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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Paper billing being sent instead of electronic.

We have been in our new home since October 2020, My wife has talked to representatives 4 times to get paper billings sent to our house. Four different rep's told her they would take care of that and see we got paper bills sent. We originally set it up for electronic (email) notification, my wife was home and we could access the bills, I cannot.

In July '21 they cut off our power...we called them, they had not sent out a paper bill. We paid it immediatly, we do not have a problem paying our bills If we know about them.

I cannot find a way to talk to some one at FPL to fix this problem. We just got another notice on (8/19/21) that they are going to cut off our power on 8/24/21..With no previous notification or bill. Our payment will get there from the bank on 8/23/21, ($ 163.85 )

This is the worst service possible, 4 times rep's said " we'll send you a paper bill."...I am 100% disabled Vet...my wife works...we need for the power to stay on...it is not about the money...they show paper billing on their site.

I need some help, The contact numbers will not let me talk to a human...any of them I could find on 3 of their so-called help sites, my wife is at work and I cannot call her to get the number she used. In any case they are apparently not listening to her.

Robert Vidor

Account #[protected]
Wendy and Robert Vidor
5 Sycamore Terrace, Palm Coast, Fl 32137

Desired outcome: Paper bills sent on time for payment.

Aug 18, 2021

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Control of thermostat for energy savings...

I recently opted in for FPL to regulate my thermostat based on my previous energy usage. The discomfort has become unbearable and I continuously, continuously have to change my thermostat temperature to a lower temperature. I need to change my plan so that FPL no longer controls my thermostat. Numerous calls to FPL CS numbers have been to no avail.

Desired outcome: I want to change my FPL plan so that FPL no longer controls my thermostat.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - FPL's Online Bill Payment

According to FPL, my bank rejected a request to debit my account for a monthly charge. I realized that I hadn't changed the banking information on the FPL website. I changed the banking information. The following month the same thing happened again. According to FPL, because of this continuing problem, I cannot use FPL's online payment system until August 2022.

FPL is not telling my why the debit was rejected the first time (I assumed that it was because of the switch to a different bank) or the second time (I have absolutely no idea why the debit was rejected the second time). Also, FPL is not telling me whether or not I can use my bank's online bill payment system to pay my FPL bill. The few times I tried calling to speak to a live person I got a recorded message that there was high call volume and a long wait time -- I didn't bother using the call-back feature.

Desired outcome: I would like to know what the reason is for the bank's rejection of the debit from FPL. I'd like to know whether or not I can use my bank's online bill payment system to pay my FPL bill.


Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Unethical behavior

On July 28th, I had an emergency needing FPL to come and cut the power line to my home due to a flooding and possible fire... I had made several attempts that day to have someone come out. I waited all afternoon and finally had a gentleman arrive at 7:04 pm, I answered the door by 7:05 pm and he was already driving away... my statement can be authenticated by my security cameras as well as the ones across the street. This was an emergency due to water flood next to my fuse box inside and leaking onto 2 outlets... FPL verified that the concern was in fact urgent and wanted someone to also come out ASAP. When I saw him leave, I thought there had to be some mistake so I jumped in my car and addressed him at the light leaving 28th and griffin... He gave me the finger and said I had no emergency while laughing. I have the license plate to the work truck as GB2550. I was shocked not only by him knocking and leaving within a minute but his behavior.I called FPL immediately (side note, there is not an opt to speak with a rep unless you press #1 for downed power line), asked to speak to a supervisor and a Ms. Cereantes was the one I spoke to... do you know what she said... THAT I MUST ANSWER THE DOOR WHILE FPL IS KNOCKING ... or they need to go to the next call. That call was recorded and as irate as I was, I beg of you to listen to this woman that works for you respond to questions. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, my mother has a walker, it would at least take her 3-4 mins to get to the door.. Not only did one of your employees stay at my door in a urgent situation less then a minute and half maybe, but one of your supervisors had the audacity to tell me if I didn't answer while he was knocking he had the right to leave. I am going to your headquarters in pompano and I have talked to a Laywer about this and is thrilled with my call records and security camera footage and emailed channel 10 and 7, both which are interested in my story... if you search my name or record, I have never done this and really don't care to, but I am shocked at the service, the employees and the supervisors that have treated one of their customers in such a way. Ive never heard of a company telling someone they have to be at the door as someone is knocking... it still is mouth dropping to even have to write this.

