General Motors Corporation / amateur brakes/poor communication

I own a small company with 6 Company vehicles (All GM Products). My 2016 Suburban, 2015 Suburban, and 2014 Silverado all needed to have the brake booster assist motor replaced. At the time of each failure, I had to pay for a new brake booster because I had exceeded 36, 000 miles on each vehicle. I know this was a defect, wrote to GM about it, but like the ignition scandal, it fell on deaf ears.

Today, I received a letter about a fuel injection function recall on my 2016 Suburban. The recall notice states that the condition applies to 6.2L and 5.7L engines.

Does anyone, besides myself see the problem here????

The Problem is that GM has not offered the 5.7L motor, in a suburban, since 1999. They also didn't offer the 6.2L until last year. This recall notice isn't worth the paper it's written on.

I call customer service, and some woman in the Philippines is informing me that there is no recall information on my truck.

On another note, I wanted to know if my 2016 Suburban is a FFV vehicle. The owners manual states that if I have a Yellow Fuel cap, the car can use up to 85% ethanol. Guess what? The 2016 Suburban doesn't have a gas cap.

Who is running this company? Is it no surprise that Dodge beat Silverado sales for 2 consecutive quarters? I want to be a loyal GM customer, but the quality of the newer vehicles, and communication process is broken.

My personal car was a Escalade with the Eight Speed transmission. After 3 Transmission replacements and about 10 "Software Upgrades" I asked for a new car. What did GM do? Nothing. I had to start a lemon law claim, which was processed without much of a fight. I really loved the look and feel of the Escalade. When it was cold, the Tranny would slip. This was not disputed. If I let it warm up for about 5 minutes, the Transmission was fine. Who wants to drive a 90K car that has a defective transmission???

My point, someone at the top is asleep at the wheel. As a shareholder and a customer, we need to attend shareholder meetings and have the executives do their jobs!

My 2004 2500 Suburban with a 8.1L was flawless. In 3 years I never had a warranty claim with that vehicle. My 2007 Suburban with the 6.0L motor had one warranty issue (Drivers side window lift motor). Why can't GM make vehicles that are as reliable as the vehicles that they made last decade????

Sep 11, 2019

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