Food Lionhigh prices and discontinued items

I am so disgusted with Food Lion that I will not be shopping there anymore!! I have been a loyal customer for many, many years! I shop at the Food Lions located in Danville, VA. It seems to me that since you have remodeled the stores with the cold produce rooms that all of your prices have increased dramatically and you have discontinued items that I would purchase all the time. I have always thought that the Food Lion Brand items were very good and reasonably priced. For example, I would always purchase the Food Lion Brand Ice Tea Packets...they have gone from $1 a pack to $1.79! There are so many Food Lion Brands that you no longer carry...Peppered Turkey and Today I discover that you aren't carrying the Food Lion Brand Soups...nothing but the expensive Campbells Can Soups. I was also buying the Chandler's BBQ and now you only carry the Cackleberry flavor which is awful. I asked someone in the meat department about that and was told that they have no control over ordering for their store...that Corporate does all the ordering. It seems to me that you would order items that sell in different stores. I know that everybody is not the same and have different preferences, so why would you think that what sells in one store will sell in another. I believe that management is harming the business rather than helping. I will now be doing my main grocery shopping at WalMart. There is so much difference in the prices there and in Food Lion now. Food Lion used to be competitive with WalMart, but no longer. It's now worth me going a few miles further to grocery shop at WalMart than Food Lion. If some changes aren't made, I am sure more and more people will be doing this!

Oct 01, 2019

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