Ontario Energy Group Complaints & Reviews

Ontario Energy Group / furnace rental

Sep 09, 2019

I am trying to terminate my contract on the 5th year anniversary.My contract states the installation fee will be waived if my account is in good standing at anniversary date .My account is paid to date and no money is owed.The contract also states that mileage fees are only applicable if...

Ontario Energy Group / furnace rental

Sep 01, 2019

Horrible company. Please. If you are or have been a customer of OEG than take the following steps to fight back. 1. Call them and give them a chance to make you a fair deal. (Spoiler alert.. not likely) 2. Make a complaint with the Ministry of Business and Consumer Services. 3. Contact the...

Ontario Energy Group / tankless hot water heater and air conditioner

Oct 31, 2018

I was told it was a rent to own agreement and that I could buy out after 3 years at a lower cost for the equipment. today when remortaging my home I was told oeg put a lean on my house. I called and was told to buy the equipment it is $11, 700 & hst. to buy out of the contract is $4784.40...

Ontario Energy Group / ontario energy group... rent to own 2014 contracts

Jul 30, 2018

I had sign a contract with my family present to a 4 year Rent to Own Furnace which I had to dispose of myself. They also told me my central air wasn't compatible however I didn't buy in to that. Its now over 4 years and they are still taking payments. So I have called and left a message...

Ontario Energy Group / furnace door to door sales

Mar 14, 2017

Someone came to my moms door promising her all kinds of rebates if she got a new furnace from them and claiming to be in partnership with the government. They had her sign the contract on the spot. When they had left I had researched the company Ontario Energy Group and read about all the...

Ontario Energy Group / door to door salesman

Oct 12, 2016

My parents fell for the Energy Group Scam my parents now pay more for their energy and heat pay a fee for their furnace and owe more to buy it out then the furnace is actually worth they are screwed and its this companies fault my parents dont understand all the ins and outs of what they...

Ontario Energy Group and Home Trust Company / furnace/air conditioning and hot water heater

Jun 24, 2016

In 2013 a person came to my door representing OEG. He was selling air conditioning, furnaces and hot water heaters. From his description my take on the situation was this: for five years I could rent to own a new furnace, air conditioner and hot water heater, for a flat rate for 5 year...

Ontario Energy Group / furnace / air conditioner

Apr 13, 2016

I was deceived into signing up with Ontario Energy Group to take a new furnace and air conditioner. I am a senior living on a very limited budget, but the sales reps did a lot of posturing to give the impression that they are part of a government program. When I Googled them, the auto fill...

Ontario Energy Group / free boiler / furnace / water heater scam

Mar 04, 2016

4 March 2016 Dante Espinal (possibly a fake name) came to our door as an Ontario Energy Group representative. He attempted to sell us a contract for a FREE REPLACEMENT BOILER. He wrote out the details on a blank page, which was suspect. It was not a contract. The deal included free monthly...

Ontario Energy Group / fraudulent / unethical sales tactics

Jan 19, 2016

January 19, 2016 - 5PM - Whitby Ontario Ontario Energy Group knocks on the door. Demands to know if I am the homeowner. Asked him what he wanted or leave. Told me he was here to inspect the furnace and air conditioning due to new provincial regulations. Told him I didn't do busine...

Ontario Energy Group / furnace and ac inspection

Nov 05, 2015

Person came to our door saying that they do inspections because the laws for coolants have changed, and wanted to see the unit. I Google them and found out that they are misrepresenting themselves by implying that this inspection is mandatory, when they are in the business of selling...

Ontario Energy Group / door to door salespeople

Nov 03, 2015

It's that time of year ago, when those PREDATORS come out to PREY. A person knocked on my door today, When I went to answer it he said "I'm from the Ontario Energy BOARD, and I'm here to inspect your air-conditioning unit . I told him I wasn't interested. He replied "You don't understand...

Ontario Energy Group / bullying and scare tactics

Sep 25, 2015

They came to my door today and told me they were inspecting all air conditioners and furnaces to ensure they meet the new 2015 government standards and would replace them if necessary. I told them they were new and didn't need replacing. They insisted that the standards had changed and...

