Fashion Novapackage lost in transit no store credit received

C Sep 10, 2018

I had made a few orders around August with this company, I made a huge order that was for my birthday weekend that I was planning to enjoy and a few other smaller orders after.i ended up receiving the small orders I had purchase after the big order but was yet to receive my larger order everytime I would try to track it it was always showing me that it was located in RRD logistics and had never moved from there so I decided to contact them in an email.They responded and told me that apparently my order was lost in transit and I would be ordered a store credit.I was so disappointed because if I didnt email them I wouldn't have known nothing and il be here waiting for this package which was never gonna come to me and it was for my birthday they already had ruined all that.Wrote them email stating how disappointed I was and that I would be waiting for my store credit.I am still yet to receive my store credit I don't know why they taking their time to send it to me.I am not gonna let my hard earn money go for absolute nothing my order totalled to $198.00 and I'm from Australia so that's not something you just let go of.Iv been shopping with them for years I'm so disappointed I feel like fashion nova cares more about the celebrities and influencers than they do anybody else and we are the ones even making them money but they could care less.Im not happy at all..this is gonna be the last time I ever shop with this company again.

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