Ford Motor Companyford esp premium! yeah right! fraud!

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We recently bought a 2015 Ford Flex with 39000 miles on it. We bought it used from a dealership in American Fork. We drove our car for a little over a month and less than 3000 miles, when our ball joint failed and caused our car to hit a curb. This was Witnessed by a police officer and an accident report was done even though there were no other cars involved. I could not get the warranty to tow the car so my insurance had to. When the report was sent to the ESP for review. They chose NOT to review the police report as the did not feel it was needed. The inspector said with the damage involved it was NOT a mechanical failure but was due to the driver hitting the curb. They denied the claim. This all took 2 weeks, while my car sat at the dealership not being touched. The police report included witness statements and that the car was traveling 5 miles per hour if not less and that the driver was making a sharp right hand turn. The car went left due to the driver tire facing left and the passenger tire fully right. tire tracks proving that it failed prior to hitting the curb. After the claim was denied we had to file a claim with our insurance. The claim was filed quickly but the dealership took their time ordering the parts and then even after the parts were in it took several days for them to get it into a service bay to work on it. It is now been 30 days and the dealership is still not done fixing it so it can go to the body shop. We are being told it will be the end of next week before it will be done. We are currently having our lawyer review the case and will be submitting a request to Ford to review the case again WITH the police report since the most accurate information comes from the seen at the time of occurrence. should they choose not to review the case we will likely proceed with legal proceedings. Something that should have been so simple and it has become extremely complicated.

Aug 19, 2019
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  • Ro
      Aug 26, 2019

    update! still without my car! It seems that Fords Premium extended warranty is worth nothing. I have heard many people say that they bought the extended warranty and were always denied on their Claims. Funny how I have not seen anything on someone saying they were so glad they paid extra money for a warranty and it was great. Most people just feel ripped off. I can understand why! I want to take legal action but everyone says its a dead end road because Ford has big lawyers and money, blah, blah, blah. Yeah they have my money! They promised to provide coverage for my car and then refused to even review ALL the information before they denied the claim. My kids are now scared to ride in the car for fear that something else might brake. It scared them to death when this happened. Ford doesn't care! UGH. I am feeling helpless.

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