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Jan 05, 2020

Ford - purchase of 2019 f-150

Dear Ford Official ; I am wrting to express my deep dismay with the treatment I received in attempting to purchase a 2019 F-150 from the above rerenced dealer on December 29th and 30th, of 2019. I am...

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Ford - 2019 f 250

Hello i am trying to submit a complaint on my new f 250 the first and most important thing is the uncontrollable steering problem. Which is explained to me as a DEATH WOBBLE and i have had this happen several times to me. And have been told that there was no parts to fix this problem. I can and will not put my family in this vehicle as the problem is severe and i am in a bind over this as its my only form of transportation. and its been happening since the truck was bought and it is put excessive ware on my tires and equipment due to the severity of the shake this occurs at low and high speeds . I also am having more than one electrical issue. And they consist of my gauges will reset to different screens and options, The radio will reset itself to am or fm, and blowing fuses. Please any help would be greatly Appreciated Thanks MR. Fielder My number is [protected] please feel free to contact ASAP

Dec 31, 2019

Ford - parts/service

I have owned 4 Ford vehicles and this is possibly my last. My truck has been at the dealership for a month and 1/2 waiting for a part. An instrument cluster part # AL3z10949bvb to be exact. I'm still waiting and the only explanation I am receiving is that there is no ETA. I find this totally unsatisfactory. Someone should be able to tell me when my truck will be fixed and I should feel at ease that this situation will be resolved.


Ford - 2017 ford fiesta

Just had my 2017 ford fiesta in to have a noise in the transmission checked out. (Suppes Ford) Johnstown Pa. They said that they could not find anything wrong with it and that it didn't make the sound while they had it. I had a recording of it on my phone and they heard it. I have attached it to this email. I know that Ford has had a problem in the past with both fiesta and focus transmissions. I can't understand how they could not have heard it. It does it every time it is started and cold. I dropped it off the night before so it would be cold in the morning when they got in. Today is December 27th and it has made the noise for the last couple days. I was told that there are no Ford service bulletins for fiestas. I didn't make it out of the dealer parking lot before it started to make the noise. It makes the noise in park as well as in drive. Please reply I am concerned about the safety of my daughter when she drives it.


Ford - moonroof

On vacation in the North Carolina, open the moonroof, went to close it, roof would not close! do to bad weather, my family had to cut trip short, went to dealership in north carolina they said, it would take seven to ten days! I checked website, their are complaints on the mooroof or sunroof! I am vey satisfied with my truck but very displeased at this time.

Thank You,
Bruce A. Wall

Dec 23, 2019

Ford - service appointment

I received notification from Anderson Ford on Tuesday, Dec 17 by email and again on Wednesday, Dec 18 by text of an appointment at Anderson Ford of a service appointment at 7 am on Monday, Dec 23. I...

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Dec 16, 2019

Ford - tires (f150) lariat

I am writing this in a disappointment of one of your dealers (Lafayette Ford on Fayetteville NC. With nearly $150.000 of vehicles presently and over 300 total purchases from ford. I could not believe...

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Ford - service of daly ford potchefstroom

Good day I went for my second annual service at Daly Ford in July 2019. After the service i was informed that my vehicles brakes were worn and needed replacing. On the 29th July 2019 i had the...

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Dec 09, 2019

Ford - reoccurring issues with heater and defroster year over year for 3 years

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and have owned Ford cars for over 35 years now. My last purchase has been a nightmare. I bought the vehicle (2014 Ford Edge) in 2015 and ever since have had...

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Dec 07, 2019

Ford - parts backordered/ death threatening front, in shake (death wobble)

I turned my 2017 f350 into lithia springs ford in lithia springs ga. To have this life treathening shake fix (the death wobble)... First time this happen was on nov. 9th 2 different times both time...

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Dec 06, 2019

Ford - 2015 ford escape

On November 22, 2019 I was driving my Ford Escape and suddenly it would hesitate then suddenly move forward. Brought to mechanic who used computer to evaluate. No problem found. Left mechanic and less than 1/10th of a mile down road the service light came on and Escape suddenly stopped moving. Had to have car towed to mechanic. Was told it was a transmission problem and needed to be replaced and would cost $4000 for parts only. The car is only 4 years old with 82, 305 miles on it. This just doesn't seem right. I have owned a Ford F150 (2003) which I had for 15 years and a Ford Focus(2008) which I still own. Have always been very satisfied with Ford vehicles, but am very disappointed with my Ford Escape. When it is time to buy another vehicle in 2020 I will not be looking at Ford. Thank you, MJ Woods


Ford - dealership

For years I took the company truck to Performance Ford in Charlotte, NC. Never had any problems and felt they were honest and did good work. Then Felix Sabates bought them out and I've quit taking...

