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The Strat Hotel reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 17, 2018. The latest review Stay at hotel was posted on Apr 27, 2021. The latest complaint 8th floor pool was resolved on Aug 21, 2019. The Strat Hotel has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 26 reviews. The Strat Hotel has resolved 1 complaints.

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2000 Las Vegas Blvd. S
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States - 89104

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The Strat Hotel Complaints & Reviews

The Strat HotelStay at hotel

Hi I stayed at your hotel the 23rd 24th and we checked out on the 25th we had a sweet that was supposed to be smoking and then when we arrived we got a non-smoking room were lied to. we were told that you guys do not have any smoking rooms the person that we were traveling with had a smoking room the customer service was unprofessional they were rude disrespectful are toilet was backed up we had to unplug it ourselves cuz nobody ever came we had no hot water so we had to take showers in warm water and the lighting in the room was very very dim we couldn't see anything I was very disappointed at my stay and I still haven't received my deposit back I was charged $100 $50 per night and never received my money back I would appreciate somebody getting back in touch with me at the following email address Sanchez Tracy 113 at gmail.com thank you

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    The Strat HotelParking Garage

    So I parked my car in the parking garage and someone literally stole my car. I got there on Monday and I went down to my car on Wednesday and it was gone. So security just act like they wasnt going to do nothing. I basically had to call the cops myself and when I did find my car everything was gone radio, tools, and 2000 dollars that I was going to use for gambling. I would have never thought that someone would break a window in the garage and just take my car. I had to spend 370 to get someone out there asap to fix the window because I took a rode trip all the way from New Jersey. I said never again I will be staying somewhere else where their security officers actually patrol the area.

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      The Strat HotelUnsatisfied with the whole experience

      My whole stay at the Strat was less than par from the poor customer service, to the hotel staff not filling simple requests such as getting an extra roll of toilet paper after 2 calls. The smell of weed was totally aweful and the noise level in the hallways all hours of the night was extremely unacceptable even after 2 complaints. Now my main concern is that I still haven't received my $200 deposit that they took when I checked in and when I called in today it took me 3 calls with about 23 minutes each call of hold time to speak to someone to reach Sandra the manager to get yet more rude service. After I that everything was resolved, I looked at my account and now there has been an unauthorized charge on my account for $468.70. Making my account to be over drawn charging me $39. Again calling in on hold and spoke with a lady named boung and she was SO rude after 10 minutes of her dismissing me and telling me it was not her issue I needed to call Accounts Receivable. When I asked to speak to a manager she said there was no manager in the whole hotel then proceeded to hang up on me.

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        Mar 31, 2021

        The Strat Hotel — Overall hotel stay experience as well as resort fees

        My husband Jose Gonzalez reserved our rooms at the Strats for Friday March 26, 2021 until Saturday March 27...

        Feb 12, 2021

        The Strat Hotel — Uncomfortable beds

        I have a medical condition and the mattress was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep, was in pain and...

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        Stratosphere HotelUnacceptable customer service

        Horrible experience when I arrived to the hotel desk with my son a gentleman by the name of Brandon was very unprofessional with assisting with my reservation. Unpleasant, didn't welcome nor greet us after coming from the back. once we got to the room he assigned us to, the room was dirty. The hallways were full of trash, and loud music. I went back to the lobby check in desk, and the rep Brandon was no longer at the check in desk. A woman by the name of stephanie came from the back to approach me and my child! After expressing my experience, the woman Stephanie said she could not assist me with a room change! She said there was nothing that she could do! I asked for a refund and a printed receipt of the 211.00 that was charged to my American Express card! The woman named Stephanie said she could not provide a document of the receipt, as well as not expressing the extra 211.00 charge to the card

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          Nov 24, 2020

          Stratosphere Hotel — Service

          I am a Las Vegas local that moved to Arizona. 11/19/2020 I missed my flight that morning and decided to book...

