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Complaints & Reviews

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]power outage

We had a power outage for approximately 2 hours yesterday in the Blackstone community of Vistancia located in Peoria, AZ.
Our refrigerator was destroyed as was the food in the freezer and refrigerator.
The cost to replace the same refrigerator was 2500.00. We would like to know who was responsible for this outage so we can take action.
Thank you in advance,
Karen Tinkey
Account # [protected]
12881 W. Calle De Baca
Peoria AZ 85383

power outage

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]electricity

I've been out of service on half of my house for 3 days. I called APS to schedule service. They came out while I was away from the house. I came home to find I had no power whatsoever, my meter is laying on the ground & wires are cut & hanging out all over. No call, no note, nothing to indicate the status. I called customer service AGAIN, after holding for an hour and 20 minutes the first time I called only to hold for another hour and 40 min then be disconnected due to system error status!!! Meanwhile I have a freezer full of meat and no idea whatsoever what to do or how to get in contact with APS.


  • St
    Stacey C. Nov 08, 2019

    APS (Arizona Public Service - our state's largest utility monopoly who loves to buy politicians) just filed their new rate case on Oct. 31 and is asking for another $184 MILLION rate hike! Please sign & share this petition:

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Arizona Public Service Company [APS]aps electric bill.

For the past year aps has charged me 3x more then they shld have I was on housing in a single level apt with two little boys and after 700 then 900 then a 1200 dlr bill I had to leave my home I had to take out a loan on my car just to try n. Pay for the outrageous electric bills and I was on housing my electric cost me way more then even my rent because of aps I lost my home my housing. My kids and I have. Been homeless for the last 5 months now. Every time I wld call to complain I got no answers nothing solved and just hung up on

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]automated system

I attempted to pay my bill online using the automated system. I recently had a new bank account. I entered my new bank and routing l information on the system. The system defaulted to my old bank account. I called two days after the payment was made to see why the proceeds had not come out. They told me to call back at a later date. I called back two days later. I was told I could no longer make automated payments for one year. When I talked to the supervisor she would not listen and told me I wouldn't be able to use the automated system. I did my due diligence and am being punished for changing my bank account. This is rediculous and even worse is that this is a monopoly and there is no where else to turn for electricity. So disappointing, my vote as a citizen will always be against APS and I will advocate in any way possible to have the unfair business practices removed.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — damaged grass and ruts

620594 To whom it may concern, On May 16, 2019 APS service technician (s) removed a meter from the care takers residence at 225 S Merritt Ranch Rd, Cornville, AZ. After the meter wa...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]unjust & unjustified rate hike

In January 2018, I filed a formal complaint about the unjust & unjustified rate hike that was approved in Aug. 2017. I crowdfunded the attorneys fees, secured an expert, had a 5 day hearing last September where we completely uncovered their shell game, and just got a ruling from the Judge saying the complaint should be dismissed. It is the ultimate David vs. Corporate Goliath battle, as it's me (us) against a multi billion $$$ utility monopoly. The AZ Corporation Commissioners (3 of whom APS spent millions to get elected - & 2 of the 3 who rubber stamped the rate hike). The Open Meeting on this issue before the Commissioners is THIS TUESDAY and I need all hands on deck! If you have been negatively affected by APS I need your voice! If you can't make it in person, you can call in. If you can't call in, I need to to email the Commissioners as well as file all of these complaints into our Docket. It's going to take all of us to topple Goliath and #StopTheAPSGreed! Here are the details for Tuesday, April 23:

unjust & unjustified rate hike

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]refund of deposit

Account # [protected]
I sold my home in december. I am owed a refund of my deposit. I called mid january to set up new service, I inquired about the refund and was told it would take 45 days from shut off date of old property. The aps website states that it takes 25 days. I called again in february and was told it can take up to 90 days. It has now been around 100 days and still no refund. I just spoke with a representative online whom told me the check was actually mailed out january 18th to the address where the services had been stopped. January 18th is the same day I had services started at a new address. How [censored]ic do you have to be to mail a check to an address where services are no longer in my name and not to the address where I currently have services?!?! I also verified the address as to where the refund would be sent when I called three times!!! Now I have to wait at least another 15 days for them to reissue the check. I wonder if I will actually get it this time??? Incompetent!!!