There has been other issues with work orders "not on file" which in fact were, once I had to have them dig..., trying to get a live person on the phone... etc... I mean what an awful way to do business.
If you'd like a copy of the videos of him knocking and leaving, I have those for you as well. Both the supervisor on July 28th and the employee are purely jaw dropping to me.

Desired outcome: Quite frankly, an apology from both of them is what I want ... that's it, if that's not possible then on to the next step

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - A service rep. that I was was talking to

I called to ask about rebates. Operator gxcof13 transferred me to a lady in rebate. I was asking questions in regards to my rebate and replacement of my AC unit that I am doing. she did not LIKE THE WAY THE CONVERSATION WAS GOING SO SHE JUST HUNG UP ON ME!!! This is BAD service!!! I waited on line for 20 minutes to be hung up on. Your rebate system is terrible. My house only calls for a 14 seer and you do not give rebates on 14 seers!!! They will not put in a 16 seer as my square footage is only 2000 sq ft. My bill has been running aver $300 you had been out to my house (Energy saver department) came out said I need a new unit and that I would get a rebate and that my bills will drop about $150 a month.

I would like to discuss your rude operator a rebate that was told to me last year! Please call me at [protected] Sherrie Pisetzky 702 NE 27th avenue hallandale bch fl 33009


Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Electric power

this is not the first time this has happened, and it is unacceptable

i have lost total power 3 times today (july 27, 2021)

first time was after a loud thunder clap (is the system that fragiles?)

second and third times happened without any outside 'stimulus' - no winds, no thunder, nothing...

I lose complete power, and then the power comes back on a few seconds later

I have had fuses blown
I have had problems with my computers

this is not what I pay for

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Unannounced replacement of transformer at a condo property

On the morning of Friday, July 9, at approximately 8:50AM, Pike shut down the power of one of five condominium buildings at Bonita Beach Club, 25730 Hickory Blvd, 34134. This building has 50...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Rude, thoughtless service inspector

Dear Sirs,
We are a retired couple, and recently were without power for nearly 24 hours after our line went bad at 13470 SW 99 Terrace in Miami, on 7/16/21. After being told numerous scenarios by FP+L's service desk - including that there was no problem at FP+L's end and that power had been restored. It hadn't - if the problem was at our end how could the service tech have fixed anything? this left me and my neighbor stlll without power, we were finally told yet another truck had been dispatched and was in route. It was well over an hour later before it showed up, with the "Inspector" stating your office gave him the wrong address - the only invormation he volunteered the entire visit. He proceeded to put up cones around his truck, walk around, then immediately picked up his cones and got back in his truck without talking to us at all. He had acted like talking to us was distasteful, and he exhibited a sour dispostion during his visit, so I reluctantly tapped on his window to ask him what the next step was.
Long story short: he knew what I was asking and looking to clarification on, but deliberately made me ask 20 questions needlessly while sitting there appearing to be marginally tolerating my presence. I told him after getting the runaround for the past 20 hours I was "getting a little short" as I became more and more frustrated with his non-answers, and before I could ask him yet again what the plan was he told me he was leaving and issued the threat that he was the last person in the world I "want to get short with", turned away, and rolled up his window as I was still talking to him. This inspector's attitude the entire time he was visiting my event was that of not wanting to be there, not wanting to be spoken to, and then offering nothing but blatantly passive/aggressive answers to questions. He knew full well the simple question I needed an answer to and chose not to asnwer it for no reason other than to be obstinate.
When a customer calls for service, uncomfortable from a steaming house, food going bad in their fridge and freezers, water running out of the ice maker, and irritated dogs acting up, the very least the "Inspector" can do is inform the person there that he is just the inspector and that further help is on the way ASAP. That's all I needed, but your employee decided to make an unpleasant situation even more unpleasant, and make me call his office to answer a simple question he SHOULD have answered in the first place - WITHOUT being prompted to. This employee's customer skills are sadly deficient, to say the least and is the wrong person to be sent in as the first person to arrive at a problem with an account.
Clark and Julie Mann

Desired outcome: Acknowledge receipt of this complaint. [email protected]

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Beginning

I am unable to pay online and its exremely unfair. I had two return payments 11 months apart because I had auto payment and now I can only use speedpay and its exremely unfair. I wish I could change service to another provider. fpl account number [protected]. its already be 11 months since my last return payment. I had fpl for years without this problem. I feel like fpl treats me like scum.

Desired outcome: remove my online payment block


Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Unethical improper billing

REFERENCE #1370189E 4300 18th St West, Apt C207, Bradenton FL [protected].5574 I am sending you this email message because the issue hasn't been resolved. A. FPL is adding charge...

