General Motorsdealership capitol city buick gmc capitol city buick gmc 1162 rte. 2, berlin, vt 05602

L Nov 20, 2017

This dealership, a part of The Autosaver Group in New England, behaves in an unprofessional manner, using underhanded tactics. I have been searching for a new GM vehicle, visiting many different dealerships in my area of Central Vermont. Without my permission this dealership redeemed my GM card earnings before I even agreed to purchase a vehicle from them, making it very difficult for me to ultimately purchase a vehicle from the dealership of my choice. I called the 1-800 number on the back of my GM card & asked them to reinstate my earnings. The customer rep at the credit card attempted to call Capitol City Buick GMC and were ultimately sent to voice mail. Very shoddy and underhanded. I then spoke to a supervisor at the credit card & he was able to restore my earnings. Attached is the unprofessional estimate for the purchase of a new vehicle. I had to ask what the total price would be including tax, title, etc..,

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