Fifth Third Bankpredatory fees, banking practices, and horrible customer service

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After this being the SECOND time that this ridiculously absurd bank has given me and my partner the run around about our account, I felt it was due time to come and complain. First and foremost, Fifth Third Bank is a predatory fee bank. Jacob and I switched from Lafayette Savings Bank to Fifth Third Bank about a year ago when we moved to Indianapolis. No idea why, but we did.

Long story short. We overdrafted our account by 45 cents and were charged $148 in overdraft fees due to "Pending Transactions." I sat on the phone with Customer Service for a decade and a half with some ignorant SOB named Michelle who decided to treat me like a four year old and explain "finger painting by Fifth Third."

Well let me tell you something, I don't appreciate being spoken to like a four year old, number one and number two, they call other banks loan sharks (like American General Finance). HAH! Excuse me, but that's almost 35000% interest on $0.45.

Just watch out. These people are horrible and don't help worth a damn.


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    MyFamily Jan 29, 2009

    My wife and I have a simular problem with them now. Our account was overdrafted by $0.19 and by the time we recieved notice it had grown to $219! We went into the bank to discuss it with them and were told that they had called us and sent letters to our address. However, when they went to show us the letters (plural) that they keep copies of, we were told by the person in charge that they had fogotten to make copies of the letters those days. The account was closed due to us not contacting them about paying the overdraft the day before we visited conviently enough and were also told that we must pay the fee's and then they would decide IF we could open another account with them. So, I will dispute the charges they sent (after two days) to collections and now have activiated an old family account instead.

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    closeyouraccount Aug 31, 2009

    They are modern day crooks hiding behind the government.

    I am looking to start a class action law suit but need your story

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