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Fred Meyer reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 20, 2006. The latest review Bananas was posted on Apr 7, 2021. The latest complaint #s abound was resolved on Nov 07, 2012. Fred Meyer has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 75 reviews. Fred Meyer has resolved 8 complaints.

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Fred Meyer Complaints & Reviews

Oct 14, 2019

Fred Meyer — charged for item I never bought

On 10/12/19 I went to Bonney lake Fred Meyer bought 24 items there was a item on my receipt for 11.99 which...

Oct 10, 2019

Fred Meyer — pharmacy

My husband and I normally get out prescriptions filled at another local pharmacy. My daughter is on a...

Oct 09, 2019

Fred Meyer — assistant manager

One of your stores assistant manager name shea guise was extremely rude to me. I am a retired service member...

Oct 07, 2019

Fred Meyers — xbox game, customer service

I purchased an xbox NBA2K20 for my son recently, when he went to load the game there was a used NBA2K18 in...

Oct 06, 2019

Fred Meyer — customer service complaint

I recently was over charged for some items I bought which were in a 5 items for 99cents coupon deal there at...

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Sep 15, 2019

Fred Meyer — Why are associates complaints being ignored?

Hi, it seems that all associates complaints are not being heard and they are not being taking serious for...

Aug 28, 2019

Fred Meyer — management employee discrimination

I will try to make this short... My family lost everything due to identity theft/fraud turned cyberstalking...

Aug 12, 2019

Fred Meyer — pharmacy employees lied about being able to adjust my quantity for the rx I purchased on saturday.

My doctor called in an Rx for Lantus solostar pens each pen is pre-filed with 3mls = 300units My dose is 65...

Aug 09, 2019

Fred Meyer — Other

It seems that certain associates are making other associates who work here feel what they go through every...

Jul 30, 2019

Fred Meyer — employee - tara

I was seeking some help and happened to run into a customer service representative, Tara. (To my...

Jul 19, 2019

Fred Meyer — the company

The managers treat their employees horribly. I work for the company and am subject to ridicule and trash talk...

Jul 15, 2019

Fred Meyer — too many stalkers at this location!

Hi, I have been shopping at this location for years, and it seems that all the women who work at thi...

Fred Meyermistreatment of handicap people

Fred Myers in Bremerton, Washington is uncaring to handicaps. I am handicap and can just barely make it to the inside of the store to get a scooter. I have been the first one in when the store opens to get a fully charged scooter. I can only ride it for 10 to 15 mins and the scooter dies. It is frustrating to as for help for someone to get me a new scooter so I can finish shopping. All the scooters does this. All of their batteries are bad. Their scooters are at least 10 or 15 years old. I quite going to Fred Myers and started to shop at Safeway or Walmart.

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    Jun 28, 2019

    Fred Meyers — moulin francais breads by kroger

    Recently, Fred Meyers exchanged the best Artesan Garlic Bread for Moulin Francais ", Supreme Garlic Batard"...

    Fred Meyerwhy are associates being treated badly!

    Hi, I come to shop at the Fred Meyers in Shoreline, Washington on 185th and Aurora 98133, and it seems that there are certain associates who are getting bullied by certain customers and harassed and picked on, and there are associates who are crying and not wanting to work at this location, and it seems that I am also seeing associates bullying and fighting with other associates and they are being watched and followed and attacked and what not! So something needs to be done to keep these associates safe and they should all have a security person around these associates at all times, because this kind of behavior can lead to suicide and other difficulties! So please take care of this issue, and make sure that these associates are safe and not being harassed or bullied by certain customers! I am going to report this behavior to the local police and sherry departments! So please take care of this issue, before something happens! Thankyou for your time!

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      Fred Meyersexual misconduct

      Here to report sexual actions between two employees that has been causing critical issues in and outside of the work environment. An employee by the name of Isis Crouts has been engaging in sexual interactions with a skylin wood as a favor for progression in the work environment. This situation has cause neglect of family and friends, particular a child involved possibly in uncomfortable standards because of tue actions taken place within this situation.

      Actions to be taken at Fred meyer
      1000 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99508

      sexual misconduct

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        • Updated by Orca00 · May 29, 2019

          Two employees have been engaging in sexual interactions that have cause negative effects on their personal life. One employee a woman by the name of Isis Crouts has been exchanging sexual favors with Skylin Wood for work environment progression. These actions have caused detrimental issues outside of work within families and friends.