          Stratosphere HotelAmenities and room

          We recently spent our honeymoon in Las Vegas Nov 8, 2020 till Nov 12, 2020. Most shops were closed. Pools were closed. Housekeeping was terrible. Our room was only cleaned twice out of 4 days. We noticed that no casino machines were being sanitized and my husband has underlying heart conditions which detoured us to gamble else where. Our air conditioning fan motor went out on wednesday and our room became a stifling 82 degrees. It smelt like burnt wires which gave us a headache the rest of the day. We had to prop the door open because of the odor was unbearable. We complained about our neighbors fighting. We have stayed before with the strat but this last stay with high resort fees and little amenities and the incident of the air conditioning fan was not pleasant for our honeymoon experience. In the future we plan to look else where. We travel at least 4 times a year on vacation. We stayed room 18-054

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            Jan 30, 2020

            Stratosphere Hotel — bedding

            Good morning I arrived at the stratosphere on Thursday the 23 of January where I stayed with Yolanda Hayes we...

            Jan 13, 2020

            Stratosphere Hotel — room issues and payment overcharge

            I was in 16-0-68 and had a problem with a very hot and humid room and was finally given a new room at 16-0-67...

            Stratosphere Hotelroom

            I prepaid for room through Allegiant and after arriving the desk clerk offered me an upgrade for $20 per night and the resort fee will be $32.99 per night. She stated the room was fully remodeled. The room did not appear to be renovated, the carpet was stained, the sink was not draining properly, and it smelled like mildew. This was my worst stay in any hotel in Vegas. I was charged $39.98 each night for the resort fee instead of the $32.99 as stated during check in. I would like a refund for the $60 and the difference in resort fees.


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              Dec 11, 2019

              Stratosphere Hotel — 50% of place closed

              I did get a good deal at the hotel. We arrived uneasily since my partner and I lost each other at the airport...

              Stratosphere Hotelbox office attendant (ryan) bad behavior

              Nov 30, 2019, 11 am, Me and my wife were getting tickets for the rides. At the box office level 1, there was a big line, I stood in line while my wife went to check if that was the right line to buy tickets to ride. After hearing her question, Attendant named Ryan rudely said go stand in line. After 30 mins when it was our turn, he said that's not where we get tickets to rides. It's another box office up the escalator. When I politely asked why dint you say it before and made us stand in line for 30 mins, he rudely replied "That's not my problem. Its yours". He wasn't even apologetic for giving us wrong info. I never expected such rude behavior at a 5 star hotel. I'm never coming there again..

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                Oct 12, 2019

                Stratosphere Hotel — accounts

                I stayed at your hotel for 3 nights from 7th October to 10th October in Room 8106. Booking done and paid...

                Stratosphere Hotelfront desk manager

                I had a booking in Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower (Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104) on Oct 8th for one night. I was checking in with my wife and 2 year old daughter.

                I came to the hotel around 5:45 pm on 8th October 2019 to check-in. There was a big line for check-in. We were in line when my daughter started crying profusely. I stepped out of the line while my wife and my daughter were still in line. I went to the front desk to request to provide me a room a bit early so that my wife can feed my daughter in the room. They asked me to go to self check-in. I went there and tried check-in but it did not work out. So I came back to the front desk requesting the same thing. They asked me to talk to the manager. They pointed me to the Manager (Names MJ). I went up to him and requested him the same thing.

                He said that you need to go to line and there is nothing we can do in a very rude manner. I requested him again that please I need a room immediately as other guests in the line are also getting worried as my daughter was continuously crying. He said that you need to go to line and if you will stand here I will call the security. I was taken aback. I said security? Are you kidding me? I am just requesting if the process can be done faster thats it.

                He said just go to the line or I am calling security. This was enough. I said ok I am leaving but is there anyone else senior to you whom I can talk to? He said there is no other senior member out here and I am the senior most person here. At this moment I finally asked if I can get your business card. To which he denied again.

                I then left the front desk and tried calling the [protected] number to ask for some help. I talked to the operator and explained the entire situation. She said that she cannot do anything but can connect me to VP Hotels (Mr. Miller). She connected me to his phone but unfortunately it went to voice mail. I left a voice mail in his mail box explaining the same thing.

                My wife waited for entire 45 min in the line for her turn. My daughter was crying for the entire 45 min. I also made a video of this entire situation.
                Even the people in the line were getting very much worried because my daughter crying. But the manager did not gave a single most attention to this.

                I am reaching out to you in desperate situation. The manager did not tell his entire name. He told his name as MJ. If you will check the manager on duty on 8th Oct around 5:45 pm front desk, you will come to know his real name.

                He even threatened my wife by saying that if your husband will call senior executive members of the hotel, he will call the security and throw me out of the hotel.

