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As a small business entrepreneur and also a single woman that struggled to sustained myself and kids, i am completely devastated toward ford motor sa (As a big fish in the motor industry) thats causing major distress
/ major loss of income and above all bring my business and company's name down !!! Being the owner of a succesfull driving school for past ten years without no monitory aid from the government or any financial institution, because of my patience, integrity and perseverance, i have no other option as to lay a complaint against porters auto diep river ford sa because of major lack in after sales customer service. In august 2010 i upgraded my fleet of vehicles through porters auto diep river with manager mark breedteveld and salesperson mr. Lee fully aware the purpose of the vehicles and also the knowledge that my cars are my work tools that it must be roadworthy and up and running seven days a week. They assured me of aftercare service, but to my regret and disbelief i had to discover when one of my vehicles was in a accident (Due to a drunken driver) that there was no parts available. With monies that went wasted on phone calls enquiring about the progress in repairing the car, with managers forever in meetings that was gonna get back, i was pushed to and fro with only apologies from their side. After 9 solid weeks of pushing me around, i finally got my car back on the road with no compensation in any way from the major ford company. To me being a minor in the business world, thats a total disgrace because i will never allow any of my clients to suffer the way ford caused and is still causing me to suffer!!! Ive lost 9 weeks of income with an instructor unemployed for the duration of that period of time. To my understanding and knowledge from them, we as their clients are a complete zero after they got hold of your name, banking details and signature!!! A second car six weeks ago had a problem with the drive shafts, i wanted to book the car for repairs, just to be informed that theres once again no parts available and with their advice, i kept the broken car on the road and because of the problem it completely damaged the brakes and i had no other option as take the car off the road whilst waiting again on them to supply the parts. Again from, their side managers in meetings or not available and on my side again more income and many phone call monies that went down the drain with no concern from ford. When parts finally arrived i was told they gonna replace the drive shafts under warranty (For free) with the brakes being repaired at the cost of r3200!!!, with me as a customer all the way on losing end

Now with me trying to cope with horrific ordeal, i unfortunately lost another car yesterday (22 / 05 / 2011) due to a reckless driver, driving a company car (Toyota forklift) outside working hours jumping an intersection bumping my car with learner driver driving into a vehicle at a stop street. Now toyota forklift want me to pay for my cars damage and the 3rd car can anyone help me and bring shame to this ppl


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    sam molumo Jun 04, 2013

    Hi my name is Kamohelo Sam Molumo, I have been with Ford since 2007/11/16 when when I bought My Ford Fiesta 1.4i DKS 355 FS in Human Motor in WelKom.I have been Servicing My Car from Human Motor in Welkom until 15/05/2013.I drove the car from 16/05/2013 until 03/06/2013 from the service until it burst Water pipe & damage my car.My complain based on the follow:I trusted Ford Company, then I bought The car from Ford, service it for from Ford & it is my first car.I thought Ford will service, inspect & advice according to their professional knowledge, but they fail me when the did not change water rubber pipe for 5 & half years until it burst & damage my car.My only car that I am using it to take me to work & for my family matters including my two months daughter.Now I am sitting without a car Ford (Human Motors in the Welkom), assist me with alternative car so that I can go to work & perform my family matter freely.Solve this matter as soon as possible or if you are not willing to solve this matter.If I am not happy with your respond, I am definitely take this matter to court for UN-PROVESIONAL & POOR SERVICE, damage my car & putting my life in danger.Respond to me on this email: [email protected] or conduct me on this number 0839820461/0579095347.

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  • Si
    Sindiswa H maseko Jul 01, 2015

    I Sindiswa Maseko, ID No 7106280708080, have a complaint regarding the car that I bought from Ford Barloworld Bruma on the 13 May 2014. It is a Ford Ranger 2.2 XLS D/Cab. This car gave me a problem since the beginning, the initial problem was the Diff light that was always showing on the dashboard, secondly there was an air conditioner that was not working, also sound that was coming on the dashboard on the side of the passenger. There was a time where the car took 2 weeks at the dealership without any progress. Eventually the issues were resolved and courtesy car was provided after the intervention of a senior manager that I can't remember his name.
    I can't remember the actual time of the incidents, I believe the car dealership will have the trail of incidents in their computer system.
    Today, the 01st July 2015, we took the car after we could the Workshop Manager yesterday and he agree that I can bring the car for the complaint of the lights on the dashboard that becomes blank, while the engine is on and the car will end up loosing its memory in terms of the diesel gage, and it will start jecking as if there no fuel which is very risky on the highway. We couldn't get help at Barloworld Ford Bruma as they said they don't have a courtesy car to provide and on our side we didn't have an alternative car to use while they are busy with this one. They promise to book a courtesy car only on Monday.
    I feel we were not given good service at all and be prioritised as our matter is risky, taking from the history of the car.
    We humbly request your urgent intervention on the matter as I'm stuck with this car for the whole weekend.
    Yours faithfully
    Sindiswa Hazel Maseko
    Contact Details 082 886 9655 or 083 7839674

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  • Mo
    moe1234 Aug 01, 2015

    Mohammed Patel

    Good Day 

    To Whom it may consern.