          1000 E Nothern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99508

        Fred Meyerpoor and threatening customer service

        While in self check out, after asking Allison (sales associate) to remove three items from order, the following is what followed. Allison told me my order had to be canceled and completely redone. I asked her if she could assist me, she rudely rolled her eyes, and told me "No, I'm running 10 registers, you'll have to do it yourself." I asked to what her supervisors name was, and she relpied "I don't know, " and walked off. At this point, I was completely shocked by the poor level of service and told her that she was very rude, and I'd like to speak with her supervisor. Allison then shouted, "GET OUT OF MY STORE!" I then shouted back that I'd leave as soon as I was done with my order, as I was in the process of re-ringing my order. Before I knew it, a plain clothed lady, literally ran up directly to my face and began shouting that I needed to calm down. I told her to mind her business, and get out of my face. Before I knew it, there were 5 people surrounding me! One clearly uniformed male security gaurd, one very large and very intimidating approximately 400 pound male named Eric, the lady running self check, Allison, and two plain clothed ladies, who never really identified themselves(after zooming my camera in on the main unhinged plain clothed reps, and made a mention of the resemblance to a teenaged boy...the comment, "Why do I always get that because I have a SEXY punkrock hairstyle, " was made, which made me even more uncomfortable, as I took it as a sex innuendo.) until I later asked who they were, as I first thought they were customers. At this point, I do not feel safe, and completely intimidated. I did not know who was who, and completely backed into a corner. ALL OF THIS BECAUSE I WANTED IN ITEM REMOVED???? Attached you will find one of the videos that I recorded for safety, as well as me trying to protect myself, as best that I could. This issue will be escalated to the fullest, as all of this was completely uncalled for. I was treated like a criminal, I felt completely unsafe as my personal space was violated, completely embarrassed. This is how they de-escalate at Fred Meyer, on 1st ave. They criminalize you, and deflect the blaim back to you. Discrimination at it's finest.


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          • As
            Ashley Breanna Perry Dec 22, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Wow you guys are complete [censored] to this lady about her complaint customer service is [censored]ing customer service and it should be done anybody in a customer service position should not be rude at all the customer is always right remember that whatever happened that [censored] you guys need to shut the [censored] up

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          • 4t
            4terare May 19, 2019

            IF she is running ten registers then she is busy. There are other people besides you in the store. Just because she did not treat you like you are some sort of queen and cater to you only does not make her rude. If you are going to tell the story, at least tell everything. Don't leave things out to make yourself appear a saint. Sounds to me like you were acting like a two old and throwing a temper tantrum. If you want to feel safe, treat others with respect. You scanned the item you did not want, remove it yourself. This is not discrimination. Grow up. You are not a child. Stop acting like one.

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          Fred Meyerhow associates are getting treated at all fred meyers!

          Hi, it seems that the associates at the Fred Meyer in shoreline are getting treated badly and unfairly and it seems there is too much favoritism and it seems that nobody is allowed to transfer to another department at the store they work in and certain managers keep asking associates if they want a job and they say they do, but then the other people get the job, instead of the one who really wants it! There are too many associates that are saying false stories about associates and it seems they are doing there best to get rid of certain associates, so this is not fair, and it seems that certain associates send the homeless customers and the ones with backpacks and the ones who use needles and the ones who do drugs and smell like cigarettes and mariwana . It seems that some associates are pushed to do other people's jobs in the store and it seems certain associates go to Human Resources and the union and there manager and to the police department, so everybody needs to be nice to each other and not back stab one another and we all need to do team work and work together, and it seems that they keep blaming certain associates for things that they do not do and it seems that there are no customers that come in the evening and the morning at this store and it seems that only certain associates have to stand and do nothing for 9 to 10 hours and they also give special associates projects to do, and it just seems that nobody cares or sympathizes at all with each other, and it seems that certain associates get to be on the same schedule and the other associates have to get bounced around and nobody cares, if I e associate has to do the hard stuff in the whole store, so does everybody else! It also seems that they don't trust anybody at this store and this makes everything on edge and what not. It seems that some of the associates at this store are doing there dambest to get rid of and scare certain associates, so this needs to stop, and associates who want to work here should get what they want, instead of being jerked around and thrown under the bus! This needs to stop. All associates need to be respected! So something needs to be done!

