Food Lionmost

T Aug 03, 2018

Every since the victory blvd location started remodeling the products have been all bad and outdated. I purchased a brand new ketchup and a fly was in the ketchup still sealed up didn't even make it off the register yet. Of course with won't be buying anything else from there. I'm in there already 5 times a week. And majority of my food tears my family stomach up after eating or opening things for the first time and [censored] is old. But the dates on them are good. SMH from produce, meats looking and smelling old. Ate chicken salad yesterday Evey Nady stomach turned in my home, toilet trips all for two days. I see a really big lawsuit on foodlions necks if they don't get fresh food or up to date products because they buying either outdated stuff trying to make coins or trying to kill us all off with these old foods but the store brand new on the inside. SMH lost my business period and I am a regular customer. Too bad becauss the staff are awesome.

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