Golden Corralunprofessional behavior


Visit Date: 10/13/2017
Visit Time: 3:45PM

I have a complaint about the general manager at the Lafayette, Louisiana Golden Corral.It was witness by my wife & 2 other Golden Corral employees
I ordered 2 senior citizen early bird specials & 2 beverages that are included & come with them, i also odered a regular meal with water.
At the cashier station, the general manager said out in front of every one (other guest), which was very embarrassing to my wife & myself. He said that he was going to have to charge me for my drink because he claims that he seen my daughter who ordered a water was drinking my drink at a previous visit. I told him i was going to be drinking my own drink and she would be drinking her water. I told him how dare he embarris my wife & i in front of other customers, I ask him if he had nothing better to do than to watch customers to see who drinks what drink & calling them out in front of other customers to embariss them? Is this what Golden Corral has sunk to in its management?

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