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FedEx Complaints & Reviews, Page 25

FedEx Corporate Servicesdriver

This is a corporate office and we rely on Fedex to pick up our packages.
The driver did not come and retreive our package. It was a crucial item that was being shipped next day, today delivery. The box was outside our door and the driver made a note that our office door was locked. He did not attemept to come to the door or he/she would have seen the box in front of the door.
This has happened numerous of times. Please advise this driver to do his/her job by going to the doors.

Thank you.

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    FedEx Corporate Servicesredirect a shipment

    I think this board is FedEx way of letting upset customers vent and maybe make them feel better, as if maybe someone at FedEx will care enough to do something about it (we can only hope?). But, my package is still going to the wrong place and FedEx Customer Support terminated the chat without a resolution, after 40 minutes wasting my time with repeated entry fields and chad stalls and useless questions. I only wanted to redirect the delivery, which is clearly advertised as an option by FedEx, and I was willing to pay for that service, but got error after error on the website and no help at all from customer service - both virtual and human. No explanation other than sorry we cant do that. What? Of course you can - you advertise you will. Or at least tell me why you cant' or won't! And don't abruptly hang up the chat line without some closure. I have no idea where my package is going to end up since no one will be at the current delivery location to sign - perhaps it will end up with Tom Hanks on an island somewhere.
    So - do I feel better now? Nope. Will I use UPS USPS or any other available service next time to handle my packages - probably. FedEx won't miss my few hundred $$ per year, but judging by this complaint board there are a lot of people that are in the same mindset as me. I assume they already have already concluded the benefit of satisfying a small customer like me, even if only by providing a good explanation, is not worth the cost or loss of business.
    BTY FedEx - if you decide to help me out, please send me email or text or call and I'll be glad to pay for that package to be delivered to the right place. I will explain to my granddaughter why we need to wait a little longer for her graduation gift.
    Tracking #[protected].

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      FedEx Corporate Servicescustomer service and miss information

      Here is my tracking number [protected], should have a record of at least 7 calls and transfers, to largely disrespectful, and albeit well trained non-customer focused individuals. Very skilled at telling the customer what you won't do, and uniforming structured with no interest in finding a way in where you can correct your screw ups and make things right with the customers. Poor excuse for such an enterprise.

      But, perhaps someone can tell me how your online tracking system provides information (which no one appears to be accountable for) that is grossly in accurate and misleading! Case in point, my package was to be delivered on May 10. When I did not receive it, after a very unprofessional and protracted dialog with Ms Jocelyn, I told was it not be delivered until the 13th. (By the way she should be fired or put in a position were she doesn't interface with paying customers).
      So she gives me this information, I then go to your tracking system to find out "tracking" is pending. Pending...no mention of the a May 13 delivery, simply from delivery by the end of the day on May 10 too pending???

      So, another call, another transfer, and I get the tacking department. Here I am told the package is LOST, "has not been GPS tracked since May 8th...label must have fallen off". "So, you need to describe the contents so we can open up packages and find it"...what kind of nonsense is this...FedEx screws up and not your problem and the burden is on me to enable you to fix it. Wow!

      It just gets better. The package is lost, if we can find it, the it will be declared deliverable on 16 May and you'll have to take that up with the shipper!

      Such a deal for FedEx, you screw up, and take no accountability.

      As frustrated as I can be, I go back to your tracking system online AND remarkably somehow in less than 30 minutes, (according to your on line tracking system) my package(s) are found.

      Wait, what about no GPS tracking history since May 8th;...and no label...no detailed description of contents; how can it be, is it true, have my packages been found? Amazing...with no label, and no tracking scans since May 8th, and somehow in less than and hour with no ability to contact the "station" you find it.

      I see this as a FedEx screw up from the get go.

      So I asked, Customer service on my last call, "since I took a day off work, at my expense, waiting for a package you lost, which now has been found, can you get it to me tomorrow...well the answer I got was NOT JUST NO BUT HELL NO! It is a GROUND shipment. Would have thought, with everything FedEx put me through, you could at least try to make things right...

      Got the answer..no way...not going to happen..screw you.

