Golden Corralmanagement staff (child burned)


Hello this is my husbands first time eating here we went to the location in Murrieta ca and came about 30 miles away in Hemet.
My daughter was putting her plate up so I could serve her some mashed potatoes and she got burned on the edge of the tray and started screaming and crying badly. It was right in front of the main entrance and there was a manager standing right there watching the whole thing as it happened and also some cooks saw as well and did nothing at all. So I said my daughter just got burned and so I took her to the restroom to put some cold water on her forearm at the bare least. While in the restroom a cook named Kristina overheard us and came out to help us and told me to tell them to give us some burn cream but then got it herself for us because I mentioned how they saw and had done nothing. She was very helpful unlike the management. But still the manager did nothing. We still stayed despite the horrible insident and my daughter crying still and me trying to calm her down and make sure she was ok. Not to mention I had to get up and get my own refills because the waitress kept walking by and seeing empty cups and not saying or offering another refill.
When we are about to leave I talk to one of the manager and all she said was she will be ok she forgot about it and I'm sorry. That's not ok or professional the way the manager saw the incident and did nothing. My daughter is crying in the car on the way home and I will have to take her to the hospital. I called to let them know and they said that's fine that it's not their fault and that they have signs saying no kids should be there alone which my daughter was not there alone. This is very unprofessional. And I am disgusted.
Thank you
Cherie De Leon

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    CheriedeIeon Nov 01, 2017

    I have a confession to make. The truth is that I am purposely burned my daughter in hopes of getting money from them. I feel bad for this so I want to confess now. I was hoping for a settlement from all of this. Unfortunately I told my parents this and they called CPS on me because I purposely hurt my child for a lawsuit and I blamed them.

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    Shaun R. Nov 02, 2017

    The posting has a different name than that of the original poster. Someone just created the account to place the facetious post.

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  • aja1jenkz Nov 26, 2017

    @CheriedeIeon You are a horrible [censor]!! How dare you hurt your baby for the sake of the dollar! You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm glad that your parents had enough sense to take your child away from you! You're sick and you should be locked up for the rest of your life! Children ARE A GIFT, NOT PAWNS IN YOUR PLANS TO MAKE MORE MONEY!! Get a job!!!

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    Shaun R. Nov 02, 2017

    It sounds like just an unfortunate accident. Even if the manager didn't jump in to help, it would be hard pressed to say anyone at Golden Coral did anything wrong. Hopefully you got your child proper medical attention and she'll be okay.

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    pobarjenkins Nov 03, 2017

    While they could have been more apologetic, there isn't really much more they could have done besides offer to call an ambulance for you if the burn was that severe. In the end they are not really at any fault.

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