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fpl truck destroyed my landscaping

Power was out at my house and a FPL truck came by. I have pictures and video of the destruction. I spoke to...

Florida Power & Light [FPL]

house power continual crashes

Every day my house power goes off at least once . It's freaking ridiculous that fpl continual fails to fix these issues. I don't know why we pay our bills when we recieve garbage service. From my understanding we live in a first world country and yet I can't trust that my power will stay on. Honestly improve on your trash service and infrastructure. Your company is lucky that it has a monopoly on power because if there was any competition you would be fail in the first few months. My postal code is 33175 Miami, FL if you would finally do your job correctly that would great. Thank for being the most inept service in Florida. Your truly a shining example for other power companies to follow.

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    Misteright1 Sep 07, 2018

    I am having the same problem 5 months now. Your statement about them being a monopoly is soooo true.

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owner has multiple electric meters and my unit is on more of other units

Some non FPL person came at 9:30 at night and did some rewiring and than placed a lock on one of 3 meters?...

Florida Power & Light [FPL]

truck driver in truck number 6663

Today 8/23/2018 at 12:30 PM I was entering the 112 on NW 22nd Avenue. The entrance to the 112 merges as soon as you drive onto the highway. Truck driver on truck 6663 saw me merging into his Lane and decided it would be best to accelerate and not let me pass and I had the right of way. In order to avoid a major accident, I had to slam the brakes, which made my 3 year old daughter very nervous, and let him pass because he had no intentions of stopping. Luckily the truck driver behind him slowed down and let me go. The reason I am writing this is because I believe that your truck drivers should be more cautious and careful when driving FPL trucks. He needs to understand that he is working and not driving his own personal vehicle. I am very upset this happened and I hope that after this complaint this truck driver becomes more aware of his surroundings

robbing people's money

I moved to a tinny small apartment with 4 bulbs, one fridge and a small air condition on January 2018. I have nothing else but this energy spends. I always use the same amount of energy. February temperature was 81 degrees bill was $ 60.00; is August temperature is 90 degrees bill is $120.00. How the [censored] do you explain this? For the record Math rule of 3 August bill should be $67.00.

underground rewiring by contractor

I live at 6380 jack rabbit lane, miami lakes, fl 33014. I need a supervisor overseeing the excavation crew...

non responsiveness to dispute

My name is Jeannie Fernsworth account # [protected] I have called [protected] about 35 times and left...

damage to property

I reside at 8501 E Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33138. At approximately 9:30 am on Friday August 17, 2018 the service truck providing service to the neighbouring home damaged the grass that was just installed . I'm confused as to why the y did not park utilising the driveway of the home they were working on instead of on our property . We intend to seek damages . We would appreciate a representative to contact us as soon as possible

damage to property
damage to property
damage to property
damage to property
damage to property

suspension wire

FPL came and put a wire from the pole to right near my area for trash and debris. We just replaced our back...


My name is Elizabeth and I recently moved from Houston, TX pursuing my dream of starting a ranch and raise...

on call box

On July 26 9:11am we got a call from FPL saying we can read a box never said what box and need to come out and look at the box So we made a apt. for a 3 party person hired by you to come out. MAX came out and took the box, he open our AC and pulled wires out and never told why he was taking the box. That same day Aug 2 9:40 after he left we called FPL back to ask why he took the box . FPL said at that point there where no able to read the box since Jan. on Aug 06 2018 we got a letter in the mail saying our AC had no disconnect and hot water tank is in a cubby. Now mine you hot water tank was never on the on call box . After getting this letter in the mail Aug 06 2018 I recalled FPL . then they said you box was not working since Jan 30 2017 not Jan 30 of 2018 so it took them, a year and a half to call, so this move up the chain fast and still told all the same thing over and over we had no disconnect when I did talk to the highest one in the office in the on call he said it can take that long to call but we did get the 3.00 each month which is not the point it took 1.5 years to call I ask when he had a good read on the box he don't know because he only been in the job 3 years cant look back that far. FPL we had this box since 1995 and this is how you treat your customers I would like to know where the switch when because no one we had working on the AC took it out and now we don't get the 3.00 off per bill . I should call news 8 out of Tampa they will fine out and put this on the news my ACC# is [protected] I want my 3.00 off per bill you drop the ball

deposit and refund

Hi my name is Ryun Alarcon. I am writing a complaint because FPL says one thing and then goes back and say...

street light out (cobrahead)

PLEASE ! The light is on Pine Ridge Dr. across from the Pine Island Ridge Country Club 9400 Pine Ridge Dr...

surge protection

Today I was looking at my FPL bill and was blown away by finding out that they were charging me $10.60 a...

not maintaining substation property

Corner of osceola rd and liberty lane in seminole county, geneva fl, the lawn maintenance is never done until...

no maintenance done on trimming trees

have lived here over 25 years, same home, FPL, use to do trimming mtce. but don't seem to much now, 3 year...

billing center

My bank sent a payment to FPL and I can't get my money back. It's over $2500. Everytime I call I get a future date of when I will receive a refund. When that day comes I call about the refund and I'm told that it will be another week before I get a refund. Service from the rep was rude and not at all helpful. They just refuse to send me my refund.

My account Account Number: [protected]

Service Address: 1780 NW 21ST CT Delray Beach Fl. 33445

Phone [protected]

I need this refund as soon as possible.

outdoor lighting repair/ 400 watt directional light fixture

We are a church Iglesia Bautista de Pompano located at 101 SW 17th St Pompano Beach FL 33060- Telf...

Florida Power & Light [FPL]


We have very large voltage fluctuations in our home (from 95v to 225v) so we called our electrician and he...

power pole change out

On June 27 during the night your crews changed out a power pole in my front yard. They broke my tree and...

Florida Power & Light [FPL]