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Florida Power & Light [FPL] complaints 779

9:53 am EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] florida power light

my bills get higher and higher. i live alone. My settings are the sam. i expect a little higher bills in the summer. not $ 20,00 higher bill.

there is no customer service, social media calls you back transfers you to energy consultant , than you sit endless on hold. i have spent three days on hold!. Aug [protected] multiple times.

They afford a call back number. why can't the dept, call directly.

F P L just cares about making money not customers.

F P L does npt want you to speak to a rep, just get caught in an automated maze.

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5:43 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Billing Dispute

Having a perfect pay record for 12+ years means absolutely nothing. I was charged a "return fee" (even though payment wasn't even late!) for an accounting error on their end because of their app or representatives (never did figure out what happened), and the service reps were awful. After going through 20 minutes of frustrating robot prompts telling me that speaking to a service rep was not an option, and then waiting on hold for over an hour, I was finally transferred to 4 different people and then ultimately given the choice to have the fee refunded and be locked out of autopay for a year or pay the fee and be allowed to continue with autopay - absolutely infuriating. I wish I had another option for a power company so I'm actively searching for another provider and looking into solar. Dealing with them was a complete nightmare. I am furious and beyond disappointed in the most atrocious customer service I've ever experienced.

Desired outcome: I just wanted the fee removed and to be able to re-enroll in autopay. Seems like well over a decade without a single late payment should be evidential support enough to make an exception.

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9:26 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Electricity company

FPL has been Charging me too much for electrify since 2020. now it August 16 2022. I was suffering since because I thought maybe it was because prices get higher, but it was not so. It was too much I started complaining. they ended up sending this man who did not want to do no work. he sat in my leaving instead of finding out what is going on at the meter. I kept suggesting to him to test the only 2 major equipment in my house water heather and my central air conditioner. The truth be told this man was very lazy. He could not figure out what was going on. he turned off the AC unit and claimed the meter was still running then he turned off the water heater the meter was still running too fast. He claimed he did not understand what was happening. He decided to write a report then tell me call someone to lower the water heather. It has been a month and 15 days since I totally turn of the water meter and the hot water line, but PFL sent me a bill hiring then the one before. I am tired and frustrated because I have no other company to get electricity from. I requested for them to get me another meter, but they refused. this lady name Allison was very rude would not even let me speak.

Desired outcome: I need FPL to fix his defective meter find out what is going on. let me pay my bill without jacking me up.

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Update by Forence Charles
Aug 16, 2022 9:37 pm EDT

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Aug 9, 2022

Bill Statement $505.78

Jul 9, 2022

Bill Statement $474.20

Jun 8, 2022

Bill Statement $430.82

May 9, 2022

Bill Statement $401.02

Apr 8, 2022

Bill Statement $366.43

Mar 9, 2022

Bill Statement $324.27

Feb 8, 2022

Bill Statement $202.48

Jan 8, 2022

Bill Statement -$94.53

Dec 8, 2021

Bill Statement $275.53

Nov 8, 2021

Bill Statement $278.99

Oct 8, 2021

Bill Statement $278.08

Sep 9, 2021

Bill Statement $268.82

Aug 10, 2021

Bill Statement $263.52

Jul 9, 2021

Bill Statement $507.65

Jun 9, 2021

Bill Statement $243.86

May 10, 2021

Bill Statement $243.63

Apr 8, 2021

Bill Statement $247.52

Mar 9, 2021

Bill Statement $259.50

Feb 8, 2021

Bill Statement $270.60

Jan 8, 2021

Bill Statement $281.76

Dec 8, 2020

Bill Statement $288.05

Nov 9, 2020

Bill Statement $278.69

Oct 8, 2020

Bill Statement $275.32

Sep 9, 2020

Bill Statement $275.49

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Jupiter, US
Sep 12, 2022 10:14 am EDT

yes they are over charging! i live alone, and my bill is high and higher. i pay on time.

you can't speak to anyone on t ephone. i tried for 2 weeks. they say the are busy , hire more people, you hav planty of money!

Jessi Vas
hialeah, US
Aug 18, 2022 12:37 pm EDT

I have been paying the same for 2 months, it only goes down one to two cents.

call since we're going on a trip at home and they say that's what they read. They are authorized thieves.