      Must be nice to get paid for not delivering and having no sense of doing the right thing.

      Financial reports indicate:

      "FedEx won't achieve its operating income goals by fiscal 2020, the company said today"

      "It's also going to start offering buyouts to eligible employees along with other cost-cutting measures"... strong suggestion start with Ms Jocelyn!

      "FedEx Express' goal of achieving an operating income of $1.5 billion by fiscal 2020 won't be achieved, the company said in its earnings report on Tuesday."

      "The Memphis, Tennessee-based company also dropped its 2019 earnings guidance to $15.50 to $16.60 per share. Previously, the company forecasted $17.20 to $17.80 a share. In after-hours trading, FedEx shares dropped by 6%"

      It is easy to rationalize failures due to the economy and such...but failure comes from within... FedEx is not the Company it used to be. Being skilled at telling people what you won't do, with a screw you attitude, and no interest in doing what you should to make things right is why you have compromised your ability to be successful and profitable.

      My wife's birthday and Mothers Day are one day apart, I order these items as gifts for her special days, and did it to insure delivery before her Birthday. You screwed up at my expense. I took a day off form work at my expense based upon bogus FedEx information, and you could careless!

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        • Updated by David Lukomski · May 10, 2019

          Screw you attitude and no accountability for FedEx mistakes and unacceptable service and parctices

        • Updated by David Lukomski · May 10, 2019

          Just read the message

        FedEx Corporate Servicessemi truck driver

        Truck and double trailer traveling West bound I-90 approx 2:30pm around Four Lakes exit 10 miles West of Spokane Wa. Passed truck legally in left lane and driver yelled at us and used his middle finger to gesture at us. Driver looked to be in his 50's with a long grey beard. Very unprofessional. This occured on 5/7/19. Not a good representation of your company.

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          FedEx Corporate Servicesfed ex delivery fraud

          On April 25th I spoke with fed ex and asked that my scheduled delivery be held and delivered on April 30th as I was out of town due to ill mother who passed away the next day. I waited all day on the 30th and there was no delivery. I contacted the sender who arranged for the package to be picked up from the warehouse and delivered today may 3rd. I have been waiting all day and now see in the updates section of tracking that recipient {me} refused delivery a half hour ago. this simply is not true. I have been waiting and no one has been here. I believe that fed ex is fraudulently trying to collect a $100 delivery return fee rather than deliver my package. tracking number [protected]. I called customer service who did nothing more than tell me I refused...this is not true. sender should not be out $100 and I should not have to wait two days for nothing just so fed ex can collect $100. scam. hoping you can look into this and fire driver. I will not use fed ex ever and am asking all my wine be shipped via other companies.

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            FedEx Corporate Servicestrucks speeding through my community

            FedX Ground
            8200 Elder Creek Road
            Sacramento, CA 95824

            Big Rigs/trucks speeding through my neighborhood on Elder Creek Road are blowing their horns at cars. When full/heavy or empty, they rattle and shake the ground/foundation of our homes, the windows rattle, or make a loud boom sound like a bomb going off. Our nerves are on edge because of all the noise. Please assist us with this matter as soon as possible. Thank you.

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              FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery

              Yesterday at 11:01 I had a package delivered to my house that was thrown on my doorstep and due to the negligence of the delivery person he killed my new bubble tip anemone.
              They are very delicate and temperature sensitive. My fiancé was home all day and the guy never knocked on the door now Fedex is given me the run around. I have emailed the video of the guy throwing the box on the porch and running. This was emailed to his manager. This bubble tip anemone is Worth $500. The pore this dead because of the delivery guys negligence.