    OH DEAR where should I start...

    I own a 2015 Ford Ranger 3.2 6 speed full house brand New

    Firstly what ford has advertised on these trucks on the economy is false this vehicle is dn heavy on diesel does not even come close to 10L/100km which I was caught.

    Second of all Ford does not care about their clients they just do as they feel they only think about today and not the future I will never ever buy a Ford again and will not recommend it to any one I will go viral and on all social media if ford does not get back to me.

    I bought my vehicle 4 months ago brand new out the box which has costed me about R470, 000 I have paid R230, 000 cash deposit bal was financed and was not told to me that the prices will be reducing in a few months now when I want to trade I my vehicle for a Ford Kuga I'm getting nothing I understand and willing to lose R50000 but becoz of ford being inconsiderate of their current clients they decide business is not good let's screw the market and drop the price R383000 brand new I'm loosing R102000 on a 2015 vehicle which is 4 months old that's a lot .

    I guess there is plenty of people in the same boat as me and feel the same and like I said I'm going viral with this against Ford and will never ever buy or support ford again and will never recommend ford to any1 I would rather go and buy a Toyota Hilux which cares for their clients and still holds the market.

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  • To
    Tobie Dyssel Oct 07, 2015

    I bought a 3.2 wild track which I thought was the best bakkie on the market on 40 000 km took it in for a service the garage phoned me to come in as there is a problem with the vehicle got there they told me that there is oil in the water bottle I told them that the water and oil were checked every morning before driving and there was no problem that specific morning so where is the oil coming from which they could not tell me the vehicles system was flushed six times but they could not find the problem so I was told to drive slow about a 1000 km later I was stranded next to the road with a blown engine. I was told that there was a problem with the oil cooler and the engine was replaced with a new engine that took three weeks to replace and no courtesy vehicle was available. Another 40 000 km later I stopped at a customer to find out that my vehicle did not want to start. When I opened to bonnet to see if I can see what the problem is I found out that steam is coming out of the engine another engine that blown dew to over heating without any indication the heat gauge showed normal the engine was replace within a week with no courtesy car available. I have no confidence in the engine and feel it is just going to last for another 40 000 km. Contact details Tobie 083 436 6148

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  • Wimpievr Oct 19, 2015

    Cant believe this is the kind of service we have to receive. We are the customers who keeps Ford SA on going. Now we are the ones who have to beg for service and not because it's our faults. I bought a Ranger second hand. A few km's after the warranty the air con control unit fails and did not want to switch on the air con. I asked Ford what a new unit wil cos. Just over R5000-00. Ridiculous!!!. I bought one in SA as I'm from Namibia. Much cheaper. After about 3 months also this one failed. I took my Ranger to SF Ford in Grootfontein. They tested a new unit on my Ranger which work 100%. I told them what happened and they just reply I have to replace it. I asked for a quote. Again over R5000-00. I got a second hand one in SA which came from a ranger in accident which had about 20000km's on. So quite new. another 3 months later and also this one failed. How can it be??? I sent a mail to Ford SA on which a lady, Sibongile Mkhatshwa, CRC Advisor, Tel +27860011022, Replied within a day on8 October 2015 and asked for my vin number which I sent immediately after request . I thought this is where Ford changed my mind about them. In her mail Jolene Smit was copied in. She gave all to Jolene Smit, Parts advisor, Tel 0860367278, to handle it. After I sent everything with to complete explanation again to Jolene and asked for feedback if she got my mail it was quiet. On 9 October 2015 I sent another email to Jolene on which she send me this reply. " Good day Mr Van Rensburg
    Yes I did please give me time to follow up with the dealer, to provide you with feedback
    Jolene Smit| Parts Advisor | Tel: 0860 367278 | Fax: +27 12 842 3334 | Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa | Simon Vermooten Road, Silverton, Pretoria | P.O. Box 411, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
    I waited until 16 October 2015 and sent another email to Jolene and asked if she can give me any feedback regarding my complaint. I never got any answer. I sent another mail today om 19 October 2015 to Sibongile Mkhatshwa and still no answer. Is this really the way customers should be treated? Is it just ok with Ford that I must just keep on buying new units and loosing my money? The day when I had to decide between the Amarok and Ranger I was told by a Ford salesman the Ford after service is the best and the car is the best. Now ford cannot proof it. This is the second experience after my service and manual got lost at SF Ford Grootfontein and I was accused of not had it in the bakkie. Where did they put the service stamp in then if it was not in? The owner of SF Ford told me that he will give me a new one if I will service my bakkie at him again. Really???

    I really hope to get response on this post because no one know where to send complaints to.

