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outrageous deposits and limited time to pay

I have had several problems with Georgia Power. First and foremost is the fact that I monthly receive a bill...

penalizing the poor

My husband has been out of a regular job for over 2 yrs. We are late on "all" our bills. Ga Power has tacked on and extra $150 to our bill every year because we have a history of late payments! Why penalize the poor because they can't find a job? Charge them more! Make them pay more! So what if they can't pay their bill now let's just make their bill higher! It is unethical, are they cold hearted money grubbing socialists. And I want something done about it.

  • Ka
    Kara Lane Jul 13, 2012

    Georgia Power allows accounts to become 2 months past due before they disconnect ...Most companies will cut your service off for one month...(which I guess you could say that would be punishing the POOR as well) So anyway because of that..Yes, they do have to secure your account with deposit ..How about pay your bill on time!! Imagine that yes "on time" so that everyone can keep their rates lower! Hope this was helpful to you!

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  • La
    Lauri W Jul 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am equally upset with Georgia Power for charging me $150.00 "late fee" when I have paid them at the end of the month instead of the beginning of the month. What's the difference if they're getting their money? I have never been in the arrears with Georgia Power and have been a loyal customer for 16 years. I was "late" two months--in which they received their money--and my power was turned off. I paid later that day and got a $50.00 reconnection fee that they said was waived as a first time courtsey. So, now my bill is $200.00 higher. How can I possibly pay $441.00 dollars especially since I have been struggling to pay previous bills? Then when you talk to an unsympathic supervisor who doesn't have any solutions but to come up with pay arrangements, it only frustrates customers like myself more. Lastly, I'm told I can write to Customer Service. Really? Yet, they don't give a name or title of a real person. Georgia Power needs a major overhaul in their interactions with customers and their attempts to collect these outrageous fees. What this payment arrangement creates is a mess because customers are trapped in a never ending hole of debt and they know it. Georgia Power creates a no-win situation for customers. Shame on Geogia Power! Lauri W.

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adding deposit

Georgia power adds $125 + because of being late a few times...my family was so happy that we had given them enough and would see a bill that we could afford . But then Georgia power adds another deposit for being late ... How is this suppose to help me out the hole its getting more difficult to provide lights for my family ... We need to do something, make sure our complaints are getting to the right people... When they see that there customers are having a hard time, they bill you more charges, this is sad and hurting my family in the worst way ... Why is Georgia power doing this to the struggling families??

  • Ps
    [email protected] Oct 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have Georgia Power and have been a customer for 20+ years. I agree with the original post. I usually make payment arrangements each month with them in order to keep my power on each month. Their rates are so high that I have to make payment arrangements each month. They do at least send out a disconnect notice prior to cutting off service. That being said, it would be best if they sent the notice in time to respond but that never happens. If they give me 2 days advance notice I feel blessed. Most times they tell me they will disconnect not the next day but the day after that one.

    My list of problems with Georgia Power goes on and on but the reality is that I have no choice but to deal with what they dish out because I have no choice but to get my power from them or use a generator. There are no other companies available in my region to choose from.

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  • Dr
    DRFP5 Nov 03, 2011

    Georgia Power has no real oversight and is allowed to do what ever they want

    this is from their rules dated Jan 2011
    1. A security deposit amounting to approximately twice the estimated monthly bill may be
    required of the applicant to guarantee the payment of all bills and the protection of the
    Company's property on the customer's premises. The Company reserves the right to require
    such deposit to be made by the customer, or the original deposit to be increased, if at any
    time in the judgment of the Company such deposit or increase is necessary for its full
    protection. "

    As you can see Georgia Power has us Hostage

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  • Ch
    Chezante Nov 05, 2012

    There has got to be something that can be done about adding extra deposit amounts on our accounts just because we have been late a few payments. Oviously there are financial issues present, adding extra fees is causing more frustration and possible disconnection attached with additional fees to reconnect. Please if someone knows who to write to about this, let me know because the places I have written to has given me no response.

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  • Ch
    Chezante Nov 05, 2012

    Whats up with them charging my daughter an up front deposit of $150.00 just because she is just starting out and has no credit. This will be her first apartment; she has to be concerned with move in fees to have to be bother with an up front deposit to get her electricity started. Companies just do not deserve to own a monopoly; they take advantage of the people it serves.

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  • No
    no power Sep 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My business has no power and can't communicate with Ga power. Unable to contact company. All phone numbers ring busy. Judging from their face book page this seems to be a regular occurance/problem. The 24hr customer svs #s (business or residential) all ring busy. How can they give any customer svs when all of their phone lines are busy?