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                FedEx Corporate Servicesdangerous driver

                Ostwalt-Amity Road, Troutman, NC at approximately 5pm today I was on my way home from work going the 55 mph speed limit on 2 lane rd with NO traffic behind me. Your truck, number 313254 (number on top right of the truck), plate looks like 7F 3661 or 3861 makes a right turn in front of me causing me to have to brake very hard - totally unnecessary given no other traffic. I blew my horn at him. I believe he was trying to keep me from being able to get his info as at the next intersection where the light had just turned red for us, he barely slowed down, and made a right turn again, going through the now very red light, this time making the car with the right away have to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting him. I believe he may have seen in his side view mirror that I had my camera out and didn't want to be stuck at that intersection with me. This type of unnecessary, unprofessional, reckless driving makes FedEx look bad. Good ammunition though for anyone wanting to sue! Getting myself a dashcam just for this kind of stupid driver.

                dangerous driver

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                  FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex moonachie, nj location

                  Hello. I am not writing this to get anyone fired. I am writing this because I have worked in customer service jobs in the past and know when someone is just having a bad day or just horrible at customer care.

                  Upon walking in there was no one behind the counter. There are no signs to direct you where to wait possibly in a line. I stood there confused until someone came from the back. No friendly greeting just a direct what do you need. I said I was there to pick up a package for my husband but did not have the slip. Before I could even continue that I had the tracking number via email, I was being brutally questioned rhetorically about how is she supposed to find my package without a code?

                  She even took a man behind me in the middle of me trying to explain myself. Nothing but rude and nasty service at this location. For starters, the packaged being delivered needs a signature. Okay that's fine but when he left the slip he didn't check off that it was going to be attempted to be delivered again it said it would have to be picked up. When my husband went, the service was just as awful and said that it was attempted to be delivered another 3 times and we have until Friday to get it before they send it back. Like this is all our fault for not being home.

                  This isn't just a one day incident. Take a look at the awful reviews of this location on YELP. This worker was nothing but rude and unhelpful. I simply turned around and left because no one should have to deal with a nasty human like that. Whenever I go to a UPS store, the employees are always kind and there to help. Maybe you need to take some tips from them in customer service.

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                    FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex freight

                    I work for Walgreens Distribution and I have an opportunity to ship out 50 truck loads of freight to our stores across the eastern United States. I contacted our local hub in Duncan SC and talked to an operations manager to see if we could work together to ship these out to over 1000 locations. The manager I talked to said his name was Todd and I told informed him of the opportunity to be able to ship this large volume using FEDEX. It would require us to be able to ship the product on dollies instead of pallets as each dolly could be rolled onto the trailer and each dolly was loaded with 14 totes all going to the same location. Also, each dolly is strapped so that nothing will shift or move as this is how we normally ship product to our stores. Todd told me that they could not do this because they could not be strapped inside the trailers. I told him that we use standard load straps to load these totes in our trailer so it actually is more secure than pallets in the first place. He once again said that he could not do it and that each one would need to have a separate BOL created.

                    I feel that Todd, is very inflexible and not willing to assist us in this time of need. I am currently reaching out to UPS to have them help us. I appears that Todd does not want any additional business that could help FEDEX during this seasonal low period.

                    Please feel free to contact me with any questions at mike. [protected]@walgreens.com or by calling [protected]

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                      FedEx Corporate Servicescollect shipment? don't do it.

                      If you send a shipment to be charged to the recipient, and the recipient gives you an account that is not in good standing, or just refuses the bill, FedEx will charge you for the shipment.

                      I've gone round and round with customer service and been told to contact the person who actually incurred the charges to get them to pay it or get another account number-- which I had already done.

                      So apparently now I work for FedEx's collections department for free.

                      So-- caveat-- don't send collect FedEx shipments unless you're okay with paying for them in the end.

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                        FedEx Corporate Servicesnon delivery of ordered (and paid for items)

                        I ordered food for my dogs on April 10. It is 1 to 2 days delivery...it has now been 5 days since the order was shipped and still no delivery. I have two 120# dogs that have been completely OUT OF FOOD for 4 days now because of the non delivery. I live on a fixed income and have paid for the food and cannot afford to go out and buy more, This is animal cruelty at the hands of FedEx. I should be compensated!!!

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                          Apr 09, 2019

                          FedEx Corporate Services — I am complaining about not refunding my money after claim was favored to me. one plus 5 android phone costs $428.89.

                          On February 21, 2019, I have bought one plus 5 Android phone from NGP Store USA(order# [protected]...

