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Please stop all donations to Goodwills in the Pa Keystone area that are run by CEO Ron Kratofil. He condones theft by his employees, and it still goes on as we speak. Just remember what I am saying here, its one thing if employees from Goodwill steal, its another when the Manager running that Goodwill and her Regional Manager and head CEO condone it !!! You and I know we probably could not begin to count the theft by employees from Goodwill, but thats not my gripe, you should be able to go to management about this (everyone said keep complaining go higher up) It got me banned and the theft still continues. When upper management allows this its wrong and its outright theft, they should be prosecuted!!! CEO Ron Kratofil seems to think they are his stores and he can run as he pleases, what he is forgetting IS THE DONATIONS THAT COME IN ARE THERE FOR A REASON, NOT SO RON KRATOFIL CAN RUN A THEFT RING OF VALUABLES!!

I am really starting to think this goes deeper than I even imagine, I am beginning to think since seeing how my complaints were handled, how I was banned, and this woman still goes in for her daily pick up that management places certain managers at stores to pick out the good stuff so to speak, the junk and worthless household items go on the floor to sell. They claim they sell on their website, but if you search the jewelry and other high dollar items that have been listed from his stores they do not amount to anything near the bags this woman is walking out with. Whats worse ( a goodwill employee told me this, than I found out who the woman was) she has the nerve to work for another charity center Brandywine Health Foundation in Coatesville Pa. Her name Joanne Pacana, now if this woman will steal jewelry do not tell me she is not taking cash which is all her charity deals with. No Goodwill is not donating to her charity. They take cash donations, plus this woman before I was banned would wait until I wasn't looking before being handed a bag, she is a thief, she is not wearing this jewelry and other valuables, she is taking and I think the three are selling on ebay and splitting!!! Talk about pissed, these are DONATED ITEMS, NO RON KRATOFIL THEY ARE NOT YOURS!!! I really think they hired this manager Ginger Haase for a reason, they placed her at this new store, whats weirder, the woman stealing has Maryland license plates but lives and works in Pa. but there Corp office where I had to complain is in Maryland, something is really fishy here. As I said big big Goodwill Scam!!!

I mean it Im not stopping until this theft ring stops. Whats funny is these two always work together (believe me I have watched and done my homework) Joanne Pacana does not come in on weekends or nights when others work. She only comes in the days when they work, which is only days and always together. Barb not to be ignorant I do not want to take away the importance of this article, but all she does is stand around and mark and check jewelry that she places in a bag for this woman, she does nothing else, she only works a couple hours, just enough to steal, its not like she's this hard working employee who goes in every day for hours, as I said just enough to gather items and steal!!! It makes me cringe when I know they are getting away with this, hey if the manager allows it because the CEO doesn't care, then there you go, god only knows what else is going on there.

I was really dumbfounded when I saw this, and it took me a few times to figure out, I live 2 minutes away, this is a new store thats been open about 2 years now, like I said though they opened 2 minutes from my house and I would go in several times a day as I know they would put items out at different times. I started noticing this woman come in and just stand at the register and talk to Barb the clerk and or Ginger the manager. She never looked around or shopped just stood at the register. One day Im walking up from the back and Barb reaches under the counter and hands her this bag stuffed with jewelry, I mean a big bag and packed full. This was not a clear bag of junk beads they sell. It was a big white bag, but I could see stones and pins poking through it, she sees me coming up, looks nervous and hurries and rings her up for $10.00 and the lady hurries and walks out. Let me tell you, one piece of jewelry there sells for $3.97, she didn't get a 30 lb bag or more for $10.00.

Now I am watching, I go in around the same time, its always between 12:30 and 2:00, the next time she hands her another bag and doesn't charge her at all, they didn't see me looking. Well I was pissed and shocked at this point and told the asst. manager becca what I saw, she said quote " It doesn't matter, nobody here cares so why should I and some other words, its allowed." I was shaking in my skin because I could not believe what I was seeing. I told what I saw to an employee who is very nice and I like the next day when she came in what I saw, she said " That lady is Barbs friend and she calls ahead on her lunch break to tell her shes coming. She don't work in Maryland she works at Brandywine Hospital, well she was almost right, from my watching I found her name Joanne Pacana and she works at the Brandywine Health Foundation in Coatesville which is related to the hospital. The employee knew this and told me, I only saw the lady stealing, the employee told me her name and where she worked.

Anyway I then called the regional manager, her name is April Greene I think, I know her first name is April. This woman is a joke, she was rude, wanted to know when I saw this, and asked me over and over "are you sure" She acted mad at me for calling about this theft of donated items. What does this regional manager do, she goes and warns them what I saw and gives them my name, I go in the next day and they are snickering and whispering and refuse to wait on me, they walk in the back and call their accomplice Fran out to wait on me, now is it just me or is that what a regional manager does when they get a complaint of theft seen by a customer??? I don't think so!!! Thats because its allowed, and what does she do, warns them to be more careful!!! What a joke!!!

I continue to complain when nothing is done and I still see this theft brazenly going on, I get to the loss prevention guy, Stan McCarty, well let me tell you, he is a bigger joke than April, all he did was feel me out and see what I knew, see if I saw the woman and so forth, than make every excuse in the book why he couldn't catch her if he even tried. First his budget didn't allow for cameras, then he was away a week at the mountains, then they would recognize him, then his help was out so couldn't go to the store, one excuse after the other, pathetic, again another cover and lie!!! I'm telling you I have figured out they all work together. I really think they place certain managers in the stores to pick up the valuables, they do not have to claim or sell because they just lump together and they all get a piece, why else would this blatant theft ring be covered up by the top???

