Ford Motor Company / program 15no1

United States

Seems that Ford Fusions have been having a problem with the Steering Rack and my 2012 Ford Fusion is currently at Stoneham Ford in Stoneham MA for this exact problem. Because a specific code does not come up when car was diagnosed by ford technician, it does not qualify for this Program 15NO1. Even though this is an extremely dangerous problem with Ford Fusions, Ford is not offering any financial help for this major problem. Seems to be a scam by the Ford motor company to say that a certain code does not come up which in turn makes the car owner pay $2, 100 to have an obviously defective part replaced with no guarantees that the problem will be fixed. This is outrageous behavior by Ford and who really does not care if someone's steering goes while driving possibly causing serious injury or death to not only the vehicle owner but maybe an innocent person that may be involved in an accident caused by these defective Steering Racks. Shame on you Ford Motor Company.

Joanne Neale
owner of 2012Ford Fusion
e-mail [protected]

May 15, 2019

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