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This is my SECOND TIME getting a truck horn loudly front of my house for 10 times! Is this GDex working procedure?? To horn loudly at houses before making a call??!!!
This staff named "Akmal", who is a malay staff from GDex branch Taiping, when I ask him not to horn loudly next time, he answer me saying "I HORN OVER EVERY HOUSES AND THEY NEVER COMPLAINT! THIS IS WHAT WE USUALLY DO!" I asked him to call next time before horn, he ROB over the box and THREATEN me saying "YOU DON'T WANT THIS RIGHT?! THEN YOU GO TO THE OFFICE AND GET IT YOURSELF!"

Is this GDex attitude?????!!! Do not accept any suggestion and complaint, and THREATEN your customer????!!! This is the second time I am making a complaint, last time is the same situation, obviously GDex is not making any changes or action towards their attitude and behavior!
And when I call to branch Taiping to complaint about this staff, the officer told me "WE NORMALLY HORN IF YOU ARE A HOUSE". Did you GDex ever think of your customer situation???!!! What if your customer has baby or elder at home?? What if your customer is working as a phone specialist who has to take calls at home, and when they got disturb in the call, they got DEDUCT of salary because of your service???!!!
If GDex is going to pay me back the salary got deducted then thats fine!! Please send me the money I got lost because of your service!! Please give me an explanation and the action you made to the biadap staff! Thank you!

GDex / GD Express

  • Updated by Hye X, Oct 12, 2019

    Ok, yesterday I just submit a complaint about their staff bad attitude&behavior which throw my boxes into the empty truck and threaten me after I asked him not to horn loudly front of my house. There was someone called me and promise that she will make sure today there will be someone calling me before they send the thing, and they won't horn.
    And today, the most ridiculous thing happens. THEY STILL HORN WITHOUT CALLING FIRST. On the paper they put in my box, written "call no answer". At the beginning I thought as if my brother is overseas mayb he didn't enable roaming, so that's fine although yesterday I did provide my own number to GDex and ask them to call my number when they deliver the box.
    I was not able to pick up the box as they didn't call me, so I call CS, CS told me that the staff said he did called. HOWEVER, I just reconfirm with my brother about this, you know what, he has enable roaming all the times, and he screenshot his phone call record saying he DIDN'T get any call from GDex. AHA, nice bohong yea GDex????? Is GDex not providing their staff credit to make phone calls to customer?? So that your staff has to be so rude and HORN again front of customer house?? What about the promise you company just made yesterday??? Wow GDex, such a GOOD GOOD lie! So your company way of solving problem is just lie to your customer just to reassure and let your staff do the same thing again?
    As you are not listening to any complaint, and you are not going to do anything about your stuff attitude, you never try to reach out and see how your staff attitude to the customer, and you never teach your staff to follow the policy which is to call before horn, I seriously won't use GDex service again, and I will encourage all people I know not to use GDex in the future. There are a lot more courier service such as Fedex DHL outside, don't be too sombong and think that you can continue the business in this way. You company should learn how to teach your staff to behavior before you run a business.

Oct 11, 2019

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