Giant Eaglepharmacy at biddulph plaza

J Jun 10, 2019

The pharmacy at the Biddulph Plaza location in Cleveland Ohio is the single worst pharmacy in America. Every time we have a prescription sent there they fail to even look at it until we arrive then it is 45-60 minutes before it can be filled. This is an obvious ploy to get us to spend money in the store itself and it is infuriating. This past Saturday we went ot a clinic and my wife was prescribed an antibiotic for her toenail that was almost ripped off the previous day. She is on RA meds so has no immune system so this was an important prescription. Once again, an hour later when we arrive at the store(trying to give them extra time to have it reay still did not work) my wife was told it would be 45 minutes. We were already done with our shopping. Thankfully my insurance still allows me to use CVS but hers does not. Going forward we will shift her prescriptions to Walgreens and begin shopping at Acme. the female pharmacist that I spoke to Saturday was full of excuses but no solutions. When my wife returned an hour later she made still more excuses. She has no idea of the concept of customer service and should be removed from any position that involves talking to the public.

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