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Complaints & Reviews

Tracking not updated and has not received my parcel

Kindly dispatch my parcel to my address immediately and please update my tracking, just this few days there's been a lot of complaints, I fully understand this is cmco, but will you do your service effectively as other courier service? Stop wasting my time waiting for my parcel everyday at home and at works. I suppose to receive it before gawai, I did purchase my items way more early than you thought. Can you please have your courier be efficient in delivering our item? Do I have to waits until you receive thousands of complaints from me? Or do I have to wait till this end of year to get my parcel. Its always like this when it comes to national courier service. Such a disappointment. Please track and deliver those tracking : erb771186832my / erb778322532my as it has been arrived at facility. Asap. Thanks


My parcel ERB935122429MY stuck in transit office since 14 May.. Please process it ASAP. Thanks


Pos Malaysia
  • Updated by Angela Ding · May 21, 2020

    My parcel ERB935122429MY had been stuck in transit since 14 May 2020. Please check..

  • Updated by Angela Ding · Jun 01, 2020

    My parcel ERB935122429MY stuck in transit hub since 14 May 2020. Please check and process my parcel as soon as possible. I need it in urgent. Thanks..

Unsuccessful delivery

Barang customer (erb [protected] my) unsuccessful delivery tapi poslaju parit buntar tak cuba hantar semula ke alamat premis. Sampai sekarang customer masih menerima parcel dan mengikut rekod tracking parcel dihantar ke pusat mel nasional tanpa delivery keesokkan harinya. Customer memerlukan barang dengan kadar segera. Diharapkan pihak poslaju membuat penghantaran semula ke premis berkenaan. Tq

Unsuccessful delivery

Poslaju Malaysia

Barang Tersangkut di Hub KLIA Bermula 8/5/20 hingga sekarang 17/5/20

Barang Tersangkut di Hub KLIA Bermula 8/5/20 hingga sekarang 17/5/20

Track number : ERB853234790MY

Saya beli barang di Kuantan pada 6/5/20 dan sekarang dah 9 hari barang saya stucked di KLIA Hub Transit, minta tolong sangat2 hantar cepat ke Tawau Sabah. Saya nak guna barang tu untuk buat kerja.

Thank you in advance.

Barang Tersangkut di Hub KLIA Bermula 8/5/20 hingga sekarang 17/5/20

Pos Malaysia

Penghantaran yang lembab. No tracking tak update langsung. Umpama tak buat kerja saja !

No tracking ERB899329335MY tak update. Penghantar bagitahu dah hantar ke pos laju dari hari Ahad. Harini dah khamis tracking masih lagi sama. Apatah lagi barang nak sampai. Barang tak jalan ke?! Macam tak buat kerja! Sebelum ni pun dah report, ni report lagi. Pos laju tapi lembab!

Penghantaran yang lembab. No tracking tak update langsung. Umpama tak buat kerja saja !

Pos Malaysia

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Wasting our time

My tracking number is ERB849625471MY. Yesterday they call me asking me to come to pick up the item at pos laju paloh hinai. When I ask for time, they say tomorrow at 10 am. So today we go to the pos laju. At 10.30 am but the worker are out . So we text and try to call but can't reach him. Then we go back. Waiting to get call by pos laju. After hour, we go to pos laju again. But no one was there again. We need to pick.up by ourselves but no one was around. So what for? Wasting our time. But we pay for the service . Ugg

Wasting our time

Pos Malaysia

Late delivery service

Bad services! Cant easily reach both pos laju batu pahat and pos laju hq malaysia!!

Had been waiting the parcel almost 1 month, the status unchanged, stuck at one point for so long. All we can do is texting with the robot "askpos" and filled up useless e-feedback form which was not solving of our problem!!

No notice from the delivery man, the delivery man should have call the receiver with provided phone number @ rang the door bell when arriving. Just simply filed delivery attempted without notice! This is an irresponsible way to deal with it. Do improve your system and services so that people will continue using it!

Please do a second arrangement to the receiver asap :

Awb: erb508181744my

Ticket number: rq20051023087 / rq20051123325

Late delivery service

Pos Malaysia

Late for delivery and no response from poslaju

Late For Delivery
Please Take An Action...
My parcel ERB773409930MY is take so long time to be out for delivery, I hope that this matter can be solved ASAP, I need that thing to be used ASAP...I'm waiting for any detail but it just stuck there...I waited it for 10 days to be out of delivery but then I don't receive any update anymore, It been a while since it arrived at the facilities.

