, Do you like working for low pay, non set hours, no benefits, no holiday...

incompetent and rude

Just came out of a Great Clips in Chattanooga TN on Cummings Highway in Lookout Valley. Went in with hair to my butt, came out with 6 -15 inches less because they butchered me. Then got lied to and disrespected by both stylist and manager. They even refused to give a full refund. The hairstylist I had to go to afterwords was shocked at the damage done, and could do nothing to save the style other than say take prenatal vitamins and grow it out again. Beware of going in their stores, they will ruin your hair, lie to you, and keep your money, AND LAUGH ABOUT IT IN FRONT OF YOU.


Terrible haircut!!! During this past weekend I had aterrible experience... My stylist didnt even greet me and ranked of alcohol and her eyes was blood shot... I did get her name till she was cuttin my eyebrow and was boom barded with her breath and her clevage that jus jumped out at me (Emilie).. I have been a loyal customer for years and was excite when yall finally built one closer and i didnt have to drive and hour to get to. I will not ever return to a great clips again... Find some stylist who respect there job and dont do drugs. I also noticed that her licence was not in view so she might not even be a licenced stlyist. I also know the state board heath inspector and yall will be getting a visit in a few weeks.. she jus had poor hygen issues and was very unprofessional.

  • Gr
    Great Clips, Inc. Oct 20, 2010

    From Great Clips, Inc. corporate office:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry to hear you had a less than great experience. Since we have more than 2, 800 locations across North America, it works best if you submit the details of your situation directly to our customer service center:
    Call (800) 473-2825
    Or, email [email protected]

    We hope you will give us a second chance.

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former successful manager

Greatclips concept is great, but the franchisees do not follow the guidelines of the BRAND NAME to be...

Great Clips

pissed former employee

I worked as a stylist at Great Clips in Georgia. Within a year of my employment, the theft ring within the salon(crackheads and drunken stylist)stole my diamond ring out of my purse. Three months after I filed the report the police department claimed I waited to long. I later learned the manager had a family member who owned a pawn shop. They all had worked this game for a long time. Small town crooks running long term schemes. A frequent customer informed me about other stylist and customer jewelry that turned up missing but never reported.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 30, 2010

    You could file a lawsuit against those employees (not the company as they are not responsible for stolen posessions (no company is)), but I see that the police stated you waited too long. Sorry to hear it.

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poor & rude customer service

We visited the Exton PA Great Clips location today being a repeat customer of many years, we expected great...

horrible scheduling

so ive been a loyal customer for great clips in victorville, ca for many years and i like going a certain stylist (francine) but for some reason or another for the bast month in a half i could never catch her on a weekend i call in to see if she"ll be in and she seems to always be off for the weekend. no i dont call every weekend but just about every other and the same response...and during the week in just inconvenient to i guess this is good bye francine and great clips you just lost a great customer!!!

  • Su
    sun, moon and the stars Jan 10, 2011

    I have visited Great Clips on Padonia Road in Timonium, Maryland and let me tell you. The stylists are the nastiest and non-professionalist people I have ever seen in my life. There are two in particular, Nicole and Suela(jokes). You get a five to eight minute haircut from these two because they are trying to out cut one another, The salon is freezing because the one name Suela or Ella whatever her name is so hot! Really! Really! Lose some weight and stop bieng so miserable. I heard the owner don't care but if you have no morals and ethics what can you expect.

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In febuaury 2010 I Erica Bass put in my request off days for the month of May.Ms. Tammy Miller (MY...

screwed up my son's hair

°My 14 year old son has been growing his hair out for almost a year. It looks good but he needed it trimmed just a bit. He actually asked to get a trim so off we go. We had recently moved so I thought I would try the Great Clips down the street as a matter of convenience plus I was in a major hurry that day. We get there (Canyon Park store) and Jeff, one of the stylists takes him back. I go back with him at first and explain to Jeff that he likes his hair long but wants a little of the weight taken off and slightly trimmed. I go to the waiting area.

A little while later my son comes out Looking almost like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber! I say, "that's a lot shorter than we wanted" and he just said it was a nice neat haircut and it looked good. WTF? Needless to say, my kid was pissed (remember...he is 14 AND just started a new school). We got out to the car and I notice he still has a several hairs that are way long in the front (obviously missed) his neck is cut up from the clippers, it's all uneven and choppy and it wasn't even washed. I was in a major hurry and unfortunately had to go.

