Flighthub / refund, ticket change

United States

I called FlightHub to check that everything was OK with my ticket to Singapore on Feb 17 days before the flight. No one told me that my name has to exactly match my passport name. I only discovered this when trying to get my boarding pass online the night before the flight. This has never been a problem before. Instead of correcting the name on my ticket (which other friends have told me was done for them via other companies), my ticket was canceled and a new one was booked. While this was helpful, it cost me a lot of extra money and stress, since I could not travel with my friends as planned. Why couldn't FlightHub contact the airline to fix the name, as other companies do? My cousin had a similar problem and it was easily fixed within 24 hours. Instead, I had to pay for a more expensive ticket and was not even fully refunded. I was told I could file a claim when I got back to get more complete refunds. When I called, I was kept online for hours and cut off multiple times when transferred to a manager. The service was terrible. I would like a full refund of my ticket and for the insurance, as well as for the travel refund cancellation fee. Ideally, with all the stress, I'd like a refund for the more expensive ticket. A the very least, I shoud receive a full refund and no cancellation fee/double insurance. If I don't receive a response and decent refund, I will be sure to note these complaints online so no one else has to fo through this.

Feb 25, 2019

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