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All of this happened February 11 2010, The call was made on January 18th 2010 at 6:51PM. Complaint is with Fido Canada.

Greetings! Thank you for viewing my complaint!
I would like to start off by when i viewed my Invoice on the Fido Site. (attached is a photo i took from my computer today. When looking more closely at the invoice i was charged 72.44 for 297:32(MINUTES:SECONDS) for a call placed on January 18th 2010, 6:51PM. As for my 2 year contract with Fido, it is a 2 year plan with free Evenings and weekends starting 7PM.
The issue is that i started my call at 6:51pm and it went past that time into my evenings and weekend time. When i made that call i only assumed that after 7 i would be given free minutes according to Free evenings and weekends advertised by Fido. The company boasts a Per Second Billing system; should it not be obvious that after 7pm, all my seconds are free of charge?

Anyways, believing i could find some information about this discrepancy on the website, i proceeded to view the "Plans" page, it stated Unlimited after 7pm to 7am evenings and weekends. They did NOT state, as shown in attached pictures taken FEBRUARY 11TH 2010, that calls made before 7pm are charged wholly, even if the call proceeds PAST 7pm. They did not state it in the bold print, NOR in the find print under "Terms and Conditions"

Identifying the issue, i proceeded to call the Fido billing information helpline. I was answered by KATHERINE, Customer Service Representative, reluctantly stating her ID as 1811597. I asked her many times if the ID was correct and she stated yes.
She, rather rudely, while cutting me off, continued to say that calls made before 7PM are charged wholly whatever the duration is. Ignoring my question, "where on the site does it clarify that it is unlimited CALLS made after 7 opposed to MINUTES like how it states how many daytime minutes there are available to my 25 a month plan(100), or even SECONDS as advertised by "per-second billing".
She rudely, raising her voice proceeded to tell me that it is the customers responsibility to "use common sense". I believe this is UNACCEPTABLE. SUCH ambiguity that can lead to charges of large amounts of money. SHOULD be stated on the site SOMEWHERE, even if it IS in fineprint. IT WAS NOT. Eventually, after yelling at me she proceeded to say "one second" and put me on hold rather abruptly, not waiting for my reply. Such customer treatment is unsatisfactory, unacceptable, and deceptive when reading the "fido cares" section of the website. i hope employee training is redone after this issue is resolved.

Furthermore, i have sent a copy of this email to FIDO, and have talked to multiple customer service representatives, only to be met by rude people. The employees are unable to justify the charge by showing me the LEGAL PRINT stating that all calls made during daytime calling is charged wholly. NOR have they shown me anything of ANY kind, relating to my query. Nothing beyond stating multiple times, with a raised voice that Evenings and weekends start at 7pm. THey completely ignore my query about the discrepancy between minutes/second billing and calls made before 7pm.
NOTE: i am more than happy to pay the 9 minutes before 7PM but i refuse to pay the 280some minutes after. It is not my fault that something like that is not cleared up by terms and conditions on . I would also like to state that such an issue about calls made before 7pm has NEVER been brought to my attention before, none at either the Fido branches, the website, or even through previous mistake by making a call before 7pm and completing the call after 7pm. this has never happened before and i cannot be held accountable over such a discrepancy and unacceptable ambiguity.

I apologize for my emotion and length of this complaint, i would not normally make such a big deal about 80 dollars or so but as you already know, the recessive nature of our Canadian economy has not treated myself and my family well. I do not know whether you can check this or not but my parents have filed for child support and welfare and we are barely making the 35dollar a month payment already.
Thank you very very much for your time, i sincerely hope that no one else runs into this issue again, and that Fido retrains their employees on customer treatment and proper telephone etiquette, that they put a ONE LINER under Terms and conditions clearing up the discrepancy, and that my 72 dollars and 44 cents charge be removed from my account at Fido. My account number is [protected], phone number [protected].
This overall experience has caused my family and i emotional distress and grief, i expect to be compensated for the treatment i received by KATHERINE 1811597, and the irresponsibility of Fido training their employees unacceptably. Again i apologize for the length of this letter, i just don't want to be held accountable for lack of detail or a legal practicality. I just honestly didn't know. Thank you very much, please try to help me before my next billing cycle? ( March 5th 2010 i believe) I do understand how busy you are.

Heres Hoping,



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    DarR87 Jun 03, 2016

    Client services do not exist with FIDO. The company makes it as difficult as possible for their customer agents to assist with your requests and/or difficulties because they are forced to work without the necessary tools. Consequently, they are always UNHAPPY or ANNOYED to talk to you which results to a bad experience altogether. This is a vicious and unacceptable cycle.

    I've been with FIDO for quite a number of years especially because they're now the only company that uses SIM cards (my experience with Rogers was not ideal either to say the least). I've been good and paid my bills on time. The only other time I had a serious complaint (since I don't like paper wastage) is when I couldn't log-in to the client portal (after they migrated to their most current interface) which took forever to get fixed and several phone calls much to their dismay (as they thought the problem would just simply go away). Since I couldn't (or wait to) print out my invoices to submit my company expenses, I had to order a paper copy which costed me something like $10.00 CAD. Of course they would not re-imburse me even after saving them $$ by choosing online billing and the fact that it was their fault I couldn't print out my invoices. Imagine how upsetting that is!

    This time, I requested to cancel my account when my contract expires on January 31, 2009. Apparently they can't process an advance notice and I HAVE TO CALL ON DECEMBER 31ST TO ENSURE THAT THEY CANCEL MY SERVICES 30 DAYS LATER. The customer service agent on the phone even said, "Well I would put it on my personal task list but I can't be sure if I'm even working that day." (I was not only APALLED but very DISGUSTED by this comment.) They require a 30-day notice for cancellation BUT YOU CAN'T CALL IN ADVANCE. How absurd can that be? Based on my experience with them, I can bet you a million dollars that if I call on New Year's Day that they will refuse to cancel it on the expiry date. Don't count on me paying you a million bucks though since it is as fake as their customer service.

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