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Ford - soy coated wires provide food for vermin so the buyer can pay outrageous costs to fix

I own a 2019 t-250 transit van.It has less than fifteen thousand miles on it.and have hade to pay over $800.00 for rodents eating at the soy coated wires in the vehicle witch is outrageous.Of course ford does not want to cover this under warranty.I will never buy a ford again in my life your company is running a racket out of selling people like me a product that has known problems with rodents specifically eating the soy coated electrical systems in the vehicles they produce.Just so they can have there service departments full with the same issues.People like me pay an outrageous amount of money for your subpar vehicles .Fix the issue or just keep loosing customers because I personally will tell everyone I know what ford is offering a overpriced piece of garbage instead of a vehicle worth buying.

Dec 02, 2019

Ford - 2019 ford f150

To Corning Ford in Corning CA. Do not appreciate being lied to by your staff in the service department. The new transmission was not put in my truck that only had 9000 miles on it. And I had to buy...

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Dec 01, 2019

Ford - f150 problems

Bought a 2013 F150 with barely over 100, 000 miles fuel pump went out immediately, transmission has went out twice in 20 days, it's been at a shop for 6 weeks with no transmission in site, I purchased a extended warranty and it's a joke, it started having a starting issue after the first transmission that the warranty refused to look in to, I need help from ford motor company themselves to get something done, I believe my vehicle is an actual lemon, someone please help me on this, thanks

Update by JJBuck
Dec 01, 2019

2013 f150 fuel pump went out immediately after purchasing, transmission went out about 10 weeks ago, my warranty replaced it, started having a starting issue right after that then 20 days after first replaced transmission it went out now it has been at a transmission shop for 6 weeks with no transmission in site, I need help from ford themselves, someone please help I think I actually have a lemon truck.

I also had issues regarding the fuel pump i have two 2010 f-150 both under 100k miles one of them stop running on a major thru way. I was told it was a fuel pump fuse that FORD recommends being moved to prevent future problems. I paid for this service but when I requested a reimbursement I was told that unless its a recall they cant do that I ask what makes a recall I was told it has to be a safety issue when a truck stops in traffic and its all you can do to keep from being hit from behind that to me is a safety issue. I ask for cost of the repair nothing more such as the towing the time loss from work only $164.49 that is the fuse relocation kit from FORD and the labor again your either wrong or right not part wrong. Own it FORD.

Nov 28, 2019

Ford - ford customer service centre and product

Good afternoon, I am a Ford Fiesta driver with plate number PKT 8822, since September 2012. It is my first car. It came to my and my family's notice, that the car has some jerky vibrations when...

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Nov 24, 2019

Ford - mailing of advertising

I have been a Ford owner for over 40 years. In the last two years I bought a new F-150 and an Explorer. Since then I keep getting mail from Ford with an address in Carol Stream IL with offers to buy new vehicles. Most has the dealers name I bought from but I have received them from every car dealer in the area. NONE of them seem to know where they come from but their name is on the advertising.

HOW do I get this to stop coming to my house? They even send it to my house with my sons name on it and he has never lived here.

Nov 21, 2019

Ford - ford ranger fuel mileage

filed a complaint on 11-1-19 about my new ranger fuel mileage. ref # (cas247717587)
ford stated stated that ford ranger was best in class for fuel mileage that's not the case.
I drive all highway cruise set at 65.00 miles per hr. best mileage I'm getting on highway is 19.1 actual computer says 20.1. the reason I chose the ranger was for the advertised 24 to 26 highway. I drive 18, 000 thousand miles per year which 4 less miles per gallon makes a big difference throughout the life of the vehicle
refund the difference the fuel is going to cost the life time of the truck!

john wade -[protected]
Plymouth Indiana 46563
oliver ford sales - purchased

Nov 19, 2019

Ford - ordered a new vehicle and will not be delivered as promised

I ordered a New Ranger (2020) from Robberson Ford in Bend Oregon on 24 Sept. 2019. The sales person's name is Sean Stiff. When I ordered the Truck I was told that it would be delivered to me in the...

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Ford - wiring exposed behind rear view mirror

We have our 2nd F150, on our 2019, the wires behind the rearview mirror are exposed, in no protective casing, these wires are visible from the front windshield. Our son in law is a mechanical engineer for a competitor co., he walked out to see our new vehicle and this is the first thing he noticed. I was always under the impression wiring needs a protective harness, theses are completely exposed and makes the truck look like it was thrown together. I know this is a little detail but it really looks tacky and cheap

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