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extremely high bill

I called Georgia Power regarding my July bill. My bill was more in July than June and I was out of town 8 days during the month of July. No one was in the home, all of the lights, electronics, etc. were off as well as the AC. I asked for someone to come out and read the meter to confirm it was not malfuntioning and I was told by the customer service rep that they do not offer that service. She said the company does everything remotely. I then asked if they assessed the remote readings to ensure it's working properly. She told me that it's on a satellite computer and everything is working properly so apparently I used more electricity in the 3 weeks of July versus the 4 weeks of June. In addition to the convuloted billing, my household used 400 more kilowatts in July 2010 than July 2011 and the bill is roughly the same. This absolutely ridiculous. My thermostat stays at 77-78 degrees, the recommended temp and it's all for nothing. This isn't the most comfortable temp during a heatwave but in efforts to keep the bill low I sacrificed my comfort. To add insult to injury, Georgia Power has charged an additional $150 deposit when I've paid a $90 deposit already. I was told by the rep that they have the right to charge a deposit 2 1/2 times my monthly average. After I saw that I was getting nowhere with her, I requested to speak to a manager, in which one was not available. She said she would make a request to have a manager call me to provide more detail as to why my bill is more in July versus June. It appears that Georgia Public Service Commission has given Georgia Power tremendous leeway when it comes to billing Georgians and I feel like Georgia Power has taken advantage of this in efforts to build their nuclear power plants on the backs of Georgia's struggling tax payers. Especially since they are the only major providers in the states. They've partically monopolized the state's utility industry with the help of PSC. PSC should look out for the greater good of the public, but according to numerous complaint boards and pettitions, it seems like GA PSC bears the interest of the corporation. I hope this is not the case. Please bombard PSC's websites with complaints. A Commision Committee meeting is scheduled for 9/1/2011 and the electric utility issue is supposed to be addressed. Let's hope PSC hears the voice of the people.



Overcharged and Under Serviced Citizen

  • Sr
    S. Ragan Jul 21, 2015

    I don't understand why a power company is allowed to double bill customers with no consequences as to stealing from customers. If the customer owes a bill he is penaltized if late payment is received . The customer has no way of collecting the money that was stolen from them for double billing during the months of June thru September. So who do the people that have been double billed complain to and what will be done to stop this stealing. Karma has a way of coming back and it can't happen too soon for these people. This is a great injustice to everyone that is being double billed and especially to ones that are on fixed incomes and can't afford the hikes. It would be great to be able to go off the grid and go completely solar. If enough people did this maybe Georgia Power would rethink their method of charging people for power.

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late charge from automatic bank draft

I had set up a automatic bank draft for more than five years for my service charge. Never had i any problems with the company, until this month. Georgia power had sent me a letter stating that they were charging me 30$ late charge without any warning or alert. I had personally contacted them and they said that they couldn’t get any CASH from my bank. So i went to my bank and they told me that there were no errors or problems and that i had outstanding finance. then the bank provided a letter of proof. I then emailed it to Georgia power, but they said that they didn’t accept attatchment from emails even though they can still email me and tell me that they can’t get the letter i so many times continually send them over and over for a second time by mail and by driving all the way to one of their local offices, which aren’t even “locally” close by, and personally hand to them. And then one time when I had sent them a letter, they sent it back with NO reason whatsoever without my voided check that i had placed in there and made sure was in there. Of course they kept complaining to me that I had not sent in a letter and all that stuff. So, of course I had to continue sending in the letters one after another and now I’m just sick and tired of it all.

extermely high bills!

Our bill four times what it was in april. This is outrageous!! Our bill in april was $165, the bill we just...

cash only

We have been Georgia Power customers for over 11 years. Not once has our service been interrupted. They draft from our checking account at the end of each month. My husband is paid once a month. When things began to get a little slow for us, we contacted Georgia Power to ask about having the payment due date extended by 5-7 days, in order to ensure available funds.
They would not work with us. We STILL were able to ensure timely payment. In 11 years, we have twice had insufficient funds and now they have told us we are cash only. We can't go back to the days of snail mail and even mail a check! We can't pay on line, as we have been blocked by bill matrix. We actually have to PHYSICALLY take cash to a payment location, which is no where NEAR our home! We both have over 700 credit scores, work hard to keep them there, work hard to communicate and avert any negative financial problems and yet we are reduced to this????????
When we contacted customer service, we were unsuccessful in any attempt to try and resolve the issue. They told us that pretty much the "buck stops with them" and that ALL POLICIES ARE IMPLEMENTED BY THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. NOT TRUE! The public service commission only approves or disapproves the policies that GA POWER implements... The worst part about this: They are the only utility in this area... can we say MONOPOLY?????????? Any ideas on what we can do? It's just not feasible to physically drive 40 minutes one way to stand in line and pay cash for a bill, when we could just as easily send it electronically!!! No other utility companies service this area!!