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]aps automated billing system

In the last 6 months aps in arizona has implemented an automated billing system that is issuing erroneous electric bills, issuing errouneous late fees and continually overriding aps manual corrections.

A complain was filed with the arizona corporation commission that did nothing but refer my complain to the aps consumer advocate unit. After speaking with the advocate unit aps was suppose to send me a letter outling what corrections they had made as no one at aps could reconcile the billing statement numerical totals.

Be aware that an automated billing system at aps is continually in error and the az. Corp commission turns a blind eye.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — reconnection

My electricity has been turned off since November 5 because the bill had raised to $1600 past due and I could not pay it. I had finally saved up a little over $1000 and wa...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]saver choice plans

I have been on the Lite Choice Plan for the last seven months and I have been monitoring my kWh usage. The Lite Choice Plan has served me very well. Now APS is telling me that I do not qualify to be on the Lite Choice Plan any longer because I went above the 599 kWh usage for four months in the Summer. The Summer months are HOT and we use the Air Conditioner to be comfortable. The Supervisor in the Customer Service Department told that it is "Not an Option" to remain on the Lite Choice Plan and I'm being reassigned to the Premier Choice Plan. The Premier Choice will cost me approximately $130/year more. This reassignment is without my consent and I feel I am being penalized for the four months in the Summer when my kWh usage goes over the 599 kWh limit. I have reviewed the several "Saver Choice Plans" and find them confusing to understand. The Residential Plan Comparison Chart is also difficult to understand. There are so many different additional charges for "Basic Service Charge", "Off Peak Pricing", "Super Off-Peak Winter Pricing, "On-Peak Summer Pricing, "On-Peak Winter Pricing, "On-Peak Summer/Winter Peak Usage Demand Charge per kW". I tried the Saver Choice Plus for the first three months of 2018 and my bills increased by $30.37; $56.65 and $62.94. There were way too many extra fees and charges on those bills. The Saver Choice Plus plan did not work for me. I am not happy with being forced to go on the Premier Choice Plan.
And why would the "On-Peak Summer Pricing" cost more than the "On-Peak Winter Pricing? This is Arizona and the Summers are HOT and your customers run the Air Conditioner to be comfortable. Same with the "On-Peak Summer Peak Usage Demand Charge". That is higher than the "Winter Demand Charge". These should be the other way around.
There is a lot of poverty in AZ and APS needs to review these Saver Choice Plans to help the residents of AZ.
I want the last twelve months of my usage reviewed for all six plans and a chart sent to me to show how much my charges for electricity services would be by each month under each plan. I'm concerned about the outrageous Summer Charges under these plans.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]customer service and rates

APS is charging rates so high that many in Arizona cannot pay any longer. The Arizona Public Service commission was elected by APS money so they just side with APS on everything. When you call in to ask a question or share your issue with them, they have wait times so long that most just hang up. Even when you reach them, if they don't like the question, they hang up on you. APS needs to be investigated.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]call center

I called to defer my(outrageous bill)payment for two days and they declined. Said there was no way they could help. No help whatsoever. I also have a disabled person in my home. I relayed that information and they told me in a word tough [censored]. Not a very nice way to treat your customers. The lady was also very short and unconcerned about me being without power when i have someone with a mental disability in my household.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — customer service issue and lack financial assistance

Good Afternoon, On August 24th, after attempting to remove my mothers name from my APS bill, I was told I could not do so without creating a whole new different account. The...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — adding a deposit onto my bill

For 2 summers in a row, a tenant in the building in the back of the property keeps putting my apt # on their paperwork when they sign up for electricity. I have come home to no...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — service

I'd like to start with the fact that I've been renting to a Ms Margarita Marrero for the past 11 months. She apparently has racked up quite the utility bill and from what I...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — electric bill

Account [protected]. My property is has been vacant since April 2018, yet my bills are off the roof. For example my my July bill was 370 and my August bill was 470. How do you...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]aps allowed open door turn off my services

