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My last ford never will I be suckered again - - I bought a ford f 150 and took the loan out with ford motor credit at 11% which was required to get $500. 00 discounted off the price. The loan person at the dealer told me to just refinance after a month. Looking at my options and having saved some money I decided to pay off the loan. The first payment stub came and I called to see what the payoff would be and decided to pay it off with the check by phone option which would cost an additional $5.00. When I called to make the payment on the payoff date I was told the payment would not post till the next day and I would be billed for the balance then I was told they could not take the check by phone payment because it was over $5, 000. 00. Nowhere in any of the payment options that came with the payment stub was this information. I sent the check certified mail receipt so I know the had the check at 7:00am and now the tell me they did not get it till the next day. The additional $11. 00 is not going to break me but i'll be dam if i'm going to pay intrest on something I tried to pay and was told by ford I could not!!!

  • Updated by Carlla Miller Cedeno · Nov 26, 2018

    When I complained all they could say is "I can see how much it's going to cost". I didn't break the part. YOU DID FORD SERVICE... and now you want to charge me to fix something YOU BROKE. They recall your car, break it and then tell you you have to pay for it. What kind of customer service is that. My car sat for 8 mos... how did I break it.


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    P Nov 09, 2008

    these people are trying after a disabled lady that doesnt work

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  • all i want to know is wat is my pay-off----it should be able to access on line-why not?????----how can i sell my truck with out up to date info???/

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  • Ca
    Carlla Miller Cedeno Dec 11, 2018

    My car was working fine. I drop it off service ctr 8 mo ago for the air bag recall. I had add'l work done $900.00 worth. Open my door and all the areas they worked on was still apart. They fixed, but on the way home my a/c was not working. They didn't attach the cables. Took it back. It's still not working, now they want to charge me to fix.

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  • St
    Stefan Weydeman Dec 12, 2018

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  • Wi
    William Edward Gerow, Jr. Apr 15, 2019

    On 12/29/18 I purchased a Ford Escape 2017 id 1FMCU0G98HUD95860 from Lake Elsinore Ford, CA 92530. I am a 91 year old, WW11/Korean vet who needs help with an instruction manual for all your new features.
    William Edward Gerow, Jr., 28333 Valley Blvd 2007, Sun City, CA 92586

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  • Di
    Diana Couture Apr 30, 2019

    The paint is peeling and bubbling around the wiper and around the handles to open the door.
    Started peeling around four years after buying it NEW.
    Dealer said that there were no complaints about they couldent do anything
    about it.
    Thay said that the warenty dident cover it ???.
    Anybody out there have this problem ?

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  • Fr
    Franklin Richerson May 05, 2019

    When you pay for an extended warranty on your vechile, and you trade the vechile off before the warranty expires. Do you get a refund on the warranty not used??

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  • Mi
    Michael babb May 18, 2019

    SCAM I THINK GOING AROUND. What is this and it truly from ford

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  • Mm
    MMike Jun 16, 2019

    2017 Ford F350 approx. 22, 000 miles. Case #16147453
    Cannot get the electronics in this truck fixed. TThey tell me there is no ETA for a resolve, and I have been trying to get my $80, 000.00 + truck repaired under my warranty, which I paid for an extended warranty for 6 years. I have been trying to get it repaired since October of 2018.

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  • Ro
    robert rolen Jul 06, 2019

    why were the st logo floor mats pulled. you had them at one time.
    would be really nice if you offered them again.
    2016 ford focus ST owner
    Robert Rolen
    [email protected]

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  • Wi
    Wilson Cruz Jul 14, 2019

    i did call corporate but no one yet coctact me back complaint #23741590
    plus i want refound my fees for tramits paperwork is been a month a dont even have my car platesplase contact me asap 410 9242318

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  • La
    Larry Forson Jul 16, 2019

    We live in the Austin Texas area. Have tried to get appointment for Air Bag replacement for two years. Are there alternatives for this issue.

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  • Ks
    kspt Jul 22, 2019

    Had a problem with squirrels chewing some wiring into. It seems that others have had the same problem because of the coating Ford used on the wiring which attracts rodents. This is very expensive to repair. Especially aggravating when it happened to my Ford Edge with less than 6200 miles. The Ford dealership charged me $751 to replace 2 wires.

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  • Mo
    moneyruner Jul 22, 2019

    paint is bubbleing and falling off on the hood and tailgate

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  • Ch
    Charlie Rivers Aug 06, 2019

    Access panel came off from underneath From previous oil change Ford dealership in Aurora now went out of town and came off in Mississippi took truck to Ford dealership now they want me to pay out of my pocket from the ford dealership fault in Aurora

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