They keep me on the line waiting for a supervisor for more than 45 minutes.

3:20 pm EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] Excessive power bills/no one to take a phone call from a customer

For months of 2022 my home has received utility bills from FP&L in excess of $350.00. Prior to this time frame my power bills were in the $150. to $170 range. I have no pool and no excessive decorative lighting. I have called FP&L several times only to receive- "we are experiencing large call volume ...etc." Not a please leave a number and we'll call back. I was given a website to visit, and when I placed my email address - does not recognize it. I am a senior citizen one person household. I maintain my air when needed at 74-75. It gets inspected by Air Around the Clock as needed. FP&L will do everything to prolong giving assistance to a customer. All I need them to do is to advise if after 28 years the meter might need replacement. OR, if they continue to not read meters and just curve the amount of electricity amongst all unsuspecting consumers. That is not legal and should not be allowed. Not an explanation, NOTHING.

Desired outcome: FP&L to call me and make appointment to inspect the "instrument" (meter) they placed in my home...and which is not working properly OR advise why my electric bills have sky rocketed - Nothing has changed!!!!

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3:06 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Deposit

I have been a customer for 6 years. I recently bought a house in 2020. My payment in the summer is extremely high around $500 a month. During covid I lost my job and got a new one. It’s not as good. I pay late sometimes to FPL with a LATE FEE. Now, FPL is saying I have to pay ANOTHER $600 deposit. This is ridiculous. Deposit for what?! I don’t have $600 to just give them. They took my first deposit because of late payments which is ridiculous and now they want me to pay them another $600 while I’m still living in the same home. Seriously, FOL is robbing Floridians and when you call them, they give you an attitude and don’t help. Something needs to be done about this. I make my payments. Sometimes late but they are made. They even get their late fee that I pay to. But to randomly try to charge me $600 is disgusting. Especially during a time like this when we’ve been in a pandemic for how long? Just so they can take the $600 from me in the future and not give it back. Then again try to charge another deposit. I’ve paid my deposit when I moved into the house. I shouldn’t have to pay anymore deposits while living in a home. They aren’t giving me any equipment or installing anything. This is seriously a joke and FPL doesn’t care about their customers. I need help

Desired outcome: To get rid of the deposit.

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4:35 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] light Bill

on July 7 or 8 2022 The power Co. turn my lights on at 1460 E Johnson Ave, apartment 111, with $ 260 for 2 weeks I try to tell them that I had a bill before that was paid in full, they said we don"t see that but the account number came up when I login my account I have on Johnson Ave the old account number [protected], at 8301 C Country Walk Dr Pensacola Fl 32514, Florida Power told me back in Nov 2021, that when I moved that I would not have a deposit, now if I don"t pay this bill today by 5 pm they R gonna put me in th dark with a handicap son 850*324-4716

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1:52 pm EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] Broken smart meter

My smart meter failed and for two months I was given an estimated bill. I had a new air conditioner installed on April 20 which should have significantly lowered my electric bill. Since the meter was not working in June and July ( not exactly sure when it failed) my bills were estimated. The first bill I received after the new meter was installed was August bill which was $289. The two estimated bills were $352 and $391 in June and July. There is no way they would have been that high if the smart meter had not failed. I feel that the power usage should be averaged from the first month that the new meter was installed and a credit given to me for the overestimated bills. Please provide me with the process that FPL uses to determine the estimated bills when a meter fails.

Desired outcome: Please applied a credit to my account

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11:57 am EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] Customer service

I called on Sunday Aug 7th as my A/C unit is not working. A technician came out on Monday and diagnosed a faulty TXV valve. I contacted FPL to confirm that there would be no charge as was assured that there would be no charge as I have paid for 10yrs parts and labor up until 2028. The technician arrived today and told me that I would have to pay a "flat fee" of $249 even though I had previously been told that this was covered. I called the warranty company today and spoke with Tony Duncan who confirmed that there should be no charge. I called FPL and spoke with a young man who even though I asked for his name 4 times, he would not give me his name. He was very rude, laughed at me and cursed at me.