Ontario Energy Group / trespassing and theft

Sep 15, 2015

I have an older child at home that if you were to meet, you would know that she could not authorize any purchase or service she let a representative in. he left no card or any info for a call back. the only thing he did was steal a Samsung tablet from our living room. he came in the back...

Ontario Energy Group / false and misleading business practices

Sep 09, 2015

Sales person misrepresented the OEG relationship with Ontario Government, and with details of Bill C51, as well as being completely untruthful regarding the reasons for wanting to inspect our HVAC equipment. Aggressive, dishonest and ultimately rude. He was not granted access to our home...

Ontario Energy Group / telemarketing call for 'free' furnace and a/c inspection

Aug 20, 2015

Caller said people in my area had been complaining about high gas consumption, and their free inspection would get me a refund for replacing my furnace if 10 y/o or more. Today, at 11:05 am call came from [protected]. This number has tried several times to reach me, and today was the first...

Ontario Energy Group / false/misleading/scammers

Aug 15, 2015

On 17th of May, 2015, We entered into an agreement with OEG to replace both our furnace and central air. We were to receive $150.00 once installation was done, any third parties were to be removed off our bills, 3 free months so we could see our savings and $650.00 rebate check. We did not...

Ontario Energy Group / unsolicited sales, possible scam

Jul 29, 2015

Irritating door-to-door visit initiated with doorbell plus loud knocking, at my dinnertime. Two individuals at door from "Ontario Energy Group", that obviously failed to see notices posted there that clearly stated "No contracts. No solicitation. No inspectors." Insisted on talking to...

Ontario Energy Group / misrepresentation/illegal sales tactics

May 14, 2015

Ontario Energy Group These guys show themselves off as official representatives of your utility provider. They tell you that their purpose is to do an energy audit. What they actually want is for you to let them in and boan the condition of your HVAC system. Don't fall for this scam. I've attached a...

Ontario Energy Group / lack of service tankless water heater

Apr 20, 2015

Ontario Energy Group actively promotes the use of the tankless water heater which I installed and I continually have problems and have been without hot water for weeks. Now OEG is saying the wrong unit was installed and I will have to go from paying $35 per month to $119 which I refuse to...

Ontario Energy Group / frauders

Mar 16, 2015

Last month, one man from OEG named "Hayman" was knocking doors of our street. He came to our home and told my father that "Ontario government" has "changed" the standards for furnace and air-conditioner and that we are qualifying for "free" new A/C and Furnace from "Ontario". Mine both...

Ontario Energy Group / harrassmentdoor to door

Feb 27, 2015

OEG made several Calls made to our home with pressure to set up an appointment to inspect furnace and pipes. Misrepresented company as a government agency. We advised the OEG person on phone that we would not set up an appointment and believed they were a scam. A week later OEG scammer...

Ontario Energy Group / non-compliance of lease terms

Dec 08, 2014

On August 1, 2014, based on at-home meeting with Andrew Dunnette of Ontario Energy Group (OEG), I entered into a signed agreement that called for OEG to install and lease to me a new home furnace and air conditioner. The agreement was entered into based on the verbal information provided...

Ontario Energy Group / aggressiveness of door to door sales reps

Jul 25, 2014

A group of people identifying themselves as working on behalf of the Government to educate homeowners on the revisions to energy audits. The group wore shirts and name tags that showed the company name as Ontario Energy Group. A young man with the group opened my screen door and jammed hi...

Ontario Energy Group / built for fraud

Feb 26, 2014

Dear Consumers I used to work for Ontario Energy Group in a managerial position/service and installation technician from when the company was starting out up until 1 -1/2 years ago the reason for leaving was that I could not take anymore that we where ripping people off and sales where...

Ontario Energy Group / false inspection and representation

Feb 23, 2014

A young man showed up on Sunday morning claiming he was sent to inspect the furnace and a/c because of new efficiency standards. He said when the government issued new standards, he was sent out to make sure the existing models were compliant. This representation made it sound like he...