  • Updated by [email protected] · May 05, 2020

    I didn't get my parcel and it's more one weeks since the seller post it to me on 27/4/20. I tried to call the customers service but no answer.
    The tracking number is ERB773409930MY
    Please delivery ASAP to me...

I still not received my item

Beli dari seller yg beroperasi di langkawi kedah pada 29/4/2020... hingga hari ini 5/5/2020... saya check online tracking id poslaju erb758369354my & erb758369345my... barang yang saya beli masih stuck di poslaju langkawi... bila bole sampai penang??... ini poslaju tau.. bukan pos biasa!!!

Parcel and postman unethical behaviour

ENB053679222MY this is my parcel tracking number. Checked the status. It was already at the Cawangan serahan tempatan on the 29April (Wed) 5.33pm. Waited and only received my parcel on the 4May (Mon) 10.04am. Understand for the late if it's stucked at poslaju Hub but this, it's delayed from my own local delivery facility. Now, the main issue is the postman with phone no. (+[protected]), didn't get to get the bike or his name but he is ny regular delivery guy with attitude problem since then. He, who was very rude to me as a customer esp yesterday when I received my item. I've been eagerly waited for my parcel but I've noticed this since then when he showed his attitude esp when my dog barks at him (normal for dog to bark at strangers esp we were in the gated area, not that my dog can jump over the fence to attack him anyway). Yesterday just before he reached my front gate heard he's been honking nonstop with no patience and ofcourse I took a little time (not even 5mins) to get ready with proper a clothes to go out and rushed over but when I got outside he left while trying to call someone (it might be me), so I rushed back into the house to get my phone. And over the phone he seriously talking so rude and shouted right away saying his outside with a high tone I can't take. When I was outside again, with angry tone, he said that dont think I am the only one who he needs to do the delivery. Ofcourse I understand lagi2 ini time puasa (cos I know he's a muslim) and MCO. I respected that. But not the way he shouted at me as if I dont consider him. I know poslaju is desperately looking for workers to work during this pandemic but I hope poslaju will take proper action to fix this kind of workers attitude problem. Jangan nanti, kami customer dipersalahkan sbb tak consider pekerja.. But will u try to think, your pekerja try to consider keadaan dlm rumah that the customer also has to rush out due to impatient kind of postman. With a nonstop honking, behaviour tak terjaga and shouted at the customer like we were to attack them. Dont take the customer for granted just because they need to work durinf this time. We fully understand and thank them for being hardworking but I cant tolerate with this guy. I hope poslaju try to take action on him or maybe not to send this guy to do his job at this area. We dont need this guy to serve us. I know he didn't and doesn't like my dog but that shouldn't be the problem, why does other delivery service has no problem with my dog all this while, no matter they're muslims or not. Having a bad day at work also shouldn't be an excuse for them to get angry at the customer (if my dog is not the issue here). Bulan puasa pun kena sabar bekerja, dont hv to show that angry and impatient behaviour too much. That's it hope managenent will try to fix this!

Parcel stuck at klia hub since 24 april 2020 until now (5 may 2020) 11 days

Dear Sir/mdm,

My parcels has been stuck at KLIA Hub since 24/4/2020 until now(5/5/2020) and it has been 11 days. Please deliver it ASAP. Im worry because my parcels cost more than RM19++.
Im really need your help to deliver my parcel.

Tracking no: ERB727596254MY

I hope you can deliver it soon. Your assistance is much appreciated. May God ease your work. Thank you :)

Last update 21/4/2020 item dispatched out from pos laju kota damansara

Saya seller shopee, pada 21/4/2020 saya telah dropped off item dekat pos laju kota damansara untuk dihantar ke kota bharu kelantan, item dengan no rujukan pos laju erb706616421my telah di scan picked up pada jam 1.54pm dan item dispatched out dari pos laju kota damansara pada hari yang sama jam 6.31 pm, selepas item dispatched out tiada pergerakkan dari sistem tracking number sehingga sekarang, langsung tiada update, hari ni dah hari ke 13 barang saya masih x dapat di kesan.

