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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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+1 888 660 5890(All Residential Customer Service) 14 25
+1 888 655 5888(Business Customer Service) 1 2
+1 888 891 0938(Report a Power Outage) 1 2
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Georgia Power Company Complaints & Reviews

Georgia Power Company / Electrical sevice

Oct 19, 2019

Georgia Power CompanyMy residential block needs serious renovations. I've lived here for over 3 years now and have had an incredible amount of outage problems. It seems as if this block is always the first to go out and the last to come on durring even the smallest of advertisers weather conditions. No to...

Georgia Power Company / revenue protection

Oct 19, 2019

I moved 8nto a house 8n the middle of a foreclosure situation and I tried getting the power on they quoted me a 150$ deposit I payed it and still me and my children had no power still have no power it's been a week and it's cold I called they said the revenue protection department had a...

Georgia Power Company / destruction / theft of property

Oct 11, 2019

there is a 50 yard right of way through my property and you cut down trees off of that for no reason! Then my tree stand came up missing. I contacted the home office and was supposed to receive a call from your contractor but never did. Plus the rubbish is left where it fell no clean up...

Georgia Power Company / georgia power overcharging me

Oct 05, 2019

Hello, my name is Sharon Gant-Wadley. I just paid $480 on my light bill because the total was $678.29. This is including my deposit $150 plus one time charge of $30 plus another $30 for a return check. My townhouse is a 2 bedroom and it's total electric. My bill should be $198 but it'...

Georgia Power Company / flat bill rate

Oct 02, 2019

In June 2019, I was offered the Flat Bill Rate and was advised I could transfer the service when I moved to my new location. My lease ended 8/31/2019, in which I had to move due to the owner moving back into the home. I dont feel I should have to pay the $242.09 flat bill rate that I am...

Georgia Power Company / starting new residential service

Sep 30, 2019

I moved to a new address that Georgia Power services, upon calling Ga Power to set up new service, I was advised that I had an account that was $ 1000.00, and my deposit because of that would be $305.00. I explained I never had Ga power service and the information had to be incorrect but...

Georgia Power Company / pricing issue

Sep 19, 2019

I have been receiving very high power bills. Last month it was 287 dollars and this month it was 307 dollars. Even when we were not there for a month and everything is turned off we. Received a bill for about 100 dollars. I cannot continue with this. My bill never exceeded 150 dollars that...

Georgia Power Company / billing department reps

Sep 18, 2019

I called into to figure out why my power was going to be disconnected when I had proof of all payments of bills. The 1st rep was "looking into it" (mark ext 803). He put me on hold for over 30 minutes. When he got back on the phone, he then disconnected me. When I called back in for him...

Georgia Power / deposit and change from prepay to regular service

Sep 09, 2019

Never had electric service in my name only prepaid. When I called to switch from prepaid to monthly Georgia power said I have to pay 270.00 plus 30.00 to switch from prepay to monthly. I think that's way to much to pay when I never had anything in my name and this my first time...

Georgia Power Company / power keeping going out every time there is a slight rain showers

Aug 27, 2019

When rains starts the power will go off and back on and off and back and off and back on and then off for several hours. While the On/Off happens, a big light glows in the sky, like a transformer blowing up or something! And during the summer when this was happening a huge sound would come...

Georgia Power Company / customer service

Aug 27, 2019

I am trying to get service turned on. I went out looking for a location that I've used in past years only to find out the company chose to close all branches to save money. Then they are asking for all these documents to be sent in for verification and it takes for ever for that to be...

Georgia Power Company / power outage frequently

Aug 27, 2019

In last two months, we have had power outages many times. Every single rain will cause power outage. The problem is it is on and off many times in a few minutes. Georgia Power customer service could not provide proper answer what has been happened. We have been living in Medlock Bridge...

Georgia Power / landscape damage at utility pole

Aug 21, 2019

Georgia PowerFrom Paul Kayhart, 522 Ponce de Leon Manor NE. Atlanta GA 30307. Work done at GA power utility pool sometime on August 20, 2019 left plants missing and surrounding area trampled and crushed. This area was landscaped. No-one notified us in any manner that work was being done that would...