I received a quote to sell my home to open door, I did not accepted their offer and thought that was it, I then discovered that aps allowed open door to change the services into their name with out any contract of sale. when I contact aps to ask why they let them change billing name on an account that I had with them from 2005 they told me that any one can make changes on your account with out your consent and that they would change it back but now wanted two month deposit due to my services being turned off explained again that I did not turn off open door did and they let them, said it did not matter and would need a deposit of two months highest bill at my home . aps allows people to turn your account off because they can then get deposit and hold 1000 for a year making interested off their customers any one else would be prosecuted for fraud but not aps they can do what ever they want to you and do not care one bit about their customers, If I could use srp I would
never been so angry in all my life . made complaint to federal trade as well, If you are buying or renting home make sure you have srp and not aps worst ever

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — home service account # [protected]

After changing my payment date to the 9th from the 26th because of change in retirement payment, I signed up for auto pay and verified it by phone last month. You have not taken...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]electrical service

Account [protected]

Since the change of service plan and your rate increase my monthly bill has increased over 25% not the single digit that was advertised. In reviewing the bill from last year to this on the generation of electricity (both on-peak and off-peal combined) my monthly bill on those items along has increased $50 to over $75 per month. Much more than the percent stated.

  • Ro
    Robert Babbitt Aug 13, 2018

    After changing my payment date to the 9th from the 26th because of change in retirement payment, I signed up for auto pay and verified it by phone last month. You have not taken payment this month and when I called today the gal said I was not on auto pay and I was cut off while transferring to verify or re establishing auto pay. It takes 20 min. to get to my account because it makes me reset my password every time and will NOT accept several attempts to pay my bill or reset auto pay. You have the wrong phone # for me and you will not send E:mail verification. Please respond for your arrogance or your ignorance concerning my account. Thank you, Robert Babbit

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Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — metering and service

620594 i am not provided my hourly usage in the past, or even now, since i had a new meter installed. there is no way for me to verify my bill without this info. my meter is not...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — residential bill for july 2018

My total July 2018 bill was $150.45, the highest it has ever been in July since I moved to Arizona in winter 2012. Please note that I also installed solar power in July 2013 for...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]services and rates

We switched over solar power. Four months ago. We get our APS Bill and wanted to scream it over 865.00 dollars, why!!! So contacted them they claimed it was to pay out the budget plan with payments.Ok fine. We get our Bill for this month and they are demanding over 700.00 marked final bill really.So they want it all fast or else it's a shut off. I think that APS is full of it. We will be paying them.We have filed a complaint against them with BOB, next the State Attorney General office.Why do we need APS when I have solar power... They are greedy trolls

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]aps bill I have been overbilled

I just was told that I had a bill for $800 for a period of approximately 30 days. This amount is totally incorrect. The owner has told me that this amount of electric has never been used in our home. I need to have a quality assurance person verify that the usage and reads are accurate. we were gone and our home was vacant most of that billing usage. I need someone to look into this matter ASAP please

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]fraudulent deposit assessed due to 1 day late on payment

We provided a $300 deposit when we set up our account. We were late 1 day and then 2 days late a few months later. Never were we in jeopardy of having your power turned off or outside of the grace period. However unbeknownst to us they can assess a $500 deposit for being "late" twice. APS was gracious enough to break it into $100 installments. After paying the first month and the electric bill, APS shut our power off. Not because we were late on paying the bill, but because we were late on paying their installment. In addition they required payment of the entire deposit at the point eventhough, we were never told about any implications. We would like to change power companies however, our state electric structure is not setup to do so. There is no one to turn to with this kind of fraudulent activity, not to mention taking advantage of their customers because they have a monopoly on their territory. They have completely taken advantage of their customer base and have scammed millions from their customers because of their "policy". Do NOT move into a home that is in an APS district. It will only be a matter of time before the take advantage of you.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — new additional deposit in excess

At the peak of the electric season for the APS electric company to ADD a new $900 DEPOSIT above the deposit already in place from our 8 year residency in this house is frankly...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]utilities

APS over the last 2 years has required two separate unannounced 200$ deposits - which aren't really deposits because they have never been returned. They indicate you cant have a late payment in 12 months or you cant get your deposit back. Mind you, I have never had my electric shut off but they use unfair business practices by charging you 200$ in what they call a "deposit" but what is really a punishment. APS philosophy is that if you are having trouble paying your bill, we will charge you more - with the assumption people have the money and just arent paying on time? wtf. They do this because they have a monopoly. Itr's unfair and disproportionately impacts poorer minority communities. It unfair business practices and it needs to stop.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]electric bill almost tripled!

