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We have always enjoyed going to Golden Corral to eat... We had been there a few months ago, and when I got the attention of the cook behind the bar and showed him the chicken which was rock hard (and I'm not exaggerating) he said, he'd eat it... The food that day looked presentable.. So, I let that go... But, it shurely told me the food wasn't being rotated as the law requires.
Yesterday, being March 10th, we ate there about 4pm.. It was very crowded, We were charged $30.00 because it was a steak night.. first of all, the food, who many commented on, was undercooked carrots, over cooked dried out broccoli, and the bar looked horrible. Food was dropped in one container, and another.. no one was attending the bar, there was no plates, no tables being cleared and no one filling drinks.. We saw our waitress once when she brought coffee for my husband.. Another issue I had was having to practically beg for a slice of steak.. there was a line waiting, and the server was putting the steak in a pan and setting it behind him.. I asked the lady beside me why, perhaps to let it "rest"? either way, I gave up and set down. I notice a man ask for steak, and the server cut a piece the size of a deck of cards, in half, seriously, and placed it on the guys plate, we just looked at each other.. it was obvious and insulting.. I want my money back cause I also threw up when I got home.. I immediately was nauseous after eating.. I want my money back... You can send the ck to Melody Weast 5560 stewartsville rd williamstown, ky 41097 I will have to think very hard before I eat at Golden corral again.. I'm very disappointed and it's too bad. my husband loves this place..

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      Mar 14, 2019

    i witness the disappointment yesterday for dinner right after 4pm Baked beans were not stirred just dryed up on top .. few french fries and onion rings less then 8 of em were sitting there probly from lunch. most of the hot case was looking shriveled from hours away from freshness i expected Freshness for 2 people at $35 i wish i had photos - b.montes ogden ut restraunt

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