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Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Awkward / unique location of new pole

9791 Sunset Strip, Sunrise Florida. 33322 - New poles being installed. Reviewed all poles on other properties are installed on the property lines or within 2 feet of the existing pole. At my location for unknown and deviating from other practice they have installed a pole 20ft to the east which is very awkward in appearance, not with established standard and posted directly in front of my only picture window of the house. It is distracting from the appearance of the property, devalued it and no justification for the deviation?

Desired outcome: Relocate the pole in accordance with that practiced on all other properties as part of the upgrade First photos are of the other installed poles in the same project. Later are the pictures of the deviation on my property

Jun 16, 2021

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Poor, slow, confusing response to a request for initial service 30 days ago

Dear FPL:
This complaint is regarding a Town house development in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl-there are 5 residences involved in this complaint-12853 Trevi Isle Drive-FPL# [protected]; 12857 Trevi Isle Drive-FPL# [protected]; 12861 Trevi Isle Drive-FPL#[protected]; 12865 Trevi Isle Drive FPL# [protected]: 12869 Trevi Isle Drive FPL#[protected]. We have been unable to get service hook ups and our closings are delayed.

David Adejunmobi had been our rep until he left approximately one month ago. He left without answering numerous emails dating back over 30 days prior and never called us or emailed us to say he was leaving and let us know who our new rep would be.

My superintendent Jorge Ruiz sent this EMAIL to Anthony Lozano 6/11/21, " It was a pleasure and a welcome relief to speak to you yesterday after nearly a month attempting to reach out and schedule our upcoming Buildings with David Adejunmobi for wire pulls and meters.

"I was pleased to see that after our conversation yesterday an F.P.L Crew showed up with Meters for 12853 & 12857 in Building 4; only to find out that the wire was not pulled to the Meter Cans by your sub-contractor Viking. This is extremely disturbing in as much we have closings set up for this building all next week. There are 5 other Buildings that are fast approaching that we will be needing Meters set. Closings scheduled for Building 6 & 7 in July, Building 8 in August & Buildings 9 & 10 in September. Anthony F.P.L is late with the wire pulls for Building 4; I need your help to expedite the wire pulls and the meter installation this is obviously our priority." signed JORGE RUIZ.

This is a problem when a power company cannot make up its mind whether to pull the wire itself or have their favorite contractor pull the wire. It nearly always gets mismanaged and we are left holding their bag. I need to get FPL or Viking here ASAP and finish the job we asked about over 30 days ago. I want to see a plan in the future from our rep that avoids this. I would also like the name of Anthony Lozano's supervisor. Thanks you.

Desired outcome: Have wire pulled by tomorrow

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Billing issues

I am so very frustrated. I have never been late on my payment in my whole time as a good customer. I had fraudulant activity occur with my Suncoast Credit Union checking account. They had me close my account and open up a new account. I tried several times to update this information and for some reason your system did not accept it and 2 of my payments did not go through. I tried paying last month with a credit card and your system obviously did not accept it. Now, my account is now locked. I have been treated so rudely by your customer service staff. Not sure if you record the conversations, but if you do you should listen to my calls.

Desired outcome: Wanted to be treated with the respect I deserve for being a valued customer.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Substation

I live at [protected] directly facing a FPL substation. Two weeks ago, 3 large extremely bright lights were illuminated apparently while work was being done. HOWEVER, these lights have been on 24/7. Even with my blinds closed, my entire house is illuminated like it is the middle if the day. I twice left messages on a voicemail of ‘Lori' in construction mgmt at [protected]. She has yet to call me back. Please help!!!

Desired outcome: Turn the lights off!!!!!

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Past data information

Made a request for FPL DATA for court requested documentation for years 2017, 2016, 2015 of FPL summary audits for account #[protected] and account # [protected]. I was told by Ms. Juarez (4288) that she did not have a supervisor and no data was available and there was nothing in written to support her statement, "that there are no data available" after two years for the date of request (2021) or no written letter by FPL to substantiate that they do not provide summary audits after two years. Please have a representative that can provide further information. Nadine Hankerson, Ph.D. [protected]. Need for legal discovery.

