General Motors Corporation2016 buick regal premium 1 awd

J Aug 11, 2018

My Buick Regal has had its transmission and motor replaced under warranty due to a transmission that automatically down shift to 2nd gear at speeds exceeding 70mph.It causes car to jerk violently, , tires to skid, and because it happens usually while passing it causes motor to surpass redline by far.
It has already spun a bearing and caused motor to be replaced.
Because it apparently doesn't throw a code, , the dealer is content to simply replace components until warranty runs out...but I'm afraid it's gonna kill me or others.
I have been researching this since dealer thinks I'm imagining it, , and it appears Ford has had a law suit started for same exact problem and it concerns a "speed sensor" that directs transmission to select a gear to low for correct speed of vehical.
Pease address this issue before it kills me...It is still happening even with reman transmission and reman engine...(radio doesn't work correctly after error occurs every time). All work had been performed by dealer, , , (Wheeler Gm Yuba City ca.)

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