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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - light

My name is Elizabeth and I recently moved from Houston, TX pursuing my dream of starting a ranch and raise horses. I came with great optimism and my son as a helping hand. As things started rolling...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - on call box

On July 26 9:11am we got a call from FPL saying we can read a box never said what box and need to come out and look at the box So we made a apt. for a 3 party person hired by you to come out. MAX...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - deposit and refund

Hi my name is Ryun Alarcon. I am writing a complaint because FPL says one thing and then goes back and says another later and this is not right. I called about a deposit and had three different...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - street light out (cobrahead)

PLEASE ! The light is on Pine Ridge Dr. across from the Pine Island Ridge Country Club 9400 Pine Ridge Dr. Davie Fl. 33324 and next to the kids park on west side of the street. (no tag number on...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - surge protection

Today I was looking at my FPL bill and was blown away by finding out that they were charging me $10.60 a month for surge protection that I didn't order all my plugs have surge protection on them they...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - not maintaining substation property

Corner of osceola rd and liberty lane in seminole county, geneva fl, the lawn maintenance is never done until it is completely overgrown with weeds and grass and this is always an issue. Not sure how...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - no maintenance done on trimming trees

have lived here over 25 years, same home, FPL, use to do trimming mtce. but don't seem to much now, 3 years ago I called every 3 months for a year to trim, ( behind our house, 2 empty lots, and to the north all empty lots) we trim our trees, they came out a # times, said no big issue, one night, , crash lines broke and down, they had 3 trucks here till 2 in the am, workers said, why don't you call in trees???? I said I did for a year !!! now 2018 all over again, call about trees, nothing!! then 6pm a wind storm, lines cross, sparks fly, no power, 3AM, 9hr latter, its back on, BUT only trimmed a small amount, and the 2 of the 3 lines, almost touch, !! they say there is a work order out on it ?? 4 times since power goes out for a few sec. as the wind hits the close lines and they touch !!
2 more phone calls, and its not fixed yet. they seem to wait for REAL storms, then im not sure if they get $$ for trimming and removal after storms, but regular mtce. seems a thing of the past, I have been in Vero 44 years, I did noy=t have these issues when I was on COVB power.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - billing center

My bank sent a payment to FPL and I can't get my money back. It's over $2500. Everytime I call I get a future date of when I will receive a refund. When that day comes I call about the refund and I'm told that it will be another week before I get a refund. Service from the rep was rude and not at all helpful. They just refuse to send me my refund.

My account Account Number: [protected]

Service Address: 1780 NW 21ST CT Delray Beach Fl. 33445

Phone [protected]

I need this refund as soon as possible.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - outdoor lighting repair/ 400 watt directional light fixture

We are a church Iglesia Bautista de Pompano located at 101 SW 17th St Pompano Beach FL 33060- Telf. [protected]. We have an outdoor lighting pole that has been burned out needing repair since...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - power

We have very large voltage fluctuations in our home (from 95v to 225v) so we called our electrician and he tested our circuitry. He found no issues in our system so he called fpl about 10:00 and...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - power pole change out

On June 27 during the night your crews changed out a power pole in my front yard. They broke my tree and bushes and left their trash in my yard. The work has been left uncompleted. This is not only embarrassing, but is unsafe as I have a toddler who plays outside. The crews never contacted me prior to coming out and destroying my tree and bushes. I would appreciate it if they repaired the damage and cleaned and removed the debri. Thanks, Kenny Brannen 2832 Linwood Ave, Naples FL [protected]

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - electric deposit required or must sign up for auto pay

I feel that I am being targeted by fpl and not sure how many other people are having this issue. I have been a fpl customer for over 40 yrs, not because I want to but because we have no options on...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - truck driver

Today on Toledo Blade in North Port truck 6237 nearly ran me off the road. Used no turn signal and almost side swiped me because he was not paying attention. He was literally right next to me and...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - billing

Fpl has to hire humans, because the animals that I was connected to are really stupid. I had to explain not one time but 4 different times about a incorrect routing an account number that I no longer...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - power disconnection

I came home from work today to find a notice on my door that stated that my electricity was disconnected. I did not receive any notice in the mail. However I immediately went online and paid the...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - no email or contact, going on 5 mos in ref. to claim number 8141424

We have done everything FPL has asked...we sent in claim order, estimate for repairs, and a few of the many pics we have of the FPL/ Sub contractors vehicle parked on our drainfield Jan 31st 2018...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - tree trimming

Since there seems to be no way of contacting a real person or email... Account # [protected] We fully recognize the importance of keeping your wires safe from falling tree branches, especially at...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - my electric bill

My electric bill just shot up by almost $300.00. Something is now right here. I live by myself in a very small house. Over some 19 years I have never had an electric bill over $160.00. Your company...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - eyesore - transformer

We purchased a new property at 4798 Sprint Circle in Rockledge, Fl 32955 from Viera Builders. Site was selected from a site plan. At the time, we did not notice the awful transformer box in the front...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - truck number 7081 cut me off coming out of the bears club from frederick small road nearly causing a major accident

Truck number 7081 was turning out of the Bears Club on to Frederick small Road cutting right in front of my SUV nearly killing my daughter and I missed us by an inch there was no need for him to be in a hurry it was too young Caucasian this was a young man in the truck the time was somewhere between 10 and 10:25 a.m. on May 23nd 2018. I pulled up next to them and they made no attempt to apologize for their error in fact they wouldn't even acknowledge me horrendous they are an accident waiting to happen or lawsuit waiting to happen if this is not addressed by FPL directly immediately whoever the driver is if there are cameras on board the trucks they should be reviewed. Or cameras outside of the Bear's Club in Jupiter Florida near Frederick small Road they should be reviewed to show how horrendous the driving actually was

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