electricity bill

My power bill has increased tremendously. According to the bill, I have used 1000 more kw this same time than last year. This seems very unlikely. I have spray foam insulation throughout my house, my thermostat is set at 75, my filters are cleaned regularly and we rarely use the oven in the summer. I have heard many people complain that their bills have also gone up tremendously. My bill went from 237.32 last month to 643.56 this month. I realize it is hotter, but not that much higher. I have been told by many other customers that Georgia Power increases their rates during the summer. They have a monopoly on electricity and it's time something be done about it.

  • Db
    Dboo Feb 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same here bill in June -- August runs over 700.00 we keep thermostat at 78, have Ga Power come out an do a free audit check to see why bill was so high could not tell me why, they are taking us to the poor house

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failure to install service

I called to start service with Georgia Power 6/24/11 to request service @ 3866 Castle Pines Mobile homePark...

additional deposit required

I have been charged a $150 deposit now for requesting extensions on my bills. My power has never been cut...

electricity bill is too high

Ever since AMLI @ Nothwinds changed to Georgia Power, I am getting very high bills. For the past one year i was paying around $60. Now my bill has started with $93 in the first month and then $179 and then $140. Not sure what is going on. When i called them they told it is because of heater and advised me to keep it in auto. After doing that also my electricity bill is too high

  • Sc
    Scottie Miller Aug 15, 2012

    I am not a very happy customer since we have gone to the smart meter. My bill as almost doubled since installed. I am seriously think of going solar. We are paying way to much for a bill when I have not changed a thing in my home. I've even tried to cut back on the amount I use and nothing is working.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Gupton May 09, 2013

    I'am writing this complaint in reference to the budget billing plan. I was mailed a $929.48 bill in March. I was not aware that I must pay the amount of $183.00 monthly even if I only use $80.00-$90.00 a mo. on power. Georgia power waited five months and mailed a bill for $929.48 this is so unfair, I 'am a disabled Veteran I'am also on oxygen 24 hrs. I asked a rep. where is My money going she was unable to explain to Me. On 5/7/2013 I was mailed information on the flat bill plan. upon reading the info. It's no different from budget billing just a different wording. flat billing, upon getting on budget plan nothing was ever explained, they just sign one up. I would have appreciated a letter in the mail @ least the next mo. letting Me know I must pay that amount. on 3/11/2013 I was mailed a letter stating that if payment arrangments were not made, A load limiting device will be placed on meter. only to operate the medical equipment. It will not allow full power. I'am on a fixed income and can't afford food. this is very unfair.

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  • Gu
    guest999 Oct 10, 2014

    my bill is 134 dollars and i can not keep this up i will have to shut off my power some they are changing for a new power plant
    they now have 22 millon dollars from us it is time the gov put a stop to this they are hurting a lot of people call your cogress man
    and pray we can get something done and SO

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  • Jt
    jtdvd Aug 01, 2016

    yes they are hurting the disabled people in a big way and my bill was 89.00 to 90.00 dollars a month and now it is 165.00 to 200.00 a month
    and i am disabled

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service charge

I requested new service on 01/03/11. While this new service was on, I had requested that the other property be left on and not turned off until I called back. The guy I spoke with told me ok. Well, they turned off the old property anyway without my permission. No surprise. They are now charging me 30 dollars to reinstate it AND gave me a new account number. The supervisor I spoke with on the phone said I had to pay it anyway. It is a scam to get more money out of consumers/me.
I want the 30 dollar service charge removed for their error.


I recieved a bil for 320$ in the middle of winter. It was cheaper in the heat of the summer. I called and emailed them and they said it was bc of the unusualy cold winter month, thing is i did not change my settings it lowerd them there no ecuse they can come up with it went up by 150$ for no reason Georgia needs a new power company, and a fair one. Georgia Power has a monopoly on electricty in Georgia. They can charge whatever they want and they do.