We never received notification of exact day new rate/hours in effect. We got a paper in mail basically telling us that any useage between 3 & 8 pm M - F will cost more so we have been doing our best to honor that. We just paid $500 & $825 more due in less than 2 weeks! Looks like APS is enacting the Final Solution on the "useless eaters" living off "entitlements" (that we worked for our entire lives.) Thanks Corporation Commission" for being nothing but rubber stamping robo-signers for grotesque profiteering & making absolutely NO PROVISION for us fools that worked all our lives & actually believed in this nation. Our "Golden Years" are nothing but a nightmare due to having to constantly battle white collar crime. So you put it on TV? We haven't been able to afford TV for years! Plus no site will accept complaint. Even Corporation Commission has notice that e-complaints aren't working after I spent hours getting it right cause that little notice is on an entirely different page that you don't need to go to. No coincidences. All these little convenient plausibly deniable malfunctions serves to give no voice to victims & allow all these oligarchs to deny knowledge of the destruction they have wrought on our lives & the massive amount of people unable to pay half their monthly income to APS. And no, we don't qualify for anything to help from anybody. The poor will always be with us. Those that had a work ethic are the ones being murdered by APS/Corporation Commission sanctioned gouging.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]planned power outage

To APS Public Relations,
I am highly disappointed and frankly disgusted with the APS plan for scheduled power outage, for routine maintenance on transmission lines in the Grant Park area of Phoenix AZ. This outage is planed on June 22 at 9:00 PM to the 23rd 6:00 AM. On June 22 the temperature high in Phoenix AZ is expected to be 111+ degrees. With that in mind at 9:00PM the temperature will only be a few degrees below 100 degrees. This is a total disregard for customer health and safety. I understand that maintenance must be done but question if putting customers health and safety is worth it. In contacting the APS maintenance department, I was told this maintenance is necessary so that " avoid a longer outage". I have lived in the Grant Park area of Phoenix AZ for 6 years and have experienced power outages of 2 hours. There has never been and 8 hour outage in Grant Park or Phoenix AZ (that was made public) less storm damage or major fire involving transmission lines. I feel that "to avoid a longer outage" is an untruth. The basic attitude was that, this is when the maintenance was planned (probably by an APS employee, sitting in their air conditioned cubicle) and you will just have to deal with it. APS is not a cable company as too I cannot switch providers. The last 6 months here in Phoenix AZ the temperatures have been very cool. Why could this maintenance have not been accomplished then? I would hope that APS would take another look at this planned outage and perhaps reschedule it.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — billing

My neighbor and I have recently added solar to our homes to lower the cost of electric. My bill is on an automatic payment plan is which I receive a discount for. My neighbor...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — aps electric

I purchased a home in july 2016.. I was on the equalizer plan.. Never recieved a notice from aps stating they needed to raise the amount.. Around 8 to 9 mos later I recieved a...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — billing practices

They mail their bill with only a few days to pay it before you are delinquent.I travel a lot and it is possible to not see the bill before the due date.also, once last year I...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]street lights

APS contracts with a company to fix street lights they own. they don't go out in a timely manner and often need several requests to get repaired. certain phoenix neighborhoods have experienced increase in transients and one homicide recently.
APS needs to be held accountable for maintaining street light functioning. I contacted the [protected] number to make a complaint. I am not sure what they do after the complaint is made. The city needs to get involved.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — inaction for a power outage

Despite numerous outage reports throughout the night, no repair crews were dispatched until 5 AM. Power to the entire neighborhood was restored between 9 and 10pm except for seven...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — plan change without notice

My plan is changed to higher rate plan without prior notice, but when I talk to customer service they changed the plan what it suppose to match but they said that effect from next...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]policy on bill migration

