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Complaints & Reviews

Champ program

The program does not give credit for rewards toward the lease 20 dollars every month that you pay.. It leased 2006 cars for double the amount on cars 10 years old.. Does not offer a upgrade like it states.. Its just bad loans and lease program.. Drivetime should be sued just like santander consumer usa is being sued.. Ally bank is the bank for drivetime and they now are also called brdigecrest and their service provider is silver rock they stop giving free oil changes which state in the contract for the life of the lease or loan i'm at the end of my lease and they have not said anything about the reward program.. I called a last year and was told they no longer have the lease program.. Why? And what about the people who you already have under a contract..

Credit reporting

After I purchased a drive time vehicle no more than 2 months later it starts to tear up. All the harassing phone calls minutes apart and them not reporting correct balances and payment history to credit agencies. My balance on paper would say some ridiculous amount and the amount I've paid down would never Match my credit report. Eventually after my 9th major repair I bought another vehicle and told them to come get their car.. Turns out that car was only worth 5000.00 and they charged me over 20 thousand and my insurance company doesn't wont to deal with them anymore especially if the vehicle is in an accident they would ask for a ridiculous amount to pay off .. That is my complaint this company hurts more people than they help the owners should be ashamed .

Sold me a lemon car

Hello my name is gevonna Williams I bought a 2104 Chevy Malibu from drive time salesperson is Joseph he knew...

2008 jeep compass

I got a 2008 jeep compass from them. Started having issues with it from start. They kept putting me off about...

Wrongful repossession, they actually owe me money

Bridgecrest repossed my vehicle 24 days passed the due date. At the time of repossession I had paid 155.00 dollars in advance. So they actually owe me money. I wasnt informed of where to pick up my contents or who to contact. They violated state law. Not only was my rights violated but the vehicle was taken to drive time on memorial in tulsa, ok, and they have yet to return my contents. This organization is a scam who preys on those who've had credit issues in the past. The salesperson even told me drive time, "owns their own bank".

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A car I purchased from them

I bought a Lexus from them and I felt like I was coerced into signing the documents along with not fully understanding the contracts. I know now that was a lesson to be learned but unfortunately it was to late. I struggled to make the payment for quite some time and finally it was repossessed, on my wedding day at that. Now they are suing me for an outrageous amount over and above what the car was worth. They have filed the suit. How can they do that when they already took the car and my payment made were way more than the value of the car?

2013 nissan juke

I purchase this vehicle in Nov 2019. 2 days afterwards, I started having problems ie noise from rear end of...


Alright seems like I am in the same boat as everyone else on here however I will be taking action soon I am...

Car sold to me through drivetime

It's a long story I went through two years of court dates had an arbitration just to lose they want $14, 000 for a car that's not even valued at 7 thousand not only have they put a garnishment against my wages but they've also repo the vehicle six months after the arbitration date they did illegal debt collection and now I'm being told there's nothing they can do to help me

Vehicle repairs and shoddy business practice

My husband purchased a 2009 Ford Flex at Drivetime. It ran for 8 months we thought with no problems. In October of 2019, we had to take it to the mechanic of course it was not one the Warranty company wanted us to take it too, but we were not driving the vehicle over 50 miles to where they wanted it nor were we having it towed since they were only going to reimburse us 75 dollars for over a 300 tow. Upon inspection the control module for the fan assembly quit working, that's understandable. But then the next thing found wrong is that the transmission was failing fluid was full but burnt. along with that the control arm boot was torn on the drivers side and the sway bar links on the passenger side needed replaced. That right there should of been dealt with immediately before selling the car. No codes came up when checking the transmission. After month we received car back. Not even a month have we had it we now have to take back for repairs for the same problem.

Over charging

Over charging me way to much 16,000 in interest when the car was only 16,000 to begin with told me that I wa...

Faulty vehicle

I leased a Chevrolet Equinox in April of 2019. Since day one I've had nothing but issues. I purchased GAAP...

Overpriced vehicles and high interest rates.

I purchased a vehicle in 2014 at Druvetime/Bridgecrest. It is now 2019 and I still owe practically the same purchase price. They are ripping off people.with less than perfect credit. The blue book price is not over $12000.00 for 2009. The blue book price is less than $3000.00. I am in debt for a vehicle that is 3 to 4 times of its market value. I have been payng for this car for over 5 years and still owe over $12000..

Please help us.

The gap they offered me and that I signed up for has not paid the total loss of my car.

I bought a car from DriveTime in 2016. I signed up for the gap insurance with Aeverex insurance which wa...

My car I purchased

I purchased a car through Drivetime and I been having alot of problems with my car. I found out the car sat for 3 months before purchasing, my tires are cracking, my transmission is acting up. Plus the company they financed me through keeps raising my interest rates up. I'm paying $462 a month for a 2013 chevy impala. I feel like I'm being ripped off. When I contact drivetime about the issues. They tell me I need to contact the warranty company and the warranty company just gives me a run around and wont help. Drivetime has one of there managers call me and I get swore at and treated horrible.

Ford taurus

They engaged in loan sharking type lending because even though the interest rate is low like 3-5% they charge...


Purchased a 2008 gmc envoy from drivetime in little rock arkansas.. I called and confirmed down payment and...

Drivetime car dealer selling rigged vehicles without proper inspections and wood in framing of the vehicle.

I have had this car for about a year now. However for the last 3 to 4 months I have not been able to use the...

DriveTime Automotive Group

Engine mounts and carburetor/purchased a lemon

Engine mounts went out immediately, within 2 weeks of purchasing vehicle September 6, 2019. Had to fight...

Extended warranty

Before me and my wife purchased a car the guy told us we had the 50, 000 5 year warranty on our coverage for...