Giant Eagle GetGobathrooms/ customer service

C Nov 20, 2017

As a prior employee of Giant Eagle for 3 years, I am well aware of policy and standards for this company. My experience at the Richeyville, PA gas station was by far the most embarrassing. The restrooms were not sanitary. I understand it gets busy in the workplace, but the floor where the toilet sits was covered in something that smelled of sewage. The cashiers working the night shift of 11/19/17, were not professional by any means. I understand you have to have fun while working, but a gas station full of impatient customers and the two cashiers constantly spanking each other was not what we want to see. Once I'm to the register, I swipe my debit card, but we all know that the new chip cards that you have to insert. I understand that sometimes we are still so used to swiping we forget to insert for chip . The cashier repeatedly says to me CHIP, CHIP, CHIP, CHIP, irritated. I finally so okay okay! Thank you and she continues to say Chip, chip. It sounds so childish but, to have an employee of GE, a great company, leave an image like that on just one customer, it could be happening to all of them. I apologize for even complaining, I have never had any bad experiences with GetGo just this one was not a good one.

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