    My contact details as follows:
    Cell: +264812054800
    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Mabucy Nov 05, 2018

    @Wimpievr purchased a brand new Ford Fiesta in January this year from Barloworld in Pinetown. Two months into owning the vehicle I experienced problems with the key which I reported to the dealer and bookings were made. Just when I thought that was sorted I had an engine light again I booked the vehicle in and I was told some filters needed to be replaced and were replaced. Again I had the engine light popingup and I booked the car in again. Shorltly after that the auto start button was faulty I was told the filters fitted will sort it out. Approximately two months down the line the cover around the gear box cracked open and again I questioned the reliability of the vehicle and took it into the dealership to have it clipped back on. A week later the fault of the auto start button resurfaces. My fustrations are tricked by the fact that this is a brand new car which became faulty at just 2000km. I have two kids and a very demanding job hence why I purchased a new car but now I find myself booking my vehicle in now and again which is such a huge inconvience for my family . I am not a technical person but something is not right with this car. Even when it switches off accidentically it doesnt switch on immediately one needs to attempt switching it on and off a couple of times before the engine runs. Not only have I lost faith in Ford as a brand but Im uncomfortable with driving a vehicle which is constantly faulty whilst its less than a year old.

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  • Wimpievr Oct 19, 2015


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  • Wimpievr Oct 28, 2015

    What bothers me is that there is complaints all over the web about Ford's customer service and backup. Still nothing changes. After corresponding with Ford regarding a problem with my Ranger air con it was just revert to myself costing and problem wise. Don't even think of assisting me. Must say this is not Ford I know from years back. With my first Ford some years ago I had a issue and Ford supported me right thru the situation even though it was out of warranty. They did it for their name after all these years. Now??!! Now it's one excuse after the other. The new unit was't bought at Ford. I'm complaining about the original air con unit that fails just after 3 years and 120000km. Not about the, anyway original but not bought at Ford, unit which also fails. Further I have to correspond with one lady all the time. She never take my issue a level higher. Well Ford. Seems if I reached the end of my road with Ford motor company. I want to drive a car with proper backup. This is what I currently get from Audi on my Audi. They never left me behind even though my Audi is out of warranty. That's what I call support.
    Hope someone will get it to at least react on the people's complaints.

    Wimpie +264812054800
    [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jay505 Dec 08, 2015

    I bought a brand new late 2013 model Figo from Neslpruit Ford. Because I was hi-jacked before when I drove my Polo, the salesmen said that Ford is a very safe and reliable car with great after sales service etc for a single lady. Not even 1000km done on my brand new vehicle the right rear shock tore out of the body, never had I driven on a dirt road or bad road before with the car!!! Took it to the dealership and they replaced it saying it is a factory fault. Then my horror started!!! One morning when starting the car, the dials went crazy, from showing current kilometres to DTE (Drive Till Empty) and how far I have driven on that tank of fuel, and from a full tank dropped to almost no petrol. I had the car taken to the dealership and they put it on the diagnostics, nothing wrong with the vehicle they said. I then moved to Durban and with the car's second service due, took it to CMH Kempster in 274 Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Durban South. When I received my car back it wasn't even vacuumed inside and was only wiped on the outside. I took a trip down to Nelspruit that very same day I got my car back from the dealer. I opened my hatch and packed my bags and as I closed the hatch, the right rear light popped out!!! Crying my eyes out now because I need to leave and the danger of driving with only one back light was very unnerving as I was travelling alone. I stopped to fill up fuel and to check the water at Mtubathuba and the petrol attendant said she could not open the bonnet. I had an assistant come and check it out, only for the manager of the garage to come and assist. Mam your bonnet clip has been broken and we cant open your bonnet!!! WHAT THE HELL NEXT????? All went fine with my trip and on return phoned the dealer to complain about the light and the bonnet clip. Their reply? How can I be certain it was them? I tried to explain my situation to no avail. I then drove one morning and without any warning the car cut out. Peak time traffic in Durban and people hanging out of their car windows swearing and cursing the life out of me!!! Do they think anybody that has common sense will stop in the middle of the road to have a picnic in peak time traffic. I had to get out of my car and signal people from the side walk to assist me with pushing my car out of the way and had to pay them, after a few minutes I managed to get the car started and it sounded like a Hot-rod, backfiring like madness. I took the car this time to CMH Kempster at 901 Umgeni Rd, Durban, not willing to make the same mistake with CMH Kempster in 274 Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Durban South. They put the car again on diagnostics and said they could find nothing wrong. Dead spark plug they said. I had to pay for the diagnostics and had not received a copy of the diagnostics as asked for. I also complained about the ignition that was completely loose. Also I pointed out that my car has rust spots everywhere. So after a year at the coast my BRAND NEW CAR IS RUSTING ALREADY!!! They replaced the ignition. I got to work and showed my Director and co-workers that are all men that the cover was loose and very strangely enough they asked me if they replaced my keys also? I said no, they did ask for my keys but then said it wasn't necessary anymore as they could replace it without having to give me new keys, on closer inspection we saw that it was the old one, because you can see the scratches. So they lied and conned a woman out of money... well done!!! My director spoke to the dealer and he assured him it was a newly fitted ignition. By now I am so sick and tired of Ford, I just left it, thinking my problems were actually coming to an end. The rust issue they said they cannot be liable for and I need to seek assistance from higher authorities!!! (Higher authorities doesn't even answer the emails you send them). My fairy tale was short lived as this past weekend I ended up being stranded next to the road again, luckily only a few meters from my house!!! Pouring down with rain I had to get out and try and manoeuvre my car out of the road. I phoned the AA and they send out a technician to assist me. The technician couldn't get my car fixed so they had to get a tow truck. I had my car towed this time to CMH Kempster at 901 Umgeni Rd, Durban again. After a whole day of telephone calls to the dealer I am told that they can only know the outcome today 08/12/2015. I got a phone call from Vishal stating that my plug wires and coil needs replacement. They can replace it for me for R3600 and then I will have the guarantee that I will have no problems for the next 20000km!!! (after 20000km I will have a rusted, depleted car I am sure that's why they not bothering) I am refusing to pay and will not pay for it as the car went in originally for that problem since day one all the diagnostics tests and stuff couldn't pick it up? I bought a new car to have the peace of mind of reliability because of the high crime statistics of South Africa. Ford SA I give you a few days to sort this out as I will post this message on every single media platform that is available to myself here in South Africa and abroad... My contact number is 0611991672. email: [email protected]