Georgia Power Company / New service/ deposit

Aug 20, 2019

Georgia Power CompanyHello my name is Sharon Gant-Wadley, I currently just move to 2740 Landing Loop Dr. Augusta, Ga. 30904. I previously lived at 2334 Happy Circle Rd. Augusta, Ga. 30906 and I moved from there on March 7, 2019. I couldn't afford to stay there anymore because I had resigned from work January...

Georgia Power Company / residential power outage

Aug 15, 2019

Georgia Power CompanyI have a live power line in my yard and no power for 12 hours. Contacting Georgia power was met with rude impatient operators. In an attempt to find if I need to make over night arrangements I was answered with "I can't tell you what to do" and they would not give me any idea when service...

Georgia Power Company / power outage

Aug 14, 2019

Power at this address went out about 10:30 last night. According to the outage map to he restored by 1:45. At 3AM the outage map stated assessing conditions. No sight of trucks and we are in a rural area. Reported calls made informed that no one was called out last night. After 2 calls and...

Georgia Power Company / indiscriminate cutting trees in our backyard

Aug 02, 2019

We will never forget the morning of July 10, 2019. As we were busy in packing for the Italy tour, a big tool truck pulled over to the front of our home. A man knocked the door to claim that Georgia Power has ordered them to cut all trees in our backyard. This was a really big surprise...

Georgia Power Company / power line on fire

Jul 21, 2019

GA Power was notified serval times by 911 and the fire department that a power line and tree was on fire when there was a rain storm. This occurred several times creating a hazard and additional danger to surrounding neighbors. Tonight, it created an outage which was inevitable but totally...

Georgia Power Company / tree trimming for power lines

Jul 16, 2019

Georgia Power CompanyGeorgia power employees came to my private property to trim trees on my property. They mutilated to fruit trees that were decades old and would never grow any taller or reach the light lines. They left the cut branches in the treetops. They branches that fell to the ground were thrown in...

Georgia Power Company / power box buzzing loud on utility pole

Jun 02, 2019

Georgia Power CompanyI've called and made complaints over the phone before. There is a power box or the box that all the utility wires connect into on a utility pole that is right outside of my house, and specifically, master bedroom and infant's bedroom. It has been making a loud buzzing sound that i...

Georgia Power Company / georgia

May 28, 2019

I have been paying my prepay electric service for a while now using the same checking account. I have never been fee'd for insufficient funds. My payment was recently rejected due to a typo. I could understand if they didn't ask you to confirm. However, I would have not made the same...

Georgia Power Company / my yard

May 11, 2019

I live at 634 Dogwood Drive and several months ago the power company needed to install new poles on my property. They removed a gate and fence to do this and have not put my gate or fence back up. This gate and fence was keeping people from driving through my property! My fencing and pole...

Georgia Power Company / driver

May 07, 2019

One of your drivers, driving a van almost ran me off the road and hit my car with tag number RME6980 at 5:29. Please tell this person that being impatient isn't the way to go because if he or she would have hit me it would have been his fault. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD please inform...

Georgia Power Company / customer service

May 06, 2019

The person I spoke to make several factual errors and not only refused to admit her errors when asked she yelled at me on the phone and got angry. Horrible customer service!! Second complaint, I paid a bill via electronic payment, called back to make sure it was paid and service was turn...

Georgia Power Company / poles left in my neighborhood for months after the storm.

Apr 21, 2019

Corbin Ave Macon Ga. During our last storm poles were snapped and replaced. The cut down poles were left in the ditches. Thanks for all Ga. Power did. One set is at 644 Corbin Ave Macon Ga 31204. Another set is at 728 Corbin Ave. Macon Ga 31204. This is just off Riverside Drive. I would...

Georgia Power Company / cutting our lights off - error on georgia power

Dec 26, 2018

On 12/26 we woke up to our lights being cut off around 9:30AM- I contact GP to find out why and it was an error on their part. When I contact GP it had to be around 10:15AM. It is currently 2:17PM and we still have NO lights due to GP error. I have called and spoke with a customer service...

Georgia Power Company / residential service

Dec 17, 2018

We experience a partial power outage at our home on November 11, 2018. GA Power responded that evening and duagnosed that we were only getting 120 volts of power which indicated a problem with the underground power line running from the transformer across the street into our home. They...

