Ford Motor Companytransmission lines, damage while at dealership

M Aug 02, 2019

1. Transmission lines are rusted through per mechanic and need to be replaced this truck has 50, 000 miles on it really??

2. The A/C was replaced approx. 40 days ago and there was no mention of any rust

3. To top off my experience with ford and its dealership they pulled my truck up and the tonneau cover was crushed( dealership stated it came like that( but didn't call me to say there was any damage despite at least 10 calls/texts it was never mentioned, it couldn't even be driven as it stood d/t pieces being blown off of it, then they ran out two other people who said it was damaged when it got there, IT WAS NOT DAMAGED I asked for them to pull security recordings and they told me there were none

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