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  • Fa
    Fameeda Ali Dec 19, 2015

    Good morning
    I am Fameeda Ali, the owner of a 2006 ford focus sedan.
    I am trying to obtain the radio code of my ford rds eon cd player but am really disturbed that Ford wants to charge me for this service.
    The reason being is security reason and theft.
    Ask me to present proof of identification and the log book and one would know that i am the owner of the vehicle. why the need to charge me for this service?

    Please contact me on 071 377 5085 and or [email protected]

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  • Pi
    Pierre Malan Jan 22, 2016

    My wife's Kuga 1.6 Eco boost has been bought at Ford Kempton Park. After a month or two an engine light appeared on the dashboard. The car was taken back to check. Ford just reset the error light. A week or two later the light appeared again. It was taken back again. Ford advised that they can't fix the error now as it is a software fault relating to the model car and that they have to wait for an update of some kind. We said fine, they can have it ready when the car will come in for a service, which was just a couple of weeks away. The car went in for a service, we received it back with no error light at first, but the stop start function wasn't working properly and then soon after the light returned. We book it in again. My wife the received a Ford Figo as an alternate car, which is not at all at the same level of her car, as this is not our fault, we don't expect a courtesy car, but something similar. We reluctantly accept this car as my wife has to work. She is a Medical Rep. She has a fuel card, for her car only. We received the alternate car with only half a tank of petrol. After we left the car at Ford for 5 days, they only started working on it on the third day, this is also when we received the alternate car. The dealer principle refused to add more fuel to the alternate car, as he stated, if she is in an accident as receives a hire car, she will also be required to fill the tank herself. As this is not an accident, and the cause of this inconvenience if Ford Kempton Park, I don't care for this statement from a Dealer Principle. We have been patient with Ford Kempton Park for almost a year now, and this is the service we are receiving in this matter. We need someone to assist us with getting this issue sorted and we don't need, snotty comments from a Dealer Principle from all people.

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  • Ra
    Ralph van der Merwe May 04, 2016

    I MR. R.P. VAN DER MERWE, bought a FORD RANGER 3.2 Double cab, (2013) from FURY FORD in Midrand JHB. After the 1st week I had the van I discovered a backlash on the driving train of the vehicle. I then spoke to the salesman who then referred me to bring the van in to the workshop.I tok the bakkie in to the workshop, when I collected the bakkie from the workshop and I was told by the workshop manager, there is nothing wrong with the van, this is nomal. I moved down to Cape Town a few months later and the problem was still there. On the 45000 service I took the van to N1 CITY FORD in Goodwood ( Caoe Town) . I explained to the lady at the service counter my problem, who then called the workshop manager. we then took the van for a test drive to see if he could pick up any strange sound or fault on the van. As we drove off I pointed out the problem, he (the workshop manager ) agreed and said the will put the van on the lift to see whatever problem they can find and they will then attend to it. Later the afternoon I received a call to come and to collect my van from the workshop, everything is now sorted out. I went to collect the van, only to find out nothing was done to the van. took the van back and they told me there is nothing wrong with the van.
    My son then referred me to the R. M. I. who aksed me to take the van to FORD in PAARDEN EILAND. . On 60000 Kms I took the van to FORD in to Paarden Eiland FORD workshop for a service and also see the workshop manager and explained to him the problem with the van. LATER in the afternoon I received a call l to collect the vehicle from the workshop. The workshop manager told me that there is a problem with the van, but there is nothing he can do untill he speaks to the REGIONAL ENGINEER of FORD S.A... At that time I thought there was some light at the end of the tunnel, going through this continious unresolved issue. Three days later I rceived a call from the R. M. I. that the regional engineer of FORD S. A. says that the workshop manager of Paarden Eiland FORD says there is nothing wrong with the van. My son called the workshop manager on my behalf and asked him why he was lying about the problem we are having with the van. he said that was not what he said. I went to Paarden Eiland to go and see him, I was told that he was on leave at the time. in between times I have sent emails to FORD CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE, complaining about the van, I was told BY MR. MKHATSHWA SIBONGILE that JOLENE SMITH will contact me, (Ford case ref. no.600043713 ) .. they asked for the vin no., current kilos at the time and the registration no., which I have provided to them, they responded to my email, by saying that the workshop manager in Paarden Eiland, and the Regional Engeneer found no problem with the van.The gentleman at the R, M, I, referrde me to take my van to two number independant specialised workshops for a second and third opinion about my problem. Both the two companies found the same problem, and gave me a hard copy of their findings of the problem on my van. I then took both these copies of the two findings to the R, M, I, . Now my van has 75000 KMS. on the clock. I was asked by the R. M. I. to take the van to Diep River FORD, the van was taken for a test drive, by MARK BREDEVELDT the workshop manager, and some other gentleman. the van was kept at Diep River FORD from the Friday till the Thursday, wihout, even giving me a replacement vehicle, this is the poor service FORD is giving it's clients. ( VERY POOR SERVICE ) They then decided to replace the propshaft.After more than 18 months they decided to do something., I had to travel to work by train, and the 2nd last day I used my wife's car, putting her into a difficult position. FORD feels nothing for their clients. what a shame on a multi billion Rand Auto Mobile Manufacturer.( SHAME ON YOU FORD CUSTOMER CARE.) You may as well close that department. Anyway the propshaft is now replaced. But there is still a problem with the backlash, The van is now going in to Diep River FORD, on Monday 9th of MAY 2016. I hope I'm gonna get a courtesy vehicle this time from these guys. I believe they are now going to replace the gearbox. hoping that this problem will now be resolved for ever.
    This was a terrible experience . after sending email after email to the customer care centre, without any response. I was forever driving with fear, .
    this is my worst experience with all the vehicles I ever bought.
    IF you work on the van now again and it is not sorted by then, then I WOULD LIKE FORD TO REPLACE TIS VEHICLE. I had enough of this now, it is time that FORD stand up to it's NAME now. ( HENRY FORD S TURNING IN HIS GRAVE TO SEE HOW HIS NAME IS DRAGGED THROUGH THE MUD)) What a shame on you FORD CUSTOMER CARE.
    I would like FORD to respond to my mail.

