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I have paid early every month. I have bank statements to back me up. they called me the 1st time august 18th to say my payment was late. I told them that I paid it that I like to try to pay my bills early. the guy told me that there were 2 payments in july. I told him that one of the payments is for august but still they charged me late charges.i went ahead and paid September's payment august 28th. then I started getting calls sept 1st and my payment is not due until oct 8th. they left messages a couple of times but all they said was hello hello. (I guess they do not know what an answer machine is). they call my cell phone 1st then my house phone. this is harassment and it wasn't even the 8th of the month. calling me several times a day both on my cell phone and my home phone since the beginning of the month and using blocked call. I finally answered the phone on sept 14th and told them that I am caught up and that my payment is not due until oct 8th. told them what they are doing is harassment and if I have to I will get a lawyer. I paid them early every month and they are trying to screw me over. I have proof that I have paid them early.

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Sep 14, 2016 5:55 pm EDT

It sounds to me like you do not understand your charge account. Paying early on a revolving account does not make your 'monthly' payment. It comes off your principal. If you pay before the cycle date of your account, you are paying principal, your normal payment comes due. They are right: you are paying late even when you think you are paying early. A lawyer will advise you to read your loan agreement.


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