Persoalannya di manakah barang saya berada sekarang? Adakah telah sampai di pos laju parcel hub tapi belum di scan oleh pihak sana untuk diproses? Atau barang saya telah hilang? Saya berharap pihak pos laju dapat trace di mana item saya berada dan update sistem secepat yang mungkin. Saya memahami kelewatan penghantaran semasa tempoh kawalan pergerakan ni, tapi yang paling merisaukan adalah kehilangan barang yang saya pos. Terima kasih.

Parcel service

My track no. EH659459637MY these item consists of medicine for my parents is still not updated on the whereabouts also after many call and emails there is still no responds or update and i mean all type of communicating links, as of now to enlighten there services i have decided to collect the parcel myself as of it is a urgent product of medication but also, no responds or what so ever. I am truly disappointed and worried on the arrival of my parcel as it has been a urgent request by the sender when it was dispatched out. Pos laju im worried as the medication is a very important substance for my old folks. Please urge this very seriously.

Late For Delivery

Hello and Please Take An Action...
My parcel ERB649283388MY is take so long time to be out for delivery, I hope that this matter can be solved ASAP, I need that thing to be used ASAP...I'm waiting for any detail but it just stuck there...I waited it for almost a weeks to be out of delivery but then I don't receive any update anymore, It been a while since it arrived at the facilities.

Parcel stuck at KLIA hub

Dear Sir,

My parcel has been stuck at KLIA Hub since 22/4/2020. It has been 8 days. Please deliver it soon because it contains food. The parcel is from Kulai, Johor not from overseas. Why it took so long to deliver?

Tracking no: ERB7033885715MY
Receiver no. [protected]

I hope you can deliver it soon. Your assistance is much appreciated. May God ease your work. Thank you :)

no update and delay of delivery

Dear sir,

I am Nur Ainaa Amirah and i would like to inform and lure your attention to an issue i faced, which no update about my parcel since 22nd of April 2020. Since then, i see no movement occur with my parcel. I bought a prayer set from Siti Khadijah Online Store, which the package was sent from Bangi, Selangor. My tracking number is EU019267589MY and in the name of Nur Ainaa Amirah binti Sharulnizam. Kindly find the package and deliver it as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

no update and delay of delivery

Pos Malaysia

Parcel no update from poslaju team

Hi I am Nisa Asyila, the receiver of parcel no&from:

ERB724205780MY (Since 22/4) - Kuantan
EHA165421739MY (Since 27/4) - Brickfield
ERB793008290MY (Since 28/4) - Rawang

Try to track my parcel yet there are no updateThe parcel like not moving/inactive/missing from radar i guess.. please do update us in the system
Otherwise your system is not useful at all.

Parcel static, inactive, not moving since 21 april 2020

Hi. My name is Mohd Farid, I'm the receiver for the parcel Poslaju ERB692730720MY. As I checked, my parcel was static since 21st April 2020.

Please update my parcel status.

[protected]:52 [Pusat Mel Nasional]Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office
[protected]:45 [Pusat Mel Nasional]Item processed
[protected]:38 [Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)]Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office
[protected]:35 [Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)]Item processed
[protected]:10 [Pos Laju Bukit Mertajam]Item dispatched out
[protected]:45 [Pos Laju Bukit Mertajam]Item picked up (POSLAJU:ERB692730720MY)

Yours sincerely,
Mohd Farid

Parcel static, inactive, not moving since 21 april 2020

Pos Malaysia

Postage & delivery services

Pos Malaysia Berhad Kenapa Parcel masih tak begerak dari pusat mel national sudah 6 hari 29th April

Barang dihantar dari 22 April

Bukan poslaju seevice seperti biasa during COVID-19.

Kalau ada masalah update ni senyap sahaja... Ai customer feedback online not able to submit even semua dah isi lengkap.
Call tak dapat.

Postage & delivery services

Pos Malaysia

Penghantaran yang tersangat lambat.

Item pos 16/4/20 sehingga 28/4/20 masih tidak sampai pos laju klihub & pos laju senawang seremban tidak menjalankan tanggungjawab dengan betul. Ini lah syarikat yg berkaitan GLC, xbuat/lambat buat kerje pun dapat gaji. Rezeki xhalal. Complain pun xgune, pengarah langsung tidak ambil berat apabila kita membuat aduan. Diam membisu.

Penghantaran yang tersangat lambat.
Penghantaran yang tersangat lambat.
Penghantaran yang tersangat lambat.

Pos Malaysia

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