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  • Kn
    Knak Sep 06, 2016

    I, Mr RF Lidderd, bought a 2014 Ford Focus from Daly Ford in Klerksdorp recently. Right from the start there was problems with the cars one headlight which they fixed after the car has been taken back 3 times. There was also a problem with the USB port which was fixed after they replaced the cable between the radio and the port. Now the USB is playing but every time the car is switched off and on again, the USB has to be programmed from the start. It does not keep the memory of where it stopped. The people at Daly says that is how it is supposed to be but I dont think that is correct. The internal light of the car is also faulty as it does not come on every time the car is unlocked and and the door is opened. In my opinion that is also not right. I think there might be something wrong with the electronics on the car.

    Is it possible that someone with knowledge about this can please inform me if this is indeed correct or not.

    Kind regards
    Mr RF Lidderd.

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  • Re
    refilwe digwamaje Sep 09, 2016

    Mr Fields my name is Refilwe a proud owner of a ford kuga, and very unhappy with the service i got from one of your dealerships in south Africa, that is action ford in rooderpoort.I was treated very bad to an extend that i became late for my work. I booked in my car for service, i arrived there at 07:40am in the morning, i waited for over an hour, waited for one of the driver to drop me off at work, the driver finally came after 08:00 and took all other people who were waiting there, and all came after me. When i asked that driver why he answered the manager said he shouldn't take us to Soweto, i then asked the receptionist about the other driver she said the driver is coming soon.i left the dealership around 09:15 and already missed my 09:00 appointment with a candidate i had to interview.this whole really compromised my reputation at work as i lead people who look up 5o me and i looked very unprofessional because of the discrimination behaviour conducted with instruction given by a dealership manager.

    I want something done about that manager as he didn't display any leadership qualities. How do you instruct your subordinates to practice discrimination at this day in age?does my installment don't pay the staffs salary, why am i treated like a nobody?

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  • Kr
    Krees Oct 29, 2016

    I ordered a new Ford Focus ST3 over a month ago, and I easily met all the T&Cs for the purchase via the Blue Sky Offer. The dealership I dealt with was Fury Ford Fourways. The Sales person first told me that they will be able to get a car from Cape Town which will cost >R5000; I was prepared to pay this. He then said he is fighting a good fight to get a car, which to me was that the colors I wanted will not be regarded by him or his New Car Sales Manager. He then said that he is struggling to get any color car. To me he didn't have any intention to get a car for me in way or form. I understand that the offer is while stocks last, but I know there are cars out their and that the dealership could have easily sourced it. At all times I had to act as the sales person and call, instead of him calling me to give me an update - really pathetic sales service from Andre Esterhuizen at the dealership. Also, I got the feeling that people thought I could not afford the car when I could easily do so. Maybe if I was a different "type" of individual, I would have received responses quickly and be better treated too. They actually wasted a month of my time, and I could have gone to another dealership.

