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Arizona Public Service [APS] reviews & complaints

Arizona Public Service [APS] complaints 89


Arizona Public Service [APS] - Solar meter install

We purchased a solar system with another company and need the meter installed by APS. This process continues being prolonged and has been scheduled several times only resulting in conveniently needing to be rescheduled. Myself and my husband have been taking time off of work to accommodate the installer's scheduled appointment to move the dogs so meter can be changed to add solar. While sitting at home installer has left notices outside the gate notifying no one was home and needing to reschedule. No one bothered to call, knock or signal being outside the house. There is no accountability on APS behalf when I have called to follow up on the process. Their customer service and accommodations only show blatant abuse of power. Who is going to reimburse me for my missed work?

Desired outcome: Prompt Install of meter to add solar and stop the delays


Arizona Public Service [APS] - Solar Consumer energy cost

Aps is unfairly charging Solar consumers astronomical rates for having Solar energy. effectively rendering Our Solar installed Systems useless!

These higher on- peak rates with Zero options are Prejudicial towards Solar Consumers and geared for higher billing and hence higher profits for APS without regard to the customer or Consumer. This $ 100 million dollar
profit increase targets Solar consumers.

The higher On-peak rates with higher and more numerous ironeous fees not only increase the Solar consumers electric billing, especially during summer months to double or more than the Non solar rates ( prior to Solar installed) But, along with the cost of the system itself puts the rates solar consumers are paying at nearly triple that of Non- solar customers.

This is an intentional target of Solar Customers ( consumers) at a clear disadvantage.

Aps not only targets them but takes nothing into account when it comes to customer ability to pay. I.E. Senior, disabled, Poverty level income, etc. are marked for this discrimination. Myself included.

Since purchasing Solar Last April and installed July 1st, 2020 my Average billing went from $130.00 to nearly $300.00 per month ( with Solar payments of 90.00 per month)

Despite calling customer service repeatedly complaining about the rates and billing, I was told one virtual lie after another.

!st was I had to build up credits over the winter months, this made no sense.
then, they said I was not producing enough energy . this turned out to be false as I was producing over 800 kwh per month.

then it was I am using way more then my system can produce, I don't produce anything during summer, and ETC. ETC> ETC.

At no time did they ever tell me that they had raised my rate plan to the highest possible plan for on peak times. Which was the real cause of the problem!

At no time did they tell me that additional numerous and higher fees were attached to me being a Solar Consumer!

All of these of which are unfair practices.

I Desire APS to Charge all consumers fairly and equally and to stop targeting and unfairly charging solar Consumers higher rates . I desire APS to re-imburse the exurberant over charges placed on me currently costing over $1780 for the last year. If Aps can not be fair and do what's right, then I desire Aps to pay for my solar system that they have rendered effectively and useless with their over charging practices. Approximately $21, 000.00 tt

Desired outcome: Do the right thing! Stop over charging/ reimburse and or pay $21k


Arizona Public Service [APS] - Plan comparison unavailable on single month bill

I moved from the SRP provider area to the APS provider area.
I understood the SRP plans.
I'm an engineer, and APS's plans look purposefully confusing.
After 2 months at my new home, I wanted to compare plans for the July bill, but APS's only comparison is not available and tells me to call for help.
I called, and the person on the phone was useless. They could not tell me what I might have paid under other plans.
If the plan is understandable by APS, they should be able to tell me what my bill would have been under each plan on their list.
Now, I will set up a spread sheet in Excel and try to understand the purposefully-confusing rate plans which the Arizona regulators allowed APS to have.


Arizona Public Service [APS] - Billing

I have been with APS for a long while. I recently changed to a new bank with a credit union. Switching all my accounts over to my new one I was having issue with the payment to go through for my...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - Employee

An APS employee Michael P O'Malley. He says he travels a lot for APS he always has a crew with him he says he is a field manager from the Glendale AZ area. I have been his waitress a couple of times he mostly gets extremely drunk and loud. He makes me very uncomfortable. He is always saying he will only tip me if I go to his room with him. And his coworkers think it is so funny. It is terrible and it happens all the time with him.

