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Do not buy GE Adora Washers or Dryers; we are now trying to get service for our second washer and dryer in less than two years. The first set bought at our local Home Depot was leaking and having running issues and one (we think dryer) putting holes in new clothes. Home Depot after three repairs helped us with GE to get replacements but the new washer just ate my 8month olds overalls and cut the rubber boot on front door. We are still getting holes in clothes. The second set was the top models one above our previous which were all around 1K each machine. Not sure yet if they will cover the rip in washer boot. I wish I knew a good brand but many have issue in less than a year, crazy to spend 2K every year


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    Cristi May 08, 2009

    I also had the same problem with the GE Adora washer putting holes in our clothes. I had a service man out here a couple weeks ago and he knew exactly what the problem was - they had to replace the rubber seal on the inside of the washer door. He said that they realized last year that it was a problem and have been replacing them when called. I was a little perplexed at why they weren't replaced during install if there has been such a "problem" with them. So far there haven't been any holes in our clothes, but I went through about 8 months of getting holes in our clothes before realizing it wasn't something I was doing, but a problem with the product.

    The other issue that I HATE about this washer is that there is no "spin" cycle, only a "rinse and spin" cycle. This is my first front loading washer, so I never even thought to look for just a "spin" option. The washer unbalances A LOT (especially when washing sheets and other items). If it's unbalanced, it will continually run the "rinse and spin" cycle until everything balances out and spins out well. How is THAT energy efficient??? If it gets too unbalanced, I usually will stop the washer, pull out soaking wet clothes to try and balance them out. It sometimes works, but definitely not all the time. Over all, I am not too impressed with this washer and won't buy another GE. I am very nervous that once September hits and our warranty is up, we'll be in big trouble!

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  • Lo
    Lori F Jul 17, 2009

    I totally agree with your comment. I am so sick of my clothes being ruined. My son's swim jersey was ruined and cannot be replaced. Expensive basketball shorts gone. I felt around the washer and can't find any sharp object the clothes would be getting stuck on. Thank you for your post, unfortunately my GE just expired before I could figure out what the cause was.

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    unhappygecustomer Nov 13, 2009

    Don't buy GE Adora period. We had our kitchen remodeled 2.5 years ago and put in all new GE Adora appliances. EVERY single one of our appliances has required a repair already. I would never buy GE appliances again. Also, my mom has GE Profile appliances and many of the digitized communications are misspellt or written phoenetically and not correctly. I can see why GE has gotten out of the appliance sector. I've been extremely disappointed.

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  • Du
    Duah boateng Jul 01, 2010

    Now I know I am not alone. The adora Dryer which I bought from Home Depot is just a piece of junk. It started wrenkle all clothes expesccially sport wear and shrink all my clothes. I was in the mode to it to consummer affairs this moring and decided to check the company's website to see if there is a recall which I never know.

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  • An
    annie Feb 02, 2011

    well i feel the same way the adora dishwasher.. it washes my dishes like crap my top rack keeps falling off i have had many service calls and still the problem is never fixed its terrible,

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  • Ji
    Jim m r Jun 14, 2011

    I bought a GE side by side refrigerator with a water dispenser from Home Depot the so call chilled water comes out in the high 40°F GE tells me that is chilled water temperature should be
    Having been a plumber for over 40 years I can tell you that high 40°F is not chilled water
    I informed them that they have a design problem the water line is too close to the compressor they want nothing to do with it

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Dorcely May 22, 2018

    Stewartsville, NJ, United States
    Do not buy microwave from GE and customer service won't help you. Terrible . I won't ever ever buy any product from GE

    I bought this Microwave summer 2016 at Home Depot, unfortunately I lost the receipt. In less than one year this Microwave start acting out. This is very expensive Microwave because it is convection oven as well. When I called GE customer service they told me, I don't have any receipt to prove when I bought the Microwave, and they told me this Microwave was purchased in January 2015. I told how could that be because I bought my house in July 2016 and move in August. I bought the microwave cash, unfortunately Home Depot has no record. There is no way I could have bought before that. They refused to help me with warranty. They have to charge me to send a technician out to my house. The technician came, he charged me $106.83, plus I ordered a part for almost $100. When another technician came, he said he wasn't the part now I had to order another part and I had to return the old one. Miraculously the microwave started working by itself for about 2 months. Now I don't what to don't want pay any more money. This is very frustrating. This is the worst product I have ever bought . I need help GE consumer with this Microwav

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