    I also went to Baloworld Ford Bruma before going to Fury Ford Fourways and there they had the Blue Sky Offer advised via posters in their show room. They instead wanted to charge me R472'000 instead of the blue sky offer price of R399'900. This was the worst experience, and the person I was going to deal with was talking to me and even sent condescending emails, as I was incorrect. It's difficult to educate sales people who act as thieves and not make the proper offers as advertised by Ford South Africa. Ford South Africa (Ford Motor Company South Africa) has still not responded to my complaint, and this is truly the worst experience of my life as a consumer/buyer. I really love the Ford brand but I rather buy a VW/BMW/Mercedes because they seem to give most people a better service; no wonder why the earnings of Ford is dropping.

    I feel ashamed to continue to support the brand by driving my Ford vehicle.

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  • Cr
    cracra Jan 08, 2017

    I am very concerned with a service I received last from Action Ford Roodepoort, I had asked for a basic service and to replace a brake light that I had asked to be replaced at the last service, and was not done, They then phoned me and said all brake lights needed to be replaced for R600. I refused to pay as 2 were working when I took the car in and asked them to replace the bulbs again which they did not. I also noted that they stated they REPLACED REAR AXLE AND HOSE POWER STEERING PUMP AND FLUID, 'as part of the RECALL OF FORD FIGOS IN 2012... Two months later, after this basic service, the car developed a serious situation of STEERING GOING HAYWIRE (I do school transport for a company) Fortunately it was school holidays so the children were not placed at risk. I took it back to Ford and stated there was a leak, that had caused the power steering to be faulty, and that the brake lights were a problem. The Manager agreed that they would check and replace any parts for no charge. I waited in reception and then was presented with a bill from another staff member for R1300.00 for ' - wait for it - detecting where leak was and replacing hose for power steering' I proceeded to have a meltdown saying it was something that was supposedly 'done under the recall, ' and I was NOT paying. Later at home, I found an invoice from August 2012, from Paul Maher Auto, who had checked the car for the manufacturing faults then and they had clearly stated - no problem with rear axle or power steering!!!. I never experienced any problems before the basic service either. So according to Paul Maher - 4 years ago - they concluded no manufacturing fault... and then ACTION FORD ROODEPOORT stated they replaced these parts.!!! I am very suspicious of dealing with FORD and also wonder what else they could have done to my car which might materialise again. I will never take my car to them again for a service.

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  • Co
    Connie Koekemoer Feb 16, 2017

    CZ71HFGP - (Ford Eco Sport-1.5TDI-Diesel) 15/02/2017 vir sy 135000km diens - voor ek ry brand die masjien liggie nog- tegnikus oop maak was daar twee plugs nie weer gekoppel nie. Vanmiddag waar die kar gestaan het is dit net olie- Bel Kempster Ford wil weers more 16/02/2016 iemand uitstuur ek weier se dadelik het die voertuig kom haal. Ons het eie besigheid en dits die besigheid voertuig- dan weer nie werk. Laas jaar n geluid by ratkas gehoor hul gebel afspr ingevat die Maandag 14/10/2016 ingevat, hul ons die skuld gegee en gese ons moes gehoor het was al lankal stukkend geluid gehoor dadelik gebel -ratkas uitgeweir, hul het laat weet het vervang maar die gear box het ook gegaan. Was week sonder n kar maar Ford het nie n leen kar vir ons gehad nie. (R10148.92). Hul het die gearbox vervang ons het net labour betaal na n groot baklei. Ford diens uitters swak

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  • Jo
    Johann Kruger Jul 03, 2017

    Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI, 43500 km on clock.
    I love this car car so much as it gives a very good ride...BUT what a severe let down as the engine smokes severely on cold start ups with rough idling for about 20 seconds. Been in and out of service station twicw for this with no possitive results. Was reported to Ford South Africa.
    They claim they are aware of the problem with several 1.5 diesels but their engineers are working on the problem.
    They requested a "few" days to sort out the problem but a month has now lapsed without any further action from Ford.
    It is a total embarrasment to have a brand new ecosport still under warranty and service plan that smokes on start ups like this in public.
    The more i am "bullied" by ford to drive the car in this condition, the more a start to dislike it and want to get rid of it and make it someone elses problem as ford really does not seem to care about their product name or after sales service. If the Ecosport starts with engine problems at 43500 kms that Ford cant repair, how are they going to repair faults at a later stage and if it is out of warranty.
    Prospect buyers...please be carefull prior to making your purchase selection for the Ecosport 1.5 diesel.

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  • Th
    Thulane Feb 06, 2018

    What we call Apartheid is still alive at ford in Secunda I was so disappointed I wont ever go there again. Mickey van Schaik service advise on Friday 02/02/2018 didn't want help me because im black she told me straight I must go wait outside as she's busy but after that talk white guy came was help on the car was not booked for service then I ask for another date which was Tuesday which is today 06/02/2018 she book me then in the morning she told me again I didn't book I was so [censor] angry told her I wont leave until my car is taken for service. Also waited for transport from Ford to work I wait for an "Hour" no interest of render me GOOD SERVICe. she Lied to me is waiting for driver while there is no Driver they don't have on top of that they took white lady first who came after me.