                          Apr 05, 2019

                          FedEx Corporate Services — medication that my husband orders from accredo in warrendale pa

                          My husband ordered his medication from Accredo in Warrendale PA, Accredo told him to expect his medication on...

                          FedEx Corporate Servicesitems not delivered to correct address

                          4-5-2019 Whoever was delivering the package with the Tracking number [protected] barcode number [protected] [protected] DID NOT delivery this packages to their address. He was not our typical driver.
                          These address are in a private property with a Gate Host at the front gate all day long. When he 1st arrived at 11:36 am he did not pull up to the gate, even though I was outside to greet him and BLOCKED our only entrance and WITHOUT leaving anything he left.
                          Sometime later (without hitting our censor) he came back and left an assortment of packages at 412 Lake Forest Drive that DID NOT belong here.

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                            Fedex Zambiashipping and delivering goods from their us/uk hubs

                            So i buy goods from the US and the same goods are shipped and delivered at their US hub on 27th of January 2019 and another one is delivered to the same hub on the 19th of February 2019 and to this day, the 2nd of April 2019, i still have not recieved them and no information whatsoever!

                            On the 28th of February 2019, i bought another item but this time through iShop and amazingly this package was delivered to me on the 14th of March 2019.

                            How do i deal with this?

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                              FedEx Corporate Servicespackages not being delivered to the correct address.

                              I have called on three different occassions about not receiving my items. All I can get from representatives is let me put in a complaint. On 3/19/19, I called to let them know again that my packages were delivered to my old address and left at the back door. I sent someome to retrieve my packages and they are not there. I have written down all tracking numbers and prices and I would like a refund of $272.78. I kept calling and calling and I just got brushed aside. Let's see what happens when you are contacted by my lawyer. This is very unacceptable.

                              packages not being delivered to the correct address.
                              packages not being delivered to the correct address.
                              packages not being delivered to the correct address.
                              packages not being delivered to the correct address.
                              packages not being delivered to the correct address.

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                                FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex ground shipment from usa to canada


                                I would like to raise a complaint about my recent shipment I had sent form US while moving to Canada. I had shipped total 8 boxes and I was told that FedEx ground was my cheapest option and will tkae 4 days. After 3 days Fedex called me and told that shipment is held at US border for Custom clearances. And I was redirected to FedEx Custom Private agents. This itself looks like a way FedEx is trying to make money. Inspite of I telling them multiple times that I am moving to Canada as a settler and per my conversation with Canada Border Security Officers, I am allowed to bring all my personal goods without any duties. I was still forced by FedEx to pay duties else thye will not be able to ship it accross the border. I agreed to pay those duties, though I was not supposed to pay it. Even after agreeing to this, FedEx is not reaching out to me and my shipment is still stuck. When I tried to complain this to FedEx, they made a note of it and never got back to me with any resolution. I recommend all not to use FedEx for your shipment, please be aware they are not aware of any process and do not work as a single company. They just try to Rip money form your pocket and do nothign for your concerns. I am totally disappointed an frustrated with the wy they handeled my shipment and will never be shipping with FedEx again.

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                                  FedEx Corporate Servicesunethical behavior

                                  Your driver Mitch Kantrowitz drivers License #C064230001 was involved in a traffic accident on 2/6/2019 in Wamsutter, Wy we had 9 employees on the scene and all have confirmed that Mitch was very hostile and aggressive in manner after alone with being very racist against our driver stating he was an illegal Mexican and shouldn't be driving anyway. We do believe this behavior is unacceptable. I am attaching the written reports from our drivers that were complied to do an investigation on our part. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
                                  The company number that Mitch gave us was 24147.


                                  Tammy Jurgens
                                  Sky Blue Enterprises, Inc
                                  DBA D&D Oilfield Services
                                  [protected] P
                                  [protected] F

                                  unethical behavior

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                                    Feb 09, 2019

                                    FedEx — not the female (african) driver, but the male (african with dreads) who actually throws/drops and not carefully place your packages at your door

                                    Today my packages were delivered by 12:00 noonday basically thrown on my porch because I could hear the boxe...

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