Giant Eaglethe quality of the bags


This is a general complaint and not aimed at one particular store or another. I can say that I have had mostly positive experiences shopping at the Giant Eagles (there are 3 ) that are close to my home. Each is clear, the staff is friendly, and I have never had an issue with a particular product they stock. My complaint is about the bags.

The bags that are given are sub-par and rip way too easily. I know people are assuming that I am overloading or not correctly bagging my groceries but I can assure you that within the past 3 trips to Giant Eagle I have had bags break with the bare minim of products inside.

I had one bottle of Chai in a bag and it ripped and rolled down the stairs. It was the only item. I have also had cat food cans spill out of a tear that happens when more than five cans are in a bag.

This wasn't always an issue but it has become one over the past two years. If you are trying to keep costs down and save money I suggest you look at non-essential personal or wasteful practices within your company. The groceries themselves are on the expensive side already so I cannot imagine with the volume of people I see at the three stores that your company is hurting for money.

Please take into consideration before people like myself get fed up and leave. If I have to bring or buy bags I will go elsewhere. I buy from Giant Eagle because it represents Pittsburgh to me and I would rather give my money to my neighbors than an out of town business.

Thank you for your time.

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