Called our usual gal from the car and she said to bring him in. I had a lot do that day and couldn't go for several hours so my kid wore a hood the entire time we were out. I felt terrible. When we got to Hairmasters she couldn't believe what a butcher job they had done on him. In fact, all the girls at the place were surprised at how bad it looked. Well, she fixed it...and it's really short now but at least looks good.

Tried to do something simple and get my kid a haircut and it turned into a huge ordeal, cost me twice what it should have and took three times longer than it should have. Kinda tough when wasting time or money is not my thing.

I did not go back to that store and I definitely won't. I'm sure instead of a refund they will offer to "fix" it. No thanks. I have however written to their corporate office and issued my complaint. Will I get a response or even an acknowledgement? who knows but at least I feel better.

Lesson learned...Once you find a service provider who takes pride in their work and delivers quality...stick with `em. Shortcuts will get you nowhere.

  • An
    an exemployee May 24, 2010

    I worked for Great Clips for over a year before I finally quit. The only reason I had stayed so long was because of my clientel I had built up. I hate bad mouthing a salon because I have been a stylist for 10 years and know it is not really a whole salon, more like one or two bad apples. However, I will agree that at Great Clips, they seem to care more about the quantity rather than the quality of their work. There were many days when i could not go on a break because we had people waiting. Which remember, 8 hours on your feet cutting hair nonstop... trust me a break is needed! I hate to admit that I myself a lot of the times at the end of the day could care less how a customer would walk out because I was sooo dang tired. No excuse I know... And also to add, while I was there they seemed to employ people who recieved so many complaints and still did nothing to correct either their behavior or their services. It's a shame that a company lets this happen so frequently and still does nothing to fix the problems. It almost kills me to say this but ... sometimes its true, you really do get what you pay for... and unfortunately with Great Clips it ain't much.

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aweful haircut

I had a haircut at great clips, milestone centre, Maryland-20876. Lady named Margrita cut my hair and it wa...

very uneven poor haircut

Beware "Great Clips" in Calgary, Canada (Crowfoot-Ashley) provide me with the worst haircut in the past 50 years!!!.Uneven and improper together with very poor customer service. Had to get pay another outfit to fix the "Great Clips" haircut so that I would have an EVEN haircut(on both sides). The person who re cut my hair at another store noticed it was unevenly cut and I looked ridiculous with a "Great Clips" haircut. Store managers did not care. Very poor customer service attitude.

  • Gr
    greatclips Apr 12, 2010

    Beware "Great Clips" in Calgary, Canada (Crowfoot-Ashley) provide me with the worst haircut in the past 50 years!!!.Uneven and improper together with very poor customer service. Had to get pay another outfit to fix the "Great Clips" haircut so that I would have an EVEN haircut(on both sides). The person who re cut my hair at another store noticed it was unevenly cut and I looked ridiculous with a "Great Clips" haircut. Store managers did not care. Very poor customer service attitude.

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I went to Great Clips for the first time ever, to have the ends of my hair clipped. For the convienance, I...

hairstylist done wrong

I was hired on at granite city great clips and found out they had a staff that were all drug user, when you ask if great clips drug test there staff you found out they don't, and birds in a feather flock together i was terminated, because i know that 21 years of cutting hair I'm a excellent stylist clean and sober and bow my head and pray to Jesus and not a pot plant.I felt like i was in high school, the professionalism of the staff was awful and all staff expect myself should have fired because of the drug used among them.I WAS LET GO SO THEY WOUDNT BE FOUND OUT AND I WILL NOT LET GO OF THIS BECAUSE ITS NOT RIGHT TO FIRE SOMEONE ON FALSE PRETENSE TO SAVE A DRUG ADDICT.

  • Ar
    ARW1223 Apr 08, 2013

    I don't know you at all but keep your head up and don't get tired of doing the right thing. Those things go on in every Great Clips. I left a store that was just like what you described and they always let go of the good people. I'm going through something now in a totally different franchise. They are just plain firing and writing up people for petty things. But I know my God has greater plans for me...and you also.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

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the worst company to work for

I have worked for Great Clips for two years.There are two shops in winchester there is winchester station and...


Wow! Glad to see complaints from other stylists on here! This company sux! Only numbers matter, creativity i...