Finally I get a letter from the CEO Ron Kratofil (what a ***) saying I am banned from going into any stores in the Pa Keystone area that he has control over, I am not in Goodwills best policy. WHAT A JOKE!!! WELL YOU KNOW WHAT RON, I HAVE PEOPLE THAT ARE STILL WATCHING AND SO AM I FROM AFAR AND ONE WAY OR ANOTHER YOU WILL BE CALLED ON THIS. THIS IS THEFT OF DONATED ITEMS THAT YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE STEALING AND I WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL IT STOPS!!! IT MAY BE YOUR STORE, BUT PEOPLE ARE DONATING FOR OTHER REASONS, NOT FOR YOU AND YOUR THIEF EMPLOYEES!!! This is a felon and with the election and all coverage isn't good, but I guarantee this is going public!!!

Everyone who reads this do 2 things

1. Stop donating until they clean up this theft ring

2 Email or call [protected]

and demand that they interview employees Sandra Becca and Fran about this theft, which is all they had to do in the beginning. Please help me stop them. This is wrong, people are donating because of Goodwills name and not for the wrong reason of Management and employees stealing donated items for themselves.!!!


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    chris Oct 28, 2008
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    Yeah please stop donations to them. One girl I know brags how the manager and another girl their pick out all the Boyds Bears and hold them for her. They do pick out what they want firs. Also I myself have seen Barb the heavy lady that works there hand jewelry to another woman. If the Goodwill Ceo Ron Kratofil, and the President and Board Members do not care thats why. They are stealing items donated for the needy. Quit donations to Goodwills, there are many other places you can give your donations. That Ginger is a witch too, the old one with long white hair, I hear her correcting people loud on the floor all the time, she was yelling at this one nice young girl about her pants should be covering her heels, than Barb her co worker and partner in theft dresses like a slob and just stands behind the counter and sorts jewelry, steals, and gets paid to do it. They are a joke. I agree Do Not Donate To Them

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    tje110 Oct 28, 2008
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    I also know alot of theft goes on there. Its not just those. Its the three musketeers. Fran the lady with long gray hair tall and skinny, Barb the heavy big lady, and Ginger Haase the manager all steal. Its like its their own private theft ring. They just wait for the donations to come in and take out what they want, they also only put items out when the shift changes or is over so they can take more. This CEO should be ashamed of himself and so should Corporate Goodwill to allow this to go on. They also do not like to give reciepts for valuables, I know alot of people have complained about this, please please find somewhere else to donate, not just items, but money, anything, Goodwill is a Non Profit Scam for the big wigs to get rich, and it starts at the stores using them for shills to bring in the valuables for placed managers to steal.

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  • Bo
    bogus Feb 19, 2009

    Have experienced a very successful E-bay seller telling me multiple times that Seattle Goodwill allows "dealers " to come through the store for mass purchasing before the public is allowed to see certain merchandise. This seller refers to other Goodwill dealers as if the network is large and organized and a legitmate business. Self justification and rationalization and getting away with something unethical does not make it a condoned activity. people give to these charities to just get rid of stuff, but many others give thinking that their gifts are benefiting those who cannot afford something for themselves. Why should cameras or china or any collectable item be channeled into E-bay sellers hands for personal profit instead of going to a person who could never own such a thing without a break? Local Goodwill employees in Virginia tell me they cannot buy anything within two hours of it going on the floor, and only when on their lunch break or off the clock. This policy is not applicable to the organized pilfering and profiteering that appears to be widespread and blatant.

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    mikey1222 Oct 01, 2009

    After working for another Goodwill in the area and heard some rumors have what has been going on down at the Thorndale store, I decided to see for myself what was going on. On my days off I will visit this store and notice the same thing go on with these "ring leaders". At the store I worked at, the managers told us to be "hush-hush" about what was going on here. They all know what was going on and jack has been and jack will be down at it.

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    aussiebaby Jan 19, 2011

    Goodwill stores are a rip off I go to many and please stop donated to them have your own garage sale and make the money back yourself these people are not helping anyone but their self they keep everything of value and put pure junk out on the floor for the consumer that comes in the store why are you giving them your money I dont think you can afford this in this economy sell it your self you earned it and worked for it trust me you would not believe the things I see and when their is complaint about a store they will sometimes just transfer that manager to a different store and they are putting to high of prices on the items people cant even afford to buy there it is sad sad but that is what this world is comming to

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    aussiebaby Jan 19, 2011

    big big scam

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  • Ni
    nickcaper Jul 30, 2011

    Tell me, which of you wouldnt take if you could? You are all hypocrites. STFU please.

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    Mrs.WEBB Nov 11, 2011

    Good Morning,
    I have shopped at the Chester, Va. Goodwill for sometime. I always stop
    in & buy someting, i usualy spend anywhere from $25.00 Plus. This morning I was
    on a strick time limit but I still managed to stop in...11-4-11 .I
    had several things in my cart & went up front. The manager was helping someone &
    he told me to go to the other register. I went over to the register & the lady
    was wraping dishes, she still had several more to wrap, I waited & I asked if
    she could ring me up??? as I had limited time to wait, she said after I wrap
    all these dishes. I told her that i could not wait that long...she
    didnt say anything. I went out to the manager & told him what she
    said...He was of No Help to me either. I will tell you this, I
    usualy go there every friday, but as of today You have lost a coustomer !!!
    There was NO reason she could not Stop wraping thoses dishes & wait on me.
    There was NO ONE Waiting for the dishes!!! This was a SLap in my Face !!! I
    put my cart aside & walked OUT NEVER TO RETURN...VERY

    P. WEBB, Midlothian, Va.

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