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approximately a week ago i was verbally harassed as i was checking out by a food lion employee. not only did she threaten me and my child and my dog but she also caused embarassment to me. she decided to tell me that II needed to go straight home after leaving the store because my dog was hot and in the car. if this little girl had known anything she would have known that my child, who is 15 years old, was sitting in the car with adele, my dog, and had ran inside the food lion as i was checking out to ask me if it was okay to walk to the dollar store located next door to the food lion to look for gravel for his new fish tank I had just bought him. He literally had just left my dog for less then two miniutes. If she had even asked me instead of speaking unsolicitated of why my dog was barking she would have known that adele was abused as a puppy and is a rescue. And because of the trama adele was put through as a puppy she has a severe attachment issues. If I leave her for even one minute and she cant see me she pretty much has an anxiety attack. Now, regardless of everything I just said, one needs to know the details of this day. It was very cool outside being it was still august. It was a cool 71 degrees that day and I know this for a fact because before leaving the house i checked the temperature, like I always do, to make sure it wasnt too hot for Adele to sit in the car for a few minutes. I also only went to Food Lion to get one thing, coconut oil. Now, truthfully upon arriving I did end up getting three things. Three things that were all located in one aisle. I purchased coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut flour. I firmly believe in eating healthy and providing healthy snacks and meals for my family. Now that you understand the context of the situation you can understand why, when checking out after walking around for five minutes, I was very aggitated by Brianna's interrogation. Not at any point was my dog, child, or surrounding people in danger in any way. Adele had a full bowl of water, with crushed ice in it if I might add that I get from Royal Farms everyday just for Adele and every window was completely open. I was also extremely agitated from the interrogation from Brianna because, much to her surprise, I know her outside of Food Lion. She doesn't know me but I know her and I also know her lifestyle that she has created for herself. This lifestyle I'm speaking of consists of having multiple dogs, cats, and rabbits all of which are neglected and abused. The dogs have broken limbs from falling down steps in her yard, none of which have been tended to. None of them have the appropriate permits or necessary shots that by law are needed. Her rabbits have something called 'sore hocks' which are cuts on the feet of rabbit from wire cages and neglect. Their feet become infected and inflamed and is very very painful for the animal and highly preventable. So, when some millennial tries reprimanding me for my actions although her whole exsistance is know, that can really get to someone. Especially when I know in my heart that I was doing nothing wrong and this employee wasn't educated in the least bit on the truth of the matter. Then this girl said she was going to report me. I said a few choice words, grabbed my bag and started walking out. I turned around at the door and asked her what her name was so I could report her. She would not answer me so I asked her again. Again she did not answer so I grabbed her name tag so I could read it. When I did that and I tried shifting the name tag towards myself she backed up on purpose undoing the safety pin. She knew exactly what she was doing. I gave her back her name tag and continued to leave. Much to my surprise Food Lion is backing her side. Honestly...are you serious. I didn't ask for this. I didn't want this. As far as I'm concerned I was harassed and reacted to a situation that could have been prevented if Brianna had either minded her own business or maybe taken me aside with a manager and discussed her concerns with me. She had NO RIGHT to accuse me of abusing my puppy and she damn sure had no right to embarrass my family and I at the register in front of all those people checking out. I am so embarrassed about what she did to me. And on top of everything she pressed charges on me for "offensive touching" because of me trying to look at her name tag. Not only has she caused embarrassment for my family and I but she definitely caused major embarrassment for Food Lion. And do you know how I know this? Well the next day a fellow employee at Food Lion was speaking to my neighbor who had gone to the store to grab a few things. While they were talking the employee did not realize this lady was my neighbor. The employee proceeds to explain how wrong Brianna had been to say those threatening things to a customer and how Brianna had no right to talk to a customer in that manner and create such a situation in front of the whole store. Since this has happened the police have come to my house and in front of my children, told me I had to "turn myself in" because I had a warrant for my arrest. Now I know that places like Walmart, Superfresh, Acme, and Harris Teeter have policies in place where they avoid public humiliation and negativity gravitating the label of their name. This seems to me like a highly negative situation. If something is not resolved by the higher ups at Food Lion I am going to the news media, social media, and the local radio stations to tell everyone about the embarrassment I endured in your establishment and the embarrassment I endured later on at my own home in front of my children when police officers came to me telling me I had to turn myself in because I had a damn warrant for my arrest because of something I didn't ask for, want, or need to happen. Life is hard enough. Raising teenagers, working constantly, and trying to keep a positive outlook on life are my main endeavors. Since this incident, however, I've been made to feel like a criminal for only defending my family and my lifestyle against someone who had no right even speaking to me. The only things Brianna should have said to me are, "do you have a Food Lion card, " and "form of payment?". I should have never endured the pain I've had to endure because of Brianna. So, as I said before, some sort of action needs to take place on behalf of Food Lion to eliminate the problem. Its like an infectious disease and its only going to get worse as time goes by. Thank you sincerely for your time. I hope you can see why this is so important to me.

Lacy Ann Ford


  •   Sep 08, 2019

    You grabbed her name tag and touched her. You had no right to touch her or her name tag. Take your receipt to the service area and ask her name. 71 degrees out and you left an abused dog alone with anxiety issues. The windows open means she can jump out or be taken. The personal life of the clerk isn’t important as it’s hearsay and probably made up.

    Your child should be taught not to leave an anxiety-ridden dog alone in a car. Fifteen years old yet he does not have the brains to bring along the dog b

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      Nov 15, 2019

    first of all im the 15yo son and our dog is not abused in any way, she and her brother are the mos spoiled pups i know, they get everything they want and plenty of love, they get 3-4 meals a day of top quality food, they get taken on walks at least 3 times a day and get to run around in the woods... she is extreamly attached to me and my mom, ...
    we left her in the car bc it was about 62 degrees out not 70... and the windows were only down enough for her to put her head out. she had a bowl of water in the seat and a soft blanket to lay on, she was only whining and warbling bc she wanted to come out and go in the store with us, considering she goes in every store she is allowed to. the cashier has no business asking us abut our personal life. she needs to keep her mind on the cash register and giving us our receipt. she turned away so my mom couldnt see her name tag, the name tag is there for a reason its completely unprofessional for her to turn away. i dont know the policy but some places you arent allowed to hide youre name tag. she assaulted my mom verbally and personally. my mom did not touch the cashier at all, she strictly touched the name tag.

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