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  • Cl
    clint sehannie Feb 23, 2018

    My wife and I purchased a brand new Everest 2.2XLT Auto in November 2017, recently I have been reading threads about the spare tyre not been the same as the 4 tyres around the car, so I checked findings were as follows, the tyre under the car is a A/T tyre for off road on a 4X2 car, I then contacted my sales person Neill Randall from Action Ford Roodepoort and he has asked me to bring the car in I did a guy by the name of Chris Strydom looked at the car and said he will contact warranties to sort it out . Today I contact him and have been told the car arrived with all the same tyres and he needs to investigate the problem so I contacted the dealer principal Gerhard so he calls me back and these are his findings the A/T tyre is a smaller tyre like a marie biscuit tyre which comes with most cars and that the tyre original will not fit under the car as it is too big [censor] I say honestly . So one person tells me the car came with 5 of the same tyres and the principal tells no it is like that so we can all [censor] everybody to slay the consumer well done Action Ford Roodepoort

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  • Ch
    Chris genis May 11, 2018

    Ons het n 2016 icon gekoop n jaar trug en het nou maar eers 19000 op die klok en die deur op die drywers kant hang en het n geraas as hy ry op drywers kant wiel vat die kar in na ford en na n dag bel hulle my en se die deur wat hang is volgens speck en dat hulle nie die geraas kan kry nie en dat ek die kar iewers anders moet vat nou ek dink dis swak diens dit was en sal my eerste en laaste ford ooit wees.wat staan my te doen?0844463794

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  • Al
    Alpheus Phoko Sep 06, 2018

    Good Day

    I bought a used NP200 Nissan Bakkie on the 18 August 2018 at CMH Ford Heartfelt and they released the car without a Jack, latest disk and service book.On the 3rd of September 2018 Ford send the driver to my work place to deliver the outstanding equipment and document. To my suprice the driver brought Disk and the jack.

    The sales person called me on the 06th Sept 2018 to say they the previous owner was servicing the car privately and the service book is not Stamped.And they have realised this after inquiring with the previous Owner .

    Then I told them that they need to revise the price of the car because the service history of the car plays a role on pricing the used vehicle and Ford priced the car with an impression that it has a full service history which was found later that it was not true.They told me that management is willing to pay for service when the car goes for 75000KM(Next service).I requested them to revise the price of the car and they are refusing.

    All i need is for the dealership to acknowledge that they make a mistake and revise the cost price and refund me accordingly.0632578564, [email protected]

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  • Ka
    Kapanya Sep 18, 2018


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  • An
    anton de waal Sep 21, 2018

    Shocking service from imperial ford diepriver

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  • Nt
    NTK Oct 07, 2018


    i an completely disgusted at the service i got from Ford Germistom. I took my car in for a service and a valet. The engine light was on when it went in.The car spent 2 days at the dealership and when I picked it the engine light was still on and the valet wasn't done properly. I phoned the service adviser and he said we will arrange for the car to be fixed. Its over a week now each time I call him he cannot take my calls and call me back I asked his manager to give me a call no response. The dealership has no customer service and no respect for their customers.

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  • An
    Anelda01 Oct 31, 2018

    I have bought my Ford Fiesta 1.4 Trend in 2014 brand new, I take my car for service every year. This year it was the last annual service for I don't put a lot of km on the car. When I booked my car on the 29 October 2018, I was told that my service plan has expired on the 7th of October 2018. I only have 28 700 km on the car.

    I could not service the car, for the quotation was about R 5000.00. If I knew that my service plan had an expire date I would have made sure that the car went for its service before the 7th. I was not even notified by SMS or Call. This was very disappointing for I took the car the same month as the expiry month, not knowing it has a specific day.

    Being a loyal customer who pays my installment every month for 4 years now, that includes a service plan, I am very disappointed in Ford. This will make me reconsider my second car to be a Ford vehicle.



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  • Si
    Sindy Supra1981 Dec 18, 2018

    Good afternoon,

    We have recently bought a Mazda BT-50 from Daly Ford Klerksdorp.
    What a disgrace!

    Notwithstanding the fact that they haven't conducted a 160 point check - the attitude of the "so called" Manager Heinrich Bossert is ignominy, to say the least.

    We literately bought the second hand vehicle during October 2018, received it on the 24th of October 2018.
    On the 6th of November 2018 we took the bakkie in to Ford Daly Klerksdorp with a gearbox problem, the workshop guy Ferdie advised us that it is probably a software upgrade.
    They have tested the vehicle and told us that everything were in order. After driving not even 10km, the bakkie's noise were even worst.

    Since the 6th of November 2018, our bakkie is standing at Ford Daly Klerksdorp and after threatening to cancel the entire contract, they've eventually agreed that they will sent the vehicle to Mayfair Gearboxes in Selby.

    Ford Daly Klerksdorp advised us that the bakkie will be transported to Mayfair Gearboxes by means of a flat/lowbed.
    After monitoring the tracking device the bakkie were driven to Selby (with a gearbox problem) traveling 171km p/hour.

    I've tried contacting Dirk Olivier the Branch Manager, to no avail.
    Heinrick Bossert promised us to contact us, with no feedback from him till date hereof.