May 11, 2020

Arizona Public Service [APS] - Electric service

We live in Carefree Rolling Hills, just south of Cave Creek Road East. In the last 3 month we have had 3 Power Failures, 2 of them in just 3 weeks, yesterdays (05/10/20 18:30 to 23:00) for over 6 hours. Since the problem is always in the dame area, why don't you pull a new cable and get it permanent fixed, you certainly charge enough.
APS seems to strive for the 3rd world country 1st price, it appears you may suceed. The cews are responsive but feel helpless, "no one listens to us" is an often heard comment.
So get your act together before we go to more drastic steps to go after you. Replacing a abd cable in the ground (short distance) is not rocket science.

Heinrich Weber
36663 N. Wildflower Road,
Carefree, AZ 85377


Arizona Public Service [APS] - Street light too bright

A street light was replaced on April 27th
2020 at around 2 pm in Globe Arizona on the corner of Cottonwood and 3rd street because a pole was hit by a city truck. The street light that was installed is way to bright for our neighborhood and shines in the windows of 5 houses it surrounds. This is a dark town and we like it that way. We are asking to please put in a yellow light or a dimmer one. It is very annoying and disturbs our night sky view.
Michelle Johnson
Concerned resident and APS customer

Apr 05, 2020

Arizona Public Service [APS] - Coronavirus

APS has an awful policy to require customers to pay in person to CVS with cash during the corona virus pandemic if a payment did not go through due to bank error even if they are elderly and have health risk. APS is putting Arizona residents at risk. APS literally causes harm to the community with this policy. APS is forcing people to carry dirty cash into a public store when the Arizona governor issued a stay at home order . This is extremely dangerous.


Arizona Public Service [APS] - power outage

We had a power outage for approximately 2 hours yesterday in the Blackstone community of Vistancia located in Peoria, AZ.
Our refrigerator was destroyed as was the food in the freezer and refrigerator.
The cost to replace the same refrigerator was 2500.00. We would like to know who was responsible for this outage so we can take action.
Thank you in advance,
Karen Tinkey
Account # [protected]
12881 W. Calle De Baca
Peoria AZ 85383


Arizona Public Service [APS] - electricity

I've been out of service on half of my house for 3 days. I called APS to schedule service. They came out while I was away from the house. I came home to find I had no power whatsoever, my meter is laying on the ground & wires are cut & hanging out all over. No call, no note, nothing to indicate the status. I called customer service AGAIN, after holding for an hour and 20 minutes the first time I called only to hold for another hour and 40 min then be disconnected due to system error status! Meanwhile I have a freezer full of meat and no idea whatsoever what to do or how to get in contact with APS.

Nov 08, 2019

APS (Arizona Public Service - our state's largest utility monopoly who loves to buy politicians) just filed their new rate case on Oct. 31 and is asking for another $184 MILLION rate hike! Please sign & share this petition:

Aug 01, 2019

Arizona Public Service [APS] - aps electric bill.

For the past year aps has charged me 3x more then they shld have I was on housing in a single level apt with two little boys and after 700 then 900 then a 1200 dlr bill I had to leave my home I had to take out a loan on my car just to try n. Pay for the outrageous electric bills and I was on housing my electric cost me way more then even my rent because of aps I lost my home my housing. My kids and I have. Been homeless for the last 5 months now. Every time I wld call to complain I got no answers nothing solved and just hung up on

Jul 19, 2019

Arizona Public Service [APS] - automated system

I attempted to pay my bill online using the automated system. I recently had a new bank account. I entered my new bank and routing l information on the system. The system defaulted to my old bank account. I called two days after the payment was made to see why the proceeds had not come out. They told me to call back at a later date. I called back two days later. I was told I could no longer make automated payments for one year. When I talked to the supervisor she would not listen and told me I wouldn't be able to use the automated system. I did my due diligence and am being punished for changing my bank account. This is rediculous and even worse is that this is a monopoly and there is no where else to turn for electricity. So disappointing, my vote as a citizen will always be against APS and I will advocate in any way possible to have the unfair business practices removed.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - damaged grass and ruts

To whom it may concern, On May 16, 2019 APS service technician (s) removed a meter from the care takers residence at 225 S Merritt Ranch Rd, Cornville, AZ. After the meter was removed the technician...

