Ford Motor Company - Ford Creditinformation privacy

P Jul 19, 2019

I am continuously bombarded by sales people trying to sell me extended warranties on Ford leased products that I no longer own. i have met with two local dealerships, Met Life/Auto & Home, and the Michigan Secretary of State. They all assure me that they do not provide any vehicle information to companies offering these warranties. However, the warranty companies have very accurate and specific information about my lease end date, make/model of vehicle, name and location of lease originator.

That leaves only one party left that could provide this information -- Ford Motor Company via Ford Credit. This is a violation of my personal privacy, a potentially criminal act, and a safety concern since these sales calls are made during peak driving hours to cell phones utilizing Ford Sync constituting a driving distraction.

Please provide the specific part of the Ford Lease contract that allows Ford to provide or sell this information to third parties. I am a retired Ford PD Controller and I feel strongly that this practice by Ford greatly exceeds other privacy concerns with companies like Facebook which provides free services to the customer. ford provides NO free services to its customers in exchange for using/selling customer's personal information.

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