Desired outcome: I would like to be reimbursed for the $249 that I was pressured into paying as if I didn't pay, I would remain without A/C. Please feel free to contact me on [protected]

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12:45 pm EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] Unprofessional customer service on 8/10/22 by Calderon

I would like to report an incident happened on 8/10/22 that I just had with FPL customer service supervisor name by CALDERON.

About 8 & 1/2 yrs. ago, I've been told from FPL that every business has two separate accounts (one account is fixed small amount and the other account is whatever I used) for one business in Sunrise and Plantation, FL so I didn't question any more.

On 7/1/22, I've received bills and noticed the small fix account bill went up more than double from $15.68 to $32.06 so I called FPL [protected]. Spoke to a very pleasant customer service rep Gladys and found out that we never used this account (she checked back from 6/2020). I end up CLOSED this account and Gladys stated I don't need to pay this small account i/a/o $32.06 (due on 7/15/22) so I only paid the larger bill for 7/2022.

On 8/9/22, I've received another bill for $39.53 so I just called this morning to FPL again. A representative explained that $7.47 was added from $32.06 to $39.53 and could not be able to reverse but transferred to his supervisor, CALDERON. From here, I was very upset about her tone of voice, poor customer service, and attitude. I explained all and had asked if FPL sends bills in advance or after used. She didn't understand what that means but insist to pay...almost like take it or leave it kind of service.

Then, I requested if I could speak with her boss, and she said she is the MG and she is THE HIGHIEST MANAGER in customer service dept that there's no one higher than her that I can speak with attitude voice, and she didn't want to be bother sound. I stated I'm pretty sure you have to report to someone and if I can have that person name or speak but she insisted she is the highest person.

Not sure if that's the true or not but I doubt that. It's shame that FL business clients has to deal with someone like that. She should not work there with her position when she cannot, or she doesn't want to provide the quality professional service for their consumers.

She definitely needs to get quality training!

Desired outcome: Hope someone above Calderon could reach out to me at [protected]

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7:43 pm EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] Smart Meter

This company continues to install smart meters onto my house. I have requested to have them removed since we have the legal right to opt out. Last week they installed another smart meter. After 3 phone calls to their office a technician shows up this morning to switch the meter. JUST ONE PROBLEM

IT"S ANOTHER SMART METER AND THE TECH STOLE MY SMART METER COVER GUARD. Beyond irate with this company, not only are rates at an all time high but now they have decided to radiate us with their smart meters.

If you look up radiation side effects, this is what you will find:


Hair loss.



Extreme tiredness (fatigue)

Hearing loss.

Skin and scalp changes.

Trouble with memory and speech.

Dry mouth.

Mouth and gum sores.

Difficulty swallowing.

Stiffness in the jaw.


Hair loss.

A type of swelling called lymphedema.

Tooth decay.

skin burns and acute radiation syndrome (“radiation sickness"). It can also result in long-term health effects such as cancer and cardiovascular disease

When large amounts of radiation are released into the air over a short period of time (as from a nuclear blast), it can make people and other living things very sick.

*Radiation sickness can cause flu-like symptoms, hair loss, skin burns, and even death.

Sound familiar


Desired outcome: Get that METER OFF my house and I want a credit for the opt out fee I was charged this month!Oh and how could I forget, RETURN MY COVER and never steal from my property again.

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Jennifer Agro
, US
Jul 08, 2023 11:29 am EDT

Did you ever get this resolved?

Author of the review
Naples, US
Jul 10, 2023 9:44 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I was able to get them to take it off by “opting out” had to pay a fee and a monthly maintenance.

But they play all sorts of games with that. It was great for several months while it was off. First they added another smart meter, then they took it off because I was watching them. While it was off I noticed no one got sick and my hair loss was minimal. No headaches, no complaints of joint pain. It was too late for my father but the rest of us felt better.

If you get an attorney i will jump on board, it’s part of what killed my dad. (Long story)As crazy as that sounds it’s true. The meters violate 2 specific statutes. Probably more violations since it also monitors.