  • Ka
    karlanoonan Apr 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been making payments online to Ga power from the same bank accounts (2) as long as we've had these two bank accounts. I have made 3 payments back to back, 4/1 = $280, 4/9 = $300, 4/11 = $242.04, and all of a sudden they say the info that was entered, a YEAR or more ago, is now wrong. They are charging us nsf's and $150 dep for those returned items. I checked w/ Bank of America and spoke w/ many people, and departments, and Ashley verified that the amounts show in transit through a 3rd party, they were debited but not returned. That Ga power keyed in the wrong information.
    Danielle, in collections at Ga power, informed me that the last number of the routing number was not entered - she is who I spoke with FIRST, before contacting the bank.
    After the bank phone call I called Ga power back. I spoke with Tara at ext 33115. I'm sure that call is recorded and it can be retrieved from them.
    She stated that they intentionally drop the last number for security reasons - WHAT? Then she put me on hold for a long period of time and came back with an excuse that I transposed the routing and account numbers. Again, WHAT? Why would I change anything that had been entered LONG LONG ago? Isn't the purpose of them having the page saved so we don't have to constantly keep looking it up?
    I am so appalled at this company - we, as consumers, have zero choices and apparently they can take our money any way they please?
    She very bluntly told me that this was no error of theirs and no fees would be reversed, then I bluntly cursed her.
    THREE excuses, NO owning up to their mistakes, ZERO compensation, ZERO consumer rights. They are thieves and this type of practice needs to be dealt with please.

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rate hike -2011

I guess Georgia Power has its way. What did I tell you that PSC has them in their pocket. Now the rate increase is 14 days. Wow this sucks, trying to get more money out of consumers when the economy are tough. I guess it is time to go to budget billing. This is absurd to have a rate hike before Xmas and want the rate hike wtihin 2 weeks but when time comes they want their money they don;t give consumers time. I guess Georgia Power Exces are greedy. Right now even though the bill are going up $10.00 and with other fees it is about $13, 00 rate hike. Lovely. I don;t see how they are still the lowest. Wrong.

Bills to rise $10.76 a month for residential customers * Utility revenues to rise $562 million in 2011 * Customers to pay for new nuclear plants NEW YORK, Dec 21 (Reuters) - Georgia utility regulators
have approved a 10 percent rate hike for customers of Southern
Co's (SO.N) Georgia Power utility starting in January, a
company spokeswoman told Reuters on Tuesday. Bills for the average residential customer using about
1, 000 kilowatt hours per month will increase by about 10
percent, or about $10.76 a month. The rate increases would increase the utility's revenue by
$562 million in 2011, $189.7 million in 2012 and $92.6 million
in 2013, spokeswoman Carol Boatright said. Even with the increase, Boatright noted Georgia Power's
rates would remain below the national average. The rate hike will allow Georgia Power, Southern's biggest
unit, to recover funds already spent on environmental controls,
infrastructure upgrades, the addition of three 800-megawatt
natural gas fired Units 4, 5 and 6 at Plant McDonough in 2012
and 2013, and smart meters, among other things, Boatright
said. In addition to the rate increases, Georgia Power will also
add a nuclear rider to customers' bills in January to recover
financing costs on funds borrowed for the construction of two
new 1, 100 MW nuclear power reactors at Plant Vogtle. The nuclear rider will add an additional $3.73 a month to
the average residential bill for a total recovery of $218
million in 2011. It will boost residential bills by $1.44 a
month or $91 million in 2012, and $1.50 a month or $97 million
in 2013. Geogia Power hopes to get a combined construction and
operating license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
for the new reactors by the end of 2011. The new units are
projected to enter service in 2016 and 2017. The new reactors will cost Georgia Power about $6.1 billion
for its 47.7 percent stake in the project. The other owners are
Oglethorpe Power Corp (30 percent), Municipal Electric
Authority of Georgia (22.7 percent) and Dalton Utilities (1.6

  • At
    atlantadt Feb 11, 2011

    The $10 is a lie, I just checked my bill and it is up $40.
    I just compared my usage from last year 1/20/2010 which was 3242 kwh and I was charged $298.16
    this year on 1/20/2011 the usage was 1968 kwh and the bill for this was $210
    going on the rate charged in 2010 this years 1/20 bill should be $170.

    So Georgia Power is totally ripping us customers off and it's ok!

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  • Da
    Davondrick Reddish Jan 06, 2012

    Georgia power Execs are jus greedy this power plant thing is a lie and a scam to get more money from southerners already having a tough time. Our last bill was $500 and thats after we started using ways to save energy Georgia power is full of ###.

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$ 695 deoposit at christmas?

I was late on my business' ga power bill... Times are tough... Business is slow... I was about 30 days late. Thank you ga power for not cutting my power off... Instead, they charged me a $695 deposit... Due by december 22... Three days before christmas. They wouldn't let me wait until after christmas to pay... Or finance the charge... Merry christmas ga power! Enjoy the $695 that I haven't earned yet. This $695 would have been more than I would spend this christmas on my wife and 10 year old son... What can I get my son for christmas?