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            Fred Meyeremployee of loss and prevention

            I was in the store on Debate and Muldoon shopping. I had a lot of bags from other stores and. Fred Meyers was the last list. I bought a phone from there that night. Anyway I purchased the phone first even set it up. I had all my bags and purse and heavy coat on a cart because I had allot of things. Yes I had a bathrobe in the cart but I was not going to steal it. Well this man, caucasian seen me heading to the bathroom wit g the cart and have me a dirty look. He asked what I was doing. I said I have reciepts for everything and I had to use the bathroom real bad. Mind you I had three big bags of clothes and such. A purse and coat. He said I could not use their cart on the bathroom. I wad libid. How am I goingto get all my things in the door at the same ruins without the cart. Well I emptied it on the bathroom then pushed it out the door with the unpaid items. Well thefollowing day I went back to get a tablet or look at one and my bp. He approached me with a sneer on his face asking me if I had pushed any carts in the bathroom worth unpaid murchandise. Looking at me like I did something wrong. Well I said no. Today I went in the storeart about 9:40 to buy a phone some makeup and maybe clothes. I was looking at the makeup when I was approached by a woman who said that loss and prevention said I was there for 3 hours and asked me to leave. I did I just got there. So she walked away but was really watching me. I was trying on the eyeshadow from the samples and checking the name to get the one I wanted and she didI want allowed to open the product. I told her I didn't. Just making sure I got the right one when she said I had to leave because loss and prevention said so. I know that this is the same man from a month earlier. I am an Alaskan Native and know that this was due to my racer. For they kicked out another Alaskan Native for no reason either. I have no shop living charges or history and have between shopping at the Fred Meyers stores for many years. I have not been so insalted in my time on this earth. I want an apology from this man and the store manager who was the woman who told me to leave. So you condone this type of behaviour from your attire manager and obviously the head of loss prevention? Do you back your employees when they behave with prejudice and malice just because I am Native? I have disabilities and an ostomy bag. I've been in two comas leaving me with bad memory loss and tire ready. I go to thebathroom mote frequently due to this and I feel as if my right to shop or be in that store was compromised. They both displayed prejudice behaviour and malice. I asked what did I do wrong and she said nothing but that loss prevention wanted me out. This man made it personal. I have a lot of family and friends who shop a lot at Fred's. I'm from Juneau AK. I wad being put in a category and the neck withmy rights. I'm really considering contacting a civil rights attorney a well as one who specializes in this sort of thing. I feel misjudged. Embarrassed. And I just don't think that the manager of said store, who told me to leave Evan though I did nothing wrong should be holding such a position of she is going to behave rudely and biasly. I am thinking of what I ought to do next. My friend works at the traffic station and I have another who works at the local TV station. This would make for Ann interesting read. I am quite angry and had to go to walmart where I spent 200.00 on items that I wanted to spend at your store. I am insulted. I am beyond words. Like I said. I am disabled and the disability organization would give me some advise as to what I should do from here. I want an apology from the both of them with some sort of disciplinary action taken against them. Like I said. I was a customer of yours for over 30 years. What a shame that you have employees who disrespect and demoralize your customers who happen to be a minority. And a woman. What will be done?

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              • 4t
                4terare May 17, 2019

                YOU ARE THE RACIST ONE. You are only ASSuming that this has to do with your race. You need to be sued for libel for false claims of racism and deported to where you came from. You are the one that should apologize. I hope that you contact a civil law case lawyer and that you lose and still have to pay the lawyer. Maybe that will teach you not to make ASSumptions. I hope that you go on TV and make a huge fool of yourself. Going on TV would also get you sued for slander for the false accusations of racism. The written false accusation will get you sued for libel. The only way to stop people from playing the race card would be to sue you for false claims, then deport you. That will deter people from doing the same.

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              Fred Meyerpharmacy

              I dropped off a prescription on Sunday was told I could pick it up Monday after 3. I go to pick it up only to find nothing had been done to fill it. When I expressed my disappointment I.was told I could come get the prescription and take it someplace else to be filled. I go to Fred Meyers a lot but now that I feel unappreciated as a customer I wont me going back.

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