S for surveillance

*They eventually added the smart meter back on without my permission at 4:30 am, they continue to deny its a smart meter and are still charging me to physically come read my meter although no one has been here in months. I keep a camera on it. I have recorded the radiation levels while they are active as well so that I have evidence. Keep in mind they fluctuate, the highest levels are read in the middle of the night while most people are asleep. I’ve done a few things to block the effects of it but would obviously prefer to be rid of it forever!


12:51 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Rate of usage

My bill with Gulf Power two years ago in August was $290.

My bill with FPL is over $400.


Even when I first spoke to your representative when you took over, they agree and said my bill was 67% higher.

You called and said the council approved.

You have hurt so many people with your takeover.

Desired outcome: LOWER YOUR RATES

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10:00 am EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Continual Power Outages

I, and 41 other neighbors are having continual power outages.

Recently these are the days our power has been out for a minimum of 3 hours and maximum of 8 hours: 7/1, 7/5, 7/6, 7/7, 7/13, 7/20, 7/31.

We live in a slightly rural area with wells and septic tanks. No power, no water or toilets! Originally FPL said that the cause was trees hitting the powerlines. They sent out a crew and they trimmed all the trees that they could find evidently. But the power still went out the next day and several days after. They were telling us that it is the homeowners responsibility to trim the trees on the powerlines. But the powerlines run through properties that don’t lose power so how are we supposed to make them trim their trees? Isn’t that the purpose of the 30 foot easement on our properties for FPL to maintain the lines? We have elderly people and sick people that live in this neighborhood and it is very difficult to function day after day without power.

Fpl has raised their rates incredibly and needs to fix this problem. they are the only power company in our area and they are not doing there job!

Desired outcome: Run new power lines!!!

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6:34 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] FPL charges after activation of solar panels - June 6, 2022

Account #[protected]:

We contracted with Meraki Solar to install our solar panels. We fully went on line on June 6, 2022, when FPL swapped out their meter. We subsequently received the June and July invoices which reflects FPL's billing as if we did not have the activated solar panels. The May-June invoice was for $198.17 and the June-July $181.82. It appears that they never discontinued the budget billing nor the shield coverage. I attempted after the first invoice and now the second with no success in reaching a human voice. All I got was the run around with press this # and then press that #. I then tried to reach out to the Juno office only to be disconnected after several rings. THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS! I do not plan to pay the second invoice! FPL needs to have a better handle on this matter.

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1:47 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] FPL raised my electric bill by 62% overnight

FPL raised my total electric bill by 62% because I'm conserving electricity because I'M SUPER-LOW INCOME. I don't air condition or heat my home!

Because I conserved electricity, they decided to charge me a $25.00 flat connect fee PLUS the electricity I use. I contacted them and they HUNG UP ON ME. I contacted the regulatory commission and they gave me some copy/paste BS that I don't understand:

What does this mean?

"The minimum monthly bill does not replace the existing customer charge; instead, FPL will only charge the minimum bill when a customer's total monthly bill does not exceed $25, excluding any taxes or other additional charges."

Desired outcome: still getting ripped-off

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Update by Motersickle Bum
Jul 31, 2022 2:57 pm EDT

FPL recently started charging a minimum monthly fee for customers who are SAVING ENERGY. The Poor, those with solar panels and those who are environmentally conscience are getting hit with a fee because they use too little electricity. This goes against everything the electric companies have been telling us for decades. Ron DeSantis' Florida Public Services Commission allowed them to do this.

Update by Motersickle Bum
Jul 31, 2022 3:01 pm EDT

I can't edit my complaint so I'm replying to my post above.

I STARTED A FACEBOOK GROUP TO RALLY THE PEOPLE AGAINST FPL TARGETING POOR PEOPLE WITH FEES. Please join for updates. I've contacted several government agencies and hopefully we will take FPL to court to stop them from discriminating against their poor customers.

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Port Charlotte, US
Oct 08, 2023 11:23 pm EDT

Excellent! I'll be on your FB site with my neighborhood's rate hikes asap! Thank you!