  • Mi
    Mikethechamp707 Jan 14, 2011

    these coments are so ignorant, U allgot fed with a silver spoon in your mouth, Never even heard of struggling. GA Power is a bunch of rip offs cause they know they can get away with it.the lesson is dumb ### people take away from the less fortunate at the time of true need.

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double billing

Why and where is it legal and fair for a utility company to double bill in certain areas? I lived in my...

liars and theifs

I got service with Ga Pwr in 2005. At that time I was told that budget billing would be the best option for my family. It was explained to me in great details. "Mam what we will do is add up your monthly bill at that residence for the past 12 months, then we will divide that amount by 12. This new amount will be your bill every month, you will know what it costs every month with no suprises." I then had to ask " Ok so what happens if the bill is more every month?" The lady says "Oh ok heres what happens, if the bill is less you will have a credit pot, if the bill is more we have an overage pot. If the credit pot doesnt clean out the overage pot then at the end of the year we will wash it out. You wont owe anymore money at the end of your service" I said "ok great yeah sign me up..." Now in 2006 I left my husband at the time and the service was transferred into his name. I paid my final bill and gave them permission to transfer the deposit into his name. I was not given any info of oweing anymore money. I have checked my credit frequently every year. Last yr I checked it and tah dah there is a negative report from ga power saying I owe 832.18. OH NO THEY DIDNT Oh yes they did too. I called them and they claim it was a typo to just dispute it. I did and within 24 hours they have come back and said no its right. I then got a letter two weeks later from an attorneys office saying that GA PWR is coming after me and going to take anything I have. I contact them. The lady tells me that if I dont pay it I will be going to jail, they will garnish my checking account and come after me. Now my situation Im a single mom with no income, I lost my job last year after my son who is now ten but was 8 almost 9 at the time had a heart attack 3 days before his birthday. We have just gotten him straightened out enough to where I may be able to find employment. My income is a joke. Child support is all that keeps the lights on, the roof over their head and food in their mouths. This is nto by choice but the way it is right now. I tell her that I cant afford to pay 100.00 a month payments. She asks well what can you pay? I told her 5.00 a month is all I have left. She said oh well no one at GA PWR is going to take a payment in the amount of 5.00 a month I said well tough [censored] thats all I have. She said well we cant turn down a payment but you do realize it is going to take you 13 yrs to pay this off right? WELL DUH! I told her I disputed the info but would make payments until we could get to the bottom of it. After alot of run around still no answer. I was also told they would fix my credit to reflect the payment... uh no. Not even once. They keep telling the credit bureaus that I have not even contacted them about the debt. I have receipts, I have printouts. Now the fun part. They have charged off the account so much that when I make payments it doesnt get me far becaus ethey keep adding 7.00 charge off fees. I am not done with my fight but this is getting the best of me. IT may take 13 yrs to pay but they will not get a full payment until they give me some clear answers. They even told me to go to churches and ask for help paying it. Thats truly sad.

smart meter

We had a Smart Meter installed on our box about 9 months ago. This morning, I woke up to the smell of...

astronomical charges

My family of seven w/five minors (all under 7yrs) moved into a split level home well over a year ago and our monthly bill had always averaged around $100-150. But for the past three months our bill had double, then tripled. Just like every other citizen i wondered why but continued to pay the bill, since i always been budgeted for my average amount that's what i continued to pay. Then i get a letter saying that an additional DEPOSIT of $95 was required and was added to my bill. I continued my payment schedule then i received a bill that was $460 + Georgia Power had added ANOTHER "REQUIRED" DEPOSIT of $115. After contacting GP about the situation they told me that it was an "AUTOMATED" charge and there was nothing they could do about it. Times are hard these days and everyone can't just dish-out an extra 100 bucks when they obviously can't make full payment on their already HIGH bill. This should be illegal!!! Something should be done about this issue!!

  • Po
    pointer Sep 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Poor consumer energy management is the issue 98% of the time. By servicing your HVAC unit annually, keeping the thermostat above 77 degress in summer and buying energy efficient appliances will keep bills low. We've had the hottest summer according to the amt. of continues days above 98 degrees. Each day that is hotter than the next, will reguire your unit to work harder; thus, causing your bill to increase due to usage.

    Stop looking at the amount of the bill and pay attention to the KWH usage. that will be a better indicator as to what is going on. If your KWH is the same from last year, but your bill is drastically more, you have a billing error. If your usage increased, you most likely have an ill performing device within the house.

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