Ontario Energy Group / aggressive door to door sales

Jan 31, 2014

Two men knocked on the door loudly and urgently. I opened the door and they demanded to speak to the homeowner. No introduction just a rude demand as if there was an emergency. When I asked them what it was about they said they had to do an inspection as if they were qualified official...

Ontario Energy Group / door to door sales scam

Aug 11, 2013

Ontario Energy Group representative arrived at the door saying he was from Ontario Energy and that he had to inspect my furnace to see if it met the Ontario government energy efficiency standard. (I knew what the government standard was (ie. 90 AFUE minimum for new furnace installation...

Ontario Energy Group / wouldn't produce id

Jun 01, 2013

On June 1, 2013 a "representative" from Ontario Energy Group rang my doorbell and insisted that he was there are the request of the Ontario Government. He wore a teal shirt, with the Ontario Energy Group logo, and a ball cap. He told me that he was here on behalf of the Ontario Government...

Ontario Energy Group / door to door sales

May 23, 2013

This monday may 20th 2013 (victoria day long weekend) a self described representative of "ontario energy " delights me with the knowlage that my hot water heater is not energy efficent and they needed to inspect it along with my central air system and furnace to see if they wer applicable...

Ontario Energy Group / false advertising

Apr 18, 2013

My complaint is on behalf of my parents, this girl name erikha gaspar she siad she work for this company she promise my parents that enbidge gas will go as low as.10 cents and the toronto hydro will drop three extra charges that we get, but we called enbidge and toronto hydro and they said...

Ontario Energy Group / scam and advisor taking advantage of senior

Apr 14, 2013

"Energy Efficiency Advisor" Faysal Abdikahin and his colleague Joshua Burke engaged my father a senior citizen into replacing the furnace, air conditioner and watercooler in our family home without my consent (I partially own the house) after reviewing our bills without my consent. They...

Ontario Energy Group / harrassment

Mar 27, 2013

This is to confirm the complaints against this company. The representative, a kid who was trying to get information about the age of our water heater. I explained that I was not interested. He continued to try to explain and went on about how he was aware of the scams in our area but he...

Ontario Energy Group / horrible business and dishonest business owners


Ontario energy group is a scam company that nobody should ever deal with. The owner eugene farber is the most dishonest person on the planet! He didn't even pay his employee the money they worked their # off for. So folks be alert when anybody with oeg badge comes to your door!!!

Ontario Energy Group / false inspection


On November 13th, 2012 two employee's of OEG called to my door in the evening stating that the Enbridge services for my air conditioner and heater were covered under a new government effeciency rebate. If they could inspect the sticker on my heater and A/C unit they could make sure it...

Ontario Energy Group / door to door sales call ends in assault


I will post my experience I had tonight and let those reading judge. I had a young man come to my door. He said he was from 'Ontario Energy' and needed to come inside to make sure my furnace and air conditioner met the new efficiency standards. He literally started moving toward my...

Ontario Energy Group / misrepresentation


On February 2, 2012 a sales person from Ontario Energy Group knocked on our door and told my wife that they needed to inspect our furnace and hot water heater. They needed to be checked to see if it met new government regulations. He presented himself as a government official on official...

Ontario Energy Group / misleading


Company called my home and was very misleading suggesting they must book an appt to enter my home and review my furnace to ensure it will meet new ontario gov't codes. Website also looks very professional. I called ontario energy board and ministry of consumer complaints. Both told me that...

Ontario Energy Group / very bad after sale service


Do not do any business with this company... I signed a contract with this company to replace my hot water tank... Bad decision... Should have google the name of the company before doing so... The sales rep will tell you something (the installer will be at your place at 8 am sharp), then the...

Ontario Energy Group / waterless tank


Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a less than agreeable experience with the company ontario energy group, based in oakville. It's been a few months now since they came to install their waterless tank. Ever since signing the contract with them, it's been a constant battle. They...