    I am really dispirited and do not know where to go from here.

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  • Go
    good golly Jan 02, 2019

    Ford Silver lake does not have the decency to respond to customers calls or emails
    purchased a ford firsta 1.4 2017 model, at the time the mileage was at 31000 took the car in for service at 37866 and told the disc are gone how does this happen unless the car was sold with damaged /gone disc...i don't believe Ford Silverlakes doing the checks as they state they are, I am very disappointed and will not recommend Ford Silverlakes to anyone. The Sales and after sales managers to superior to return calls including the HR manager.

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  • Go
    good golly Jan 02, 2019

    Ford Silver lake does not have the decency to respond to customers calls or emails
    purchased a ford firsta 1.4 2017 model, at the time the mileage was at 31000 took the car in for service at 37866 and told the disc are gone how does this happen unless the car was sold with damaged /gone disc...i don't believe Ford Silverlakes doing the checks as they state they are, I am very disappointed and will not recommend Ford Silverlakes to anyone. The Sales and after sales managers to superior to return calls including the HR manager...Staff at Ford need to learn how to be customer centric...

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  • Ma
    Matshego Jan 14, 2019

    Good day. On the 10th January we took our car White Ford Ranger for service in Ford Action Krugersdorp. We were called to come fetch the car around 15H35. We arrived around 16H00 we were assisted and payment was done. We waited for the car to collected and handed to us. We waited for almost 2 hours for the car. My husband went to check why was it taking so long, to our surprise the car keys where no where to be found and no one bothered to inform us while we were waiting. We only knew when my husband went to enquire why was it taking so long. People were running around looking for the key. It was found after a long search. No one came to apologise. We feel that the manager did not display leadership qualities. And the black stopper on the passenger side is missing (cigarette lighter hole) I called and inform the sales person and he said I must call on Wednesday. Contact: [email protected]

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  • Pa
    Pathetic customer services Jun 26, 2019

    It is with absolute disappointment and utter disgust that i type out this complaint regarding the service I received at CMH Kempster Ford Mt Edgecombe Service Department for the SECOND time in three weeks. I drive a company Fleet vehicle which needed diagnostics to be run on the car as I suspected that there was an issue with my rear wheel bearings.

    Being a Consultant, my job entails me being on the road. Not having a car means that I cannot do what I need to. I requested to be fetched from my office at 4:00pm.

    I waited the entire day for a call from the Service Advisor to let me know what the progress of the vehicle was and no one had the courtesy to call or provide me with any feedback at all. At 3:15pm, I called the dealership and was put on hold and then the line dropped. I called back again and once more was put on hold and again the call was cut. I called a further THREE times before I finally got a hold of the Service Department. I left a detailed message for my Service Advisor to get in touch with me. I waited a further 30 mins and still no call.

    I called back for the SIXTH time using my own cellphone, was placed on hold for nearly TEN minutes before my call was answered. I was then told that my car might not be ready for collection. Then I was told that I cannot be fetched as the driver was still in Tongaat. At this point I was furious and highly frustrated. I demanded that my Service Advisor takes my call to explain what was going on.

    I was then given excuses for why I was not given any feedback the entire day and then to top it all off, my car was not repaired due to the fact that they had no parts. I was not informed of this in the day. Furthermore, I asked that my wipers are changed and if a service could be squeezed in, that would be appreciated. None of requests were fulfilled and I was only advised of this at 4:00pm.

    After much convincing and “threats” to contact the DP, I was fetched from my office, only to get to the Service Department where I was told that nothing was done on my car because they were awaiting authorization from Wesbank. This is impossible as Wesbank does approvals almost immediately.

    After waiting for a further 25 mins, my Service Advisor finally attended to me. Excuses upon excuses for the shoddy service I received. I was the second last customer to receive my car which was still dirty. The car had not been washed properly, my windscreen was smudgy and greasy to the point that I had to stop at the garage to have it cleaned. Don’t know why. By the time I left the dealership, it was just before 6:00pm. After a long day at the office this was not the ideal situation. To add fuel to the fire, I stopped at the gate to check if my service book was in my cubby and it wasn’t so I had to drive back into the parking lot and get off my car, go to the Service Advisor and get my Service Book which she couldn’t find at first.

    I am totally and utterly disappointed with the manner in which I, as the customer was dealt with. I will definitely be informing my Manager and the Fleet Manager of this pathetic service that I received.

    My vehicle has gone back to the dealership today (26/06/19) as the wheel bearing parts arrived. Once again, i had to call the dealership for a progress update. Once again, i was placed on hold and then the call was dropped. I called back a further three times before i asked to speak with the DP or the Service Manager. Both of which did not answer their phones. Eventually i asked to speak with customer services. Only after i spoke with that department and complained did my service advisor call me back.

    Just to highlight the atrocious service or lack thereof from this dealership, i sent an email to the DP on the 13/06/19 detailing my experience and to date (26/06/19) have not received any feedback or acknowledgement of my complaint.

    This is absolute pathetic service!!!

    Needless to say that i will never be doing business with the dealership again.

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