11:31 am EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] my bill has doubled for the first 6 months of 2022 and I can get no explanation or help

Good morning-

I am a retired SF educator, disabled, residing in an 830 sq ft condo where I have lived for 5.5 years. Since early 2020, my Florida Power and Light bills have taken a sharp increase over previous years and it would seem I am powerless to do anything about it. For comparison:

The KW usage in May 2021 was 1001- the bill was $119

The KW usage in May 2022 was 1165- the bill was $163

The KW usage in April 2021 was 784- the bill was $92

The KW usage in April 2022 was 1203- the bill was $169

The KW usage in March 2021 was 637- the bill was $76

The KW usage in March 2022 was 1027- the bill was $142

The KW usage in February 2021 was 1003- the bill was $118

The KW usage in February 2022 was 1301- the bill was $181

I tried several times to contact FPL about this billing situation, which is very difficult. Twice, once in May and again in July, I connected with FPL Energy Experts who talked me through an 'energy survey'. I explained that I do not have a water heater (it is shared by the association). I do not have a washer or dryer. I have a dishwasher (nearly new) used 1x a day, and a 4 y/o HVAC system.

I further explained that I have lived in this small condominium for a number of years and my bills were always steady until early this year. I shared that nothing has changed in my home in any way. I was instructed to have the HVAC system checked for unusual power draw. I have done that. The unit is under warranty and 2 service technicians verified that there is nothing wrong with the operation. I keep the setting at 76' in the summer, as do my neighbors. My FPL bill is generally $80-100 higher than theirs.

I inquired if it is possible that the meter has malfunctioned, but was told that the Smart meters do not fail. The FPL staff members continue to report that there is nothing that can be done at this point. I live on SSDI and these increasing, unexplained electric bills are creating financial hardship. I have no where else to turn; I cannot afford an attorney.

I am hopeful that you may be able to help me.

Desired outcome: -please inspect my meter for accuracy-please determine if other systems have been tied into my meter

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10:29 am EDT
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Florida Power & Light [FPL] FPL OVER BILLING/Usage

My FPL bill has been increasing 20 to 30 dollars each month year after year and there are only two adults living in the home. Nothing has changed or been added to the home. My bill has always been around 130 to 140 per month, now my Bill has increased in the last several months to 160, 178, 200, 220, last month 239 and estimated bill next month, 308! This is unbelievable, I know the increase in fuel today and inflation has caused everything to go up, but my electricity bill shouln't continue to increase at this rate, but my bill has continually been increasing month after month even before the fuel costs and inflation. Actually, ever since they replaced my meter to the new smart meter, my bill has started to increase. I also own a business and its the same, my bill was always around 115 to 125, then they change to a smart meter in within 2 months it jumps to 130/140 per month, now I'm at 168.

I feel FPL is overcharging customers and with a smart meter they can do whatever they want. It is unfair hat we have no power company choice that peple are stuck with having to use one company, there should be a choice and this way there would be rate competition and people could go where they feel is a better company.

So I called customer service to complain and see if they can look into the continued monthly increase and of course all I get is this time of year and temperatures blah blah blah, same old excuses, but they're supposed to look into it and see if an appliance is causing the issue. Yeah right...

We'll see what happens, my guess nothing will be wrong, its just that time of year. Funny how even in the winter months my bill still increased month after month.

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9:13 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Start new service

Impossible to reach or do online

Desired outcome: start new service

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11:57 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Florida Power & Light [FPL] Power bill

I am writing to express my disappointment and utter disgust with Florida power. When I looked at my power bill yesterday, I was shocked at the amount fpl charged this month (not to mention previous months since taking over gulf power).

In July 2021, my bill was $355 compared to July 2022 which is $470. A 32% increase despite the fact that there are two fewer people living at this residence using electricity.

Why bother to ask customers to complete your stupid surveys, when fpl knows it will get everyone's hard earned money because there is no alternative to this thievery. As said in the bible, "the love of money is the root of all evil..."

I tried to write with all caps to express my opinion more clearly, but apparently, fpl is either too offended by it, or just really doesn't give a [censored].

Desired outcome: to the ceo and board members of fpl, stop lining your pockets with the hard- earned money of the working class. shame on you!

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Update by urcrooks
Jul 13, 2022 12:01 am EDT

FPL is a monopoly; they know they can get away with anything with no accountability. IOWs, greedy thieves.

