Food Lion 38th Ave Myrtle Beach SCattitude of new personnel

P Sep 10, 2018

I was in the new Food Lion that took over from Bill. I live across from this store so I have shopped there for years. First I went in there for three older ladies. As I was checking out my ordersi asked the lady to get me cigarettes the lady came back and I was ringing them though. The lady at self help asked if I had paid for something forgetting I had paid I rang them on. My bill! I have never in my life been spoken to in a manner as that. Was uncalled for! As I was exiting the store I asked her if she wanted to frisk me! 2) I went in a told thegirl in deli to get me 1/2 pound of meat sliced. I went to get fruits when I got back she had a whole pound. Well she split it and threw it on weigh machine complaining to others I had ordered full pound, I am older so I never get myself full. These employees were not friendly nor were they helpfulI cried through the store, never in my whole life have I been treated so badly. The girl in deli was a thin black girl! I will not shop there again.

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