Georgia Power Company / Fraudulent Ga Power and other utility services being used

Nov 02, 2018

Georgia Power CompanyI am reporting the address of 7883 Taylor's Down Way in Riverdale Georgia for the illegal useage of all utilities from Georgia power, gas and water as well being used at this address on the behalf of taxpayers. The people there Paul Lemon and Erica Moody have been tampering with the meter...

Georgia Power Company / over charging customers for late payments

Oct 30, 2018

I pay my Georgia Power bill every 30th of the month. This is the date I get paid from my job. I received a notice, since I pay my bill late every month I will have to pay a deposit of $150.00. I made that payment along with the late charge fee every month. 3 months has gone by and I have...

Georgia Power Company / back yard light

Oct 10, 2018

The owner of this resident is Mary Calhoun/Stacey Calhoun. This is the 3 time we are requesting a light for security. We never got a response. The white female that came to do a live of site was rude and wasn't prepared with any tools to check the site. During the time it was raining...

Georgia Power Company / customer service

Oct 04, 2018

Date: October 2, 2018 Address: 197 Bond Street, Royston, GA I recently purchased a home in Royston, Georgia; transitioning from out of state. I activated my service via online but realized that I included a meter that was not part of my property. I called Customer service to correct the...

Georgia Power Company / use and damage to my private property.

Oct 02, 2018

[protected] My wife returned home (3164 Habersham Rd) to find several Quanta Services trucks and workman replacing a pole located in a strip of land that I believe belongs to my neighbor. Pole described as "rotten" and service performed by a subcontractor. Used my driveway and front yard to...

Georgia Power Company / tree trimming on henderson avenue athens, ga 10/02/2018, 09:30 am

Oct 02, 2018

Georgia Power CompanyToday, Townsend is trimming our street's trees. Every year, I have a direct discussion with their staff as to how much needs to be trimmed. There is a magnificent ash tree on my property. If you know ash trees, their outer branches are no more than an inch in diameter . I had thi...

Georgia Power Company / pre pay

Sep 27, 2018

I started the prepay around the first of August, a meter change was completed. Five weeks later my power gets turned off and I'm told that when the meter was brought out it wasn't charging me the correct usage and now I have a bill that's well over $400.00. I'm being treated as if I placed...

Georgia Power Southern Company / billing/deposit not credited to account

Sep 26, 2018

From 12/01/17 to 9/25/18 I have been over billed for a 1 brm only me using Power and never home but my power bill average is $96 dollars per month and had to pay a $250 Deposit when svc was disconnected for $40 less than 30 days due I wish I never moved into a GA power service area I can't...

Georgia Power Company / prepaid electric service

Sep 17, 2018

Recently I started over back in January after being homeless with my kids. I had delinquent account so I had to use pre pay and its a rip off. Now all of my arrear balances are paid and I still have to pay a high deposit and I can't feed my famil for putting money on this account so I find...

Georgia Power Company / power usage on july and august bill

Sep 14, 2018

I noticed that my power usage on my August and September bill was the same as last year and June. However, I went on a trip and did not use much power in July and had a roof replacement in August ( again used little power). I mentioned this to Tice, the rep, and she kept referring to a...

Georgia Power Company / my power was turned off on their mistake here it is 5 hours later and still no power

Sep 07, 2018

Someone called and I texted like they were made have not power disconnected and put a pin on my account I sent in my driver's license and social security card to prove it was me to have it turned back on when they should have had whoever called do that because they were not me I have a...

Georgia Power Company / billing

Aug 31, 2018

Twice this year have not received a paper bill (despite NOT having signed up for paperless billing), and as such received a disconnect notice. Paid this both times (several hundred dollars each time), and spent maybe 2-3 hours on the phone arguing it. With regard to the most recent phone...

Georgia Power Company / account billing/deposit

Aug 28, 2018

Representative/Supervisor Informed me back in June of 2017 That A Credit would be place on my account after billing me for a final bill after I had service disconnected. Just spoked to a representative and Supervisor Kenny informed me there would be no additional investigation on my...