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11:52 am EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] customer service

after expected 30 minutes waiting for customer service as i need to speak to a human, i am still on hold for 1 hour. I am an elderly widow and this has brought me to have heart palpitations. you are a multi million $ company, why can't you have a better customer service. since i have a heart issue & if i end up going to going to hospital will have to get compinsation. or if i have to take time off to go to one of your offices will request compinsation. I did not want to complain but this is just horrible way to run a company. my issue needs to get resolved asap please call. in 2014 Charlie Christ was @ my home & i complained on news & tv back then. will have to complain again.

gale platt


Desired outcome: i have a billing problem that i must speak to a human

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8:23 pm EDT

Florida Power & Light [FPL] electric

Acct#[protected] =$211.60 (Empty apt.-vacation)

Acct# [protected]= $1977.93

Acct.#[protected] -$1152.15

acct.# [protected]=$96.86

All the accounts'(except Key Biscayne) charges have ALMOST doubled


Need an immediate check on this. We are a good paying customer and understand the themperatures went up, but not this, including an empty apt. We understand a higher bill, but hot this. Our habits have not changed neither the size of the family(2).

IN ADDITION: We have NOT RECEIVED our paper billing for this month which is unusual. WE NEVER registered for e-billing at all.

Need help please.!

Desired outcome: Review meters !!!! This is impossible! Unless it's a billing mistake since we have not received the bills ???

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Update by Castor A. Fernández
Jun 05, 2023 2:33 pm EDT

We ve been out of the country for way over a month .

On our return bills were up to $1700 for Accts08104-72167 ($771.19) plus accout [protected] ($975) lmost 40% over all previous months.

We tried phoning FPL to no avail. The message says you're too busy with other calls and to try again in the future.? Please we need your help.


4115 Kior St. Miami Fl. 33133

Update by Castor A. Fernández
Jun 12, 2023 6:09 pm EDT

Accounts # [protected] and [protected]

Combined bill went up by over 45%- to an amazing $1700+/- for one month.

Our position is that we were away on vacation ! Before doing so, we had all the A/c' s put on hotter/higher temps and most other equipment plugs taken off the walls.

I'm an 80 yr. old senior citizen, and feel totally helpless in this situation.

Need your help .PLEASE

What are the possible next steps?

Update by Castor A. Fernández
Jun 12, 2023 6:25 pm EDT

781 crandon blvd. Apr 806 acct #[protected]

Our bill went double from $138.68 for the month of may 10, 2023, to $256.66 for june 9, 2023-

And we were not even there since we were on vacation abroad nd had put all the a/c higher and disconnected plus from other equipment.

Our monthly bill has always been in the mid-hundreds for the last 10 years!

The previous month we were late payment and paid for two months for $260.22- perhaps the computer took this amount as a regular bill?

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6. Filling Optional Fields:
- Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to state any financial losses.
- Utilize the 'Desired Outcome' field to specify the resolution you are seeking.

7. Review Before Submission:
- Review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness before submitting.

8. Submission Process:
- Submit your complaint by clicking the 'Submit' button.

9. Post-Submission Actions:
- Regularly check for responses or updates related to your complaint on

Ensure to follow these steps carefully to effectively file a complaint against Florida Power & Light [FPL] on

Overview of Florida Power & Light [FPL] complaint handling

Florida Power & Light [FPL] reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 3, 2008. The latest review Billing was posted on Apr 30, 2024. The latest complaint Excessive deposit charge - federal trade commission and fl public service commission was resolved on Dec 21, 2022. Florida Power & Light [FPL] has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 780 reviews. Florida Power & Light [FPL] has resolved 83 complaints.
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    +1 (866) 263-9185
    +1 (866) 263-9185
    Click up if you have successfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (866) 263-9185 phone number 1 1 users reported that they have successfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (866) 263-9185 phone number Click down if you have unsuccessfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (866) 263-9185 phone number 1 1 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (866) 263-9185 phone number
    +1 (800) 226-3545
    +1 (800) 226-3545
    Click up if you have successfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (800) 226-3545 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have successfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (800) 226-3545 phone number Click down if you have unsuccessfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (800) 226-3545 phone number 1 1 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached Florida Power & Light [FPL] by calling +1 (800) 226-3545 phone number
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    P.O. Box 029100, Miami, Florida, 33012, United States
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