Desired outcome: Need access to summary data for both accounts 51277-49272 and 87150-92535. Elks Lodge #652 and Pride of Fort Laud Lodge 652. Need information forwarded to the ([email protected]) Nadine Hankerson, Ph.D.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Corporate office representative fixed bill, still shows I owe

On May 27, 2021 a representative from FPL Corporate Office called me to follow up on my bill. Auto-pay came back and charged $30.00. She said I could have auto-pay. She set it up and removed $30.00 charge. NOW the payment came back again and another $30.00 charge. I paid by credit card but NOT the $30.00. Someone needs to call me, I can't get a HUMAN being on any line I call. This is affecting my EXCELLENT credit rating. HELP HELP HELP
Debby Davis
Acct. [protected]

Desired outcome: I want $30.00 charge removed from my bill. I will pay by Credit card NOT suto-pay.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Payment via cc

FPL charging $15 to pay with a credit card??? Convenience for who??? Profit making for FPL is all it is!!! FPL should be fined for mistreating it's customers.
if I could choose between FPL and any other utility to work with, FPL would be fired in a heart beat! Disgraceful.
Use the money from all the employees FPL no longer employ since implementing this form of extortion.

Desired outcome: Fire the board member who allowed this to take place, refund all fees to customers

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Corporate customer service and billing

I have two accounts at different addresses but in my name. My daughter rents from me and wasn't paying her bill on time. She now pays by credit card. I opened a new account in April and when I received my first bill, I set up auto-pay and paid it from my bank account. They returned it and charged me $30.00 because they used the wrong account (using my account that my daughter pays.) I filed a complaint on the Pissed Customers Website and Jessica from the Corporate Office called me. She looked at my situation and then said I could have auto-pay, so she set me up. She also deleted the $30.00 charge. Today I got an email, my payment was returned and I was charged $30.00 again. I can't talk to a smart human being. I am so disgusted with this situation, I should get this bill free for all I have had to go through. There is no excuse to continue this kind of treatment. The left-hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Debby Davis
Account [protected]

Desired outcome: I want the account at 119 Dorchester Sq. put in my daughters name and just let me pay my bill by using my credit card and forget auto pay. Get rid of the $30.00 charge. Do this before my next bill come doubled!

May 30, 2021

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - Billing fees and auto pay cancellations

I just activated service with FPL on March 15, 2021 and I have paid roughly $120. I was told I did not have to pay a deposit if I set up autopay with FPL. I was also told I would have to pay a activation fee within10 days of moving in, by logging in my account or calling to make a payment. When I did that, it said nothing was due until that following week, which was the end of March. On my online acct, it then said i did not owe my next bill until April 20th. Every time I logged in my account, it said nothing due. Then the next few weeks went by and I did not notice anything from autopay coming out of my account, so I log in my acct and they said my auto pay was denied and I owed 150 for my deposit fee for my auto pay bring denied and 130 for electric. I called my bank, wellsfargo, and they have no record or transaction of FPL taking any money out of my account or my autopay being denied what so ever. Now, I log in and it says I owe almost 400! When last week I paid 100. So, that's a total of 500 in charges when i have not even lived here and had service with them for 90 days. I have called over and over to reach them through customer service and this is all during business hours Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I am unable to reach any person lie about my bill I need help reaching them and I need this resolved before my electric is shut off on my daughter and I I have a 6 year old and I'm a single mom and I need this resolved and I do not have $500 to pay because something is going on with their services. Please help!! I had O U C Electric in Orlando for the last year and I've never once been late on a bill so I am not trying 2 have a negative account any electric company and I need help

Desired outcome: Speak to a customer service representative from FP&L live and get my bill resolved

Good Luck, I am having a similar problem with my first bill. Customer Service is disgusting.

Florida Power & Light [FPL] - The absence of service

I always have auto pay. My computer has been highjacked, My financial information is blocked. I know the problem was a keylogger from Russia. Virus scans can not locate the virus. When FPL bills my bank, payment will be rejected. I have spent too many hours trying to inform FPL of the situation. I tried to change the financial institution . FPL will not accept a Visa card. I have one checking account.
FPL hides behind electronics. I have tried phone calls. On hold for a long time; then I was invited to leave a call back. Call back put me on hold for 20 minutes then broke the connection.
I have tried phone prompts. Not one prompt matches the situation. I tried most of the prompts. I have been down uncountable rabbit holes with this system. Chat is so ridiculous it is a comedy. I am no longer laughing. This is a very large hole of unbelievable crap.
This monopoly will stop my service, ruin my excellent credit before it make me enter a loony lock up.

Desired outcome: I want to pay my bill on time.


I am having the SAME issue with them!! I can't reach a CSR to save my life! Have you had any luck speaking to someone or getting the issues resolved?

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