Aps migrated me on to a new bill plan, when I saw that I called right away. I did the math and the plan aps choose for me will increase my bill at least 25%!!! I called to change my bill and was told I can't until the next bill cycle. That is completely unfair, aps moved me to this plan and now I must stay on it for a month even though I never chose it? Not only is aps raising rates but now they are also forcing people to stay on plans that will cost them even though better options are available and closer to my old plan! Shame on for moving me to plan that will cost me so much more, aps doesn't care about their customers at all, I am disgusted with these business practices. With all these changes aps should at least give customers the option to choose and plan and see if it works form them.. Which they say they do but then limit or remove those with other policy restrictions so in fact there is no real option to try these plans before being locked in for a year. Aps lied about the impact the increased rates and new bill structure (I did the math) and wont let people move off a plan they forced on them for a month... Who does that? I feel so boxed in and upset over aps business practices, its really gross how they are manipulating and deceiving customers.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] — meter technician

Tech came to door and knocked briefly. When I answered the door he was already opening my gate to the back yard and my dog was out barking and growling at him. I quickly grabbed...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]billing

After paying a $700 electric bill, after getting shut off (which is outrageous enough), I then deferred my next bill to the next billing cycle and included my email so that I would get an alert to when it was due. How about I got no email and the crappy company shut me off again without any notice! When I called to let them know that I had not received anything yet in the mail or email, except for the final door hanging to alert, all they said was, "oh we do have it on file, and it has been sent out." but when I asked the robot custormer service person to repeat the email address, she said it wrong!! Which happens every time! She then said, "well I said it wrong, but I am reading it correctly." this is the biggest monopoly I have ever witnessed, and because they are the only option in arizona, they think they can screw their customers and not give a damn! I have small children and a dog in my house, and they still turned off the electricity. They are heinous and have no morals. They truly are an evil entity that needs some real competition to make them ethical.

Arizona Public Service Company [APS]unethical behaviour

Regarding the planned price hikes, if APS received approval to roll out a complex billing process, then it should also be required of them to provide billing statements that show electricity usage by hour. If they plan to bill by hour of usage then the expectations as a consumer, is I have the right to know how much electricity I am using per hour. Consumer's have rights and a shady plan to bill by hour and raise rates by 4.5% should come with detailed usage and easy to read billing processes. If they want to make the process more complicated, then it is on them to educate they people that are paying their salaries. Plus I would advocate that they offer free in-home electricity evaluations to help consumers make choices about their electricity usage by hour. How do we know what appliances are using what electricity at what time? Think about the consumer and not just how to justify raises for executives and employees.

  • Ju
    Juniej Mar 06, 2018

    Unethical, criminal and cover ups is the three terms used to describe this monopoly. Aps has some how charging about 40% more this year compared to last year when I had two more people living here or double the occupency. How is that even possible when less power to run the dishwasher, washing machine, showers ect. As for the transition into the new ripoff sceme or "new plan and aps app campain" they shut off my power in August ( a month later we got the new plan info on our bills) because they were changing over the system. They made up some unbelievable and flawed lie to why and offered no apology or reimbursement for my time on the phone or my melted freezer foods.
    Oh and to top it all off they took away all the pay kiosks and physical addresses to pay, without any notification, explanation or alternative. "Simply check the app for locations "was the only thing I could find. I kept up my search as it was the deadline to pay, (as I have always paid that day at a kiosk) and no options in site. I called, 1 hour wait time and customer service close time. I found, on some online discussion, to pay at walmart, and if course there is a fee. Wow
    Just wow.

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APS (Arizona Public Service)surprise deposit required

I have been an APS customer for over 26 years and have owned my current resident for 20 years . My latest bill has an additional $313 dollars on it for a deposit. I have never had a shut off notice. I have been late paying because when I don't have my bill I don't know the amount so I bill pay them more than I think it will be so there is carry over. if the next bill I get is under 20$ or so I wait for the next bill. so late, , yes but the amount is minimal. So I called customer service and the only thing they offered was for me to make payments, and was told the credit department was the only one that could wave it. So I was transferred. I have excellent credit. Tara said there was nothing she could do about it and the amount was 2x my average bill. I am very angry. They hike up the rates then require a deposit? worst customer service ever, not to mention it took 45 mins to talk to someone.

APS (Arizona Public Service) — changing our account number and where is the discount that trump gave us?

I would like to know why are account number was changed 5 months ago. I also would like to know why we are not getting a credit on our account when others are getting this from...