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We purchased our home in March as is.Propaine tank had 70% we sighned up and was told only charge was service charge for lines being checked.paid it and they came out and said we was good and made sure and asked if there would be anymore charges.They said no just swopped one tank for another with same amout of propaine.2 weeks later get a bill for 200 and some dollors .figured ok maybe we owe that but 3 weeks later a bill for 800 dollors said they had bought the propaine back from the lady who lived here.This was never mentioned to us.Why wasnt the propaine took out of tank and I also read on your web page your company doesnt buy propaine back .unless special circumstance.When asked for proof it was purchased back we have recieved nothing.

non-existent customer service, breaking/entering customer's property

I do not have an Amerigas account. I tried to establish one, but they claimed my address already had an account. The previous owner of my home had an account, which she closed in April, 2019.
Amerigas came to the home on the day we closed, and filled the LPG tanks, inspected the tanks, and were notified we'd purchased the home and needed a new account.

In September, Amerigas came onto my property and capped off/locked two tanks, one of which they own (had been leased to previous owner), and capped a tank owned by the home.


AMERIGAS BROKE INTO A LOCKED GATE, ON WHICH THERE IS A "NO-TRESPASSING SIGN", AND LOCKED OFF LPG TANKS THEY DO NOT OWN OR LEASE. In any realistic world, this would be breaking and entering, with theft as an add-on.

They did not notify us that they were coming, and did not notify us that they'd been.
They *broke* through a locked gate, marked "NO TRESPASSING" in order to do so.
Then, they wanted a $150.00 inspection fee, wanted to charge us for the gas in the tank that the previous owner paid for, and want another $250 to uncap the tank that is privately owned (same tank they capped without permission).

When we threatened them with legal action and going to the BBB, they said "We don't want to do business with you, so 'eff off. " Now we are stuck with locked tanks, can't feed our stove, fireplace, nor spa and it's 30 degrees outside.
These are horrible people. I feel the local manager, Mr. Najarian, is a racist, foul-mouthed pig, on top of being a liar having made multiple claims about the previous owner of our home not having paid her bills (she sent us a copy of the closed account/paid balances), that the tanks were unsafe (Amerigas inspected the tanks when we took ownership), and that the previous owner had not transferred the fuel to us (the previous owner had written a letter Xferring the fuel). He also promised to amend the problem the same day, and it's 2 months past his promise, ergo, a lie.


non-existent customer service, breaking/entering customer's property
non-existent customer service, breaking/entering customer's property

propane delivery, scheduling inspection and tank removal.

I contacted Amerigas of Port Hadlock to deliver propane to my address which I already had a rented tank from them. It had been some time since my last propane delivery, so they said they needed to do an inspection of the system. I agreed and set up an appointment for a employee to do the inspection. Amerigas could not give me a time for the inspection on the scheduled day, but said they would call. I stayed home that specific day for the inspection, but no call.
I had to leave for a couple of weeks for work and when I returned I contacted Amerigas at Port Hadlock at there office and told them of the problem that no one showed up. No response! I again asked them to fill the tank and again they said I had to set up an inspection before they could do that. I then asked what the cost was for propane and they quoted me a price that was thirty cents higher than the competition. I asked them to come and pick up the tank as they did a week or so later.
Amerigas charged me $59.99 for a dispatch charge and $68.00 for labor to come and pick up there tank! Total of $127.00! I had rented it for years.
I find this unacceptable and will definitely NOT recommend Amerigas to anyone period!!
Mike McAllister
10 E. eugene St.
Port Hadlock, Wa. 98339

massive propane leak right next to pay window

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american flag

The flag at the Schuyler County Illinois location is tattered and torn and should be taken down until it can...

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new service

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I spoke with Stephanie at the local office that services my account # [protected]. I have had service for 13 years and never paid a tank rental. Every year they fill up the tank and waive any rental fees. She said that would not be happening again; therefore, I requested to cancel my service. She then told me I would have to pay $104.00 to cancel my account. I then asked for a supervisor and left a message for Milt Dominguez. He never returned my call. In the meantime I called another gas company and was quoted 2.49 per gal for new service. I called Amerigas a few days later and was told they would relay another message. Mr Dominguez called me and I explained what I was told by Stephanie. He said he was confused because if I agreed to fill the tank the tank rental should be waived. I agreed to fill the tank as long as the tank rental was waived. I received a bill a week later showing the gas was 2.99 per gal. I called the 800# and asked was the price negotiable because I had been quoted $2.49. They said they would send a note to billing. A few days later, Stephanie called me and said she pulled my call with Milt Dominguez and heard him quote me $2.99 per gal and would not be adjusting my bill. (I never received a quote from Amerigas, as I did not know the prices could very and thought all companies rate would be the same) I asked to speak with Mr. Dominguez and left a message on his voice mail. I never received a call, but a few days later I received another invoice showing they had reduced my price per gallon to $2.49. I am very confused as to why this process was so complicated and why the service I received from Stephanie was so unprofessional, she basically called me a liar, when in fact she told me several falsities during our conversations.

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Unethical behavior/billing information withheld

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Our tank was filled on 12/9/2017 and the then emptied on 1/27/2017-They tried to tell me that this can be...

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Horrid customer service

"Thank you for calling Amerigas, where customer service and safety are our number one priority"... is the on hold message that you hear.

It could not be further from the truth.

I am a tenant in a house, I moved in on Feb on this year and I have had to put out nearly $2000 since. First a bogus $500 deposit, then a $250 safety inspection (which had already been done, but they denied delivery until it was done... again), and a $200 charge to hook up a stove which my landlord paid... but then I got billed for it (trying to scam double payment).

But the biggest slap in the face just occurred.

I was shocked to see that the tank was at 15%, since it has only been used for cooking and hot water since I have not needed heat for awhile.
I called to set up delivery on Wed 05/25 and was first told that I had to pay for it in advance (which I never had to do since I moved here, I was always billed). They had me up against a wall and they were unwilling to budge, nor explain why and how the account switched to COD, so I was strong armed into having to pay for this up front.

That following Friday, I noticed that they had not shown yet, which is odd because they have not yet once taken more than 2 days to fill the tanks before. I called and was rudely told that "because of the holiday weekend, it is taking longer to get delivery that that it will not completed until sometime the following week". I had a house full of people expected to arrive that Sat, and now was forced to cancel for fear that it would run out from cooking.

Flash forward to today, Thursday June 2, they still have not shown. The tank is now at 2%. I had to call their 800 customer service line to be told that it will take 10 business days for them to deliver. I explained that the tanks are very close to being completely empty and he was willing to expedite the delivery for an additional $300 PLUS $100 for after hours delivery.

I have never been treated like this before from a company that exclaims that customer service is their priority.

... and I just saw a truck drive by as I type this.

Stay away from this company, all they care about is draining the cash out of people from every orifice.

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    Tom Burch May 04, 2017
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    Verified customer

    This company is a complete failure at customer service!!

    I have been trying to have my tank removed since I am replacing the unit with a ductless system for heat and air.

    Originally scheduled for 4-21, no call no show and tank still there. Apparently had a sick employee so it didn't get done. rescheduled for 4-3, again no call no show. Just called 3 times to get someone to help other than 'i'll call you back'.

    Both times I have had to reschedule the work being done around the tank removal. (windows and new system). I deal with the Woodbine, NJ office, Nancy. Told her that any additional charges I incur due to them not doing their job, or even CALLING to say they will not remove it, will be passed to them. Nancy's response is 'that's not our problem'.

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