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Apr 21, 2019

Arizona Public Service [APS] - unjust & unjustified rate hike

In January 2018, I filed a formal complaint about the unjust & unjustified rate hike that was approved in Aug. 2017. I crowdfunded the attorneys fees, secured an expert, had a 5 day hearing last September where we completely uncovered their shell game, and just got a ruling from the Judge saying the complaint should be dismissed. It is the ultimate David vs. Corporate Goliath battle, as it's me (us) against a multi billion $$$ utility monopoly. The AZ Corporation Commissioners (3 of whom APS spent millions to get elected - & 2 of the 3 who rubber stamped the rate hike). The Open Meeting on this issue before the Commissioners is THIS TUESDAY and I need all hands on deck! If you have been negatively affected by APS I need your voice! If you can't make it in person, you can call in. If you can't call in, I need to to email the Commissioners as well as file all of these complaints into our Docket. It's going to take all of us to topple Goliath and #StopTheAPSGreed! Here are the details for Tuesday, April 23:

Mar 27, 2019

Arizona Public Service [APS] - refund of deposit

Account # [protected]
I sold my home in december. I am owed a refund of my deposit. I called mid january to set up new service, I inquired about the refund and was told it would take 45 days from shut off date of old property. The aps website states that it takes 25 days. I called again in february and was told it can take up to 90 days. It has now been around 100 days and still no refund. I just spoke with a representative online whom told me the check was actually mailed out january 18th to the address where the services had been stopped. January 18th is the same day I had services started at a new address. How [censored]ic do you have to be to mail a check to an address where services are no longer in my name and not to the address where I currently have services?!?! I also verified the address as to where the refund would be sent when I called three times! Now I have to wait at least another 15 days for them to reissue the check. I wonder if I will actually get it this time? Incompetent!

Arizona Public Service [APS] - aps automated billing system

In the last 6 months aps in arizona has implemented an automated billing system that is issuing erroneous electric bills, issuing errouneous late fees and continually overriding aps manual corrections.

A complain was filed with the arizona corporation commission that did nothing but refer my complain to the aps consumer advocate unit. After speaking with the advocate unit aps was suppose to send me a letter outling what corrections they had made as no one at aps could reconcile the billing statement numerical totals.

Be aware that an automated billing system at aps is continually in error and the az. Corp commission turns a blind eye.


Arizona Public Service [APS] - reconnection

My electricity has been turned off since November 5 because the bill had raised to $1600 past due and I could not pay it. I had finally saved up a little over $1000 and was calling APS to ask if...

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Nov 10, 2018

Arizona Public Service [APS] - saver choice plans

I have been on the Lite Choice Plan for the last seven months and I have been monitoring my kWh usage. The Lite Choice Plan has served me very well. Now APS is telling me that I do not qualify to be...

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Oct 22, 2018

Arizona Public Service [APS] - customer service and rates

APS is charging rates so high that many in Arizona cannot pay any longer. The Arizona Public Service commission was elected by APS money so they just side with APS on everything. When you call in to ask a question or share your issue with them, they have wait times so long that most just hang up. Even when you reach them, if they don't like the question, they hang up on you. APS needs to be investigated.

Oct 15, 2018

Arizona Public Service [APS] - call center

I called to defer my(outrageous bill)payment for two days and they declined. Said there was no way they could help. No help whatsoever. I also have a disabled person in my home. I relayed that information and they told me in a word tough [censored]. Not a very nice way to treat your customers. The lady was also very short and unconcerned about me being without power when i have someone with a mental disability in my household.

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