FedEx Corporate Servicestruck driver


In Phenix City, AL on my way to work the morning of 2/16/17 around 7:50am one of your truck drivers in a rather large truck #826423, came flying by in the left hand lane and cut over 2 lanes at last minute and forced his way in on the turn ramp going into Columbus, GA. This almost caused a severe accident as EVERYONE had to slam on their brakes. He just kept going like it was nothing and stayed in the left hand lane the entire time, holding up all the morning rush! My father is a retired truck driver(double tanker) and has taught me all the rules of the road, even for truck drivers and this behavior is deplorable! You are a high profile company so I hope you deal with this driver and re-train him or whatever you need to do so this doesn't happen to someone else. Next time it could be a terrible accident, all it takes is one person that isn't paying attention.


S. Nobles

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