                I have stayed earlier in Stratosphere and I had a very pleasant experience but this time it was a nightmare.

                I really urge you to fire him immediately. The way in which he misbehaved with me and my wife was never ever acceptable.

                Please take very strong action against him.

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                  Stratosphere Hotelpayment


                  I stayed at your hotel 26 of September. When we checked in I paid extra for a room with a view of the strip.. We got a room which smelled of marihuana. I called reception and we got another room. Unfortunately this room did not have a view of the strip. I went down to the check in desk and asked for a room with a view of the strip which I paid extra for in accordance with the advice at the first check in.. Unfortunately they told me they could not switch me anymore and instead they would not charge the resort fee and extra payment for the view. After leaving I noticed that my creditcard was billed for these costs.. I hope you can correct this mistake as was told to me at the desk that these costs would not be deducted.


                  Maarten van den Biezenbos
                  Booking number [protected]

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                    Stratosphere Hotelroom and service

                    Rooms was over 150.00 dollars per night we did not have anything to warm our food no microwave we didn't not have anything to keep our drinks cold no fridge we call for one and it never came. Call desk and ask for bottle water told us they would bring it and never showed up their are so many stains on floor and rest room look like a jail cell. We had mold under our facebowl and wood was chipper on serval furniture items painting on wall mirror in rest room and on rest room counter where mold was also growing upon arriving In the room did find ashes on floor of room and paraphernalia from last guest I will never stay here again

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Stratosphere Hotel8th floor pool

                      There are no parasols available, only a hand full. And you need to hand over tour ID for a pin.but there are more pinns than parasols. This is redicilius. You can Paul 160 dollar for ome some shade ie het skin cancer. Unortunately the ppl at the towel desk are of no help to
                      I Will never ever visit this place ever again.
                      Room 17064

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                        I Just want this tot be removed

                        Stratosphere Hotelcustomer service/ stereotyping

                        On August 6th, 2019 me and my wife arrived at the casino to play our money as we do each visit to alas Vegas, Nevada. A woman cleaner walked passed me and my wife saying, "OMG it's coming from 444." A few moments later me and my wife were approached by a supervisor named Jordan along with a black male security guard. Jordan said to me and my wife, "If you are smoking anything other than cigarettes you need to leave the casino." Me and my wife have a problem with the way Jordan approached us, because he didn't even check the cameras to see who was actually smoking he just assumed it was me and my wife. Me nor my wife are smokers, therefore we are very offended. Our first instinct was to leave, but My wife wanted to speak to someone else. That is when The supervisor named Chris, whom refused to give my wife Jordan's name provided us with a form to file a statement. Chris was very rude. Me and my wife should not have been treated like this especially since we were being accused of something that had nothing to do with us. If we knew we were going to be stereotyped because of our ethnicity then we would have chosen another casino to spend our money at. There were numerous people around the machines that me and my wife were at that were were actually indeed smoking. This situation needs to be addressed, I've already advised our lawyer on this issue, so a response or acknowledgement would be necessary.

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                          Stratosphere Hotelhotel room and service

                          We checked into the Strat hotel on July 22 and were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a nicer room with the refrigerator. We went ahead and did the upgrade for an additional charge and headed up to our room after 12 hours of traveling when we got into a room there was a distinctive smell of marijuana when we asked for no smoking room. We called down to the front desk and were told that they would take care of our upgrade fees due to the smell of marijuana in the room. After checking out and looking at our bill we were not credited at the upgrade fees and when we called to check on it the manager Tonya extremely rude told us that they were only crediting us one night because they cannot do anything about the marijuana smell. If we were supposed to be in A non-smoking room then there shouldn't be any lingering smell of any sort of smoke. Not only was a marijuana smell issue for the room being an upgraded room at a freshly remodeled room according to the agent that checked us in the door to where the fridge was was off the hinges. Maid service came into her room every day but all they did was make our beds. We left the hotel with bed bug bites. We gambled at the hotel one night but after experiencing extremely rude waitresses we decided not to waste your money anymore in our hotel and ventured out to use it at other hotels. This was the worst experience in my entire life that I've had with the hotel company. After staying in various hotels over the span of 30 years this one will be one that I will make sure to let everyone know that this hotel is not one to stay at.

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