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Farfetch reviews & complaints

Farfetch complaints 124

Farfetch - Goossens cabochon Triple drop hearings purchase instead of Goossens Lhassa small links Bracelet purchase

I am writing to learn why I was refused a discount on my first purchase at FARFETCH.

I placed an order at 13:45 0n Friday December 3, 2021 (Order number: VSQKV6). Given that was my first purchase, the Microsoft apps gave me a $41 promotion discount. What is significant here is that I cancelled that order 1/2 hour after the purchase was made, at 14:15 on the same day.
Within 15 minutes of my order cancellation, i.e.at 14:33, I placed a new order (Order number: VSRRG6) on Farfetch. THE WEBSITE INDICATED THE SAME DISCOUNT (as with the recently cancelled order) of $41.00.
On the order confirmation (VSRRG6), no discount was applied. I immediately called Customer Service at [protected]. The representative at Customer Service indicated that the discount applied only to the 1st purchase and could not be applied to my replacement purchase. In other words, even though I cancelled my first purchase and ended up with nothing, as if the purchase never happened, somehow that constituted a first purchase. In other words, a cancelled purchase constitutes a "purchase", as far as FARFETCH is concerned.
Does that make sense? I don't think so. I feel like I am being played. This is not like the item was shipped out to me, and I returned it.
In sum, I would ask you to be reasonable and grant me the $41 discount to be applied to this purchase.
I can be reached at jose.[protected]@gmail.com, or 212.222.6043.

Desired outcome: Get the original discount applied to my cancelled 1st purchase, applied to the current purchase which is, in fact, my first purchase.

Farfetch - Converse

Hi, I have ordered a pair of converse on 26 of November with order number TPY5XL. Bought size 6.5, but received 7.5... now my husband didn't received his present for his birthday, and I am very disappointed. Also i would like back the money I paid for delivery 10£.. please let me know how this problem can be solved as though is a respected site. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Want the pair of converse I ordered and the money I paid for delivery

Farfetch - Fake discount info on BlackFriday - Cancel customer's paid order X3UD2B

I made an order of 1 pairs of Ferragamo shoes from Farfertch on 27Nov 2021, with 20% additional discount. However, received order cancellation email on 30Nov 2021, the reason given by Farfetch is "out of stock", while I can see the same product with same size is showing available but back to normal price.
Platform explained Farfetch does not own stock, the inventory belongs to their partner.
As a customer, I take this as a cheating way, platform put sales label, while cancel the paid order after sales week.
I hope Farfetch could notice this complaint and provide the solution.

Desired outcome: Receive the product as what I have ordered, don't accept refund.


Farfetch - Poor partner relationships - unacceptable customer service

Item was purchased (Church's white leather sneaker size 39.
Size was too tight.
Returned per FARFETCH instructions in original condition received.
FARFETCH declined return, advised "partner unable to accept" and they could make no exception.
Clearly FARFETCH has not established positive vendor relations with their merchandise partners, otherwise, this routine return issue could have been resolved. Extremely unprofessional.

Desired outcome: Refund/credit

Farfetch - Order nº x3qhzb

I have ordered a bag during black week sale. I ordered Chloé small tess day bag. However I received the Mini version of the bag.
I have sent an email and called Farfetch.
They will make me a refund, but I want the bag I bought..
But they are still analyzing, because the bag I bought is no longer on sale and they say they can't make the bag the same price again.
This seems like the store that was doing the sale tried to scam the clients. I buy an article that has a % of sale, however I receive the smaller one. So they are trying to scam me. This is not ok and Farfetch needs to make amends.

Desired outcome: I want my article for the price I have bought!! Is not my fault that the store was trying to scam me.

Farfetch - Unreasonable charge for on line shopping

On 26th Nov, I have placed the order # 8X2BNV for 4 items, after I settled the payment, I found one of the item is missing and caused the shipping fee HKD250 in this order since it just costs HKD80.

Few mins later, I placed the 2nd order# VZDY36 for the missing item, I found the order created another shipping fee and without apply the 20% discount, so I wonder to request whether it can be put 2 orders together and not sure whether your system was occurred error so made I need to place another order for settlement.

Until 27 Nov, Farfetch CS team replied the orders cannot be combine and advice me the items can be return but the shipping fees are fixed to charge on my account, seem their advice did not constructive and I also realise on it the item can be return but shipping fee is unable to do it, but 2 orders just released few mins in between and which involved your system issue so impact I need to place 2 no order, what reason I need to cover 2 shipping fees and the 2nd item without applied 20% discount.

I was totally disappointed for your CS team response and they did not proactive to resolve the issue and made me loss on those orders made in before.

From now on, I feel untrustworthy on your company and begins not trying to use your company for on line shipping in the near future.

See if you can consider and advice how to resolve the problem.


Oct 15, 2021

Farfetch - Unethical Behaviour

Hi I orderd a pair of slippers in may, order D5BD9E, the delivery driver delivered it to someone else and farfetch blatantly refused to refund me my money. I'm a private client on their portal but they I wasnt even treated as such. I had to file a chargeback with mastercard through my bank and since then because the chargeback was successful, farfetch have barred me from shopping with them and even arm twisting me to return the money $568 to them and since then i cant even shop. DONT USE THEM BECAUSE IF YOUR ITEM GETS MISSING/STOLEN WHEN enroute NO REFUNDS!

Desired outcome: Ability to shop back and regaining my private client account

Many questing come to mind while reading this review...

To begin with, $500 plus for slippers?

Next, who's fault was it that the package was delivered to someone else? Did it have the correct address?

Finally, why would you care whether the site cut you off from doing business? Isn't your whole complaint warning others not to do business with this site?


Farfetch - I have purchased two items branded as new but were damaged

On the 1st of September I used the Farfetch platform to purchase a pair of Burberry sunglasses. I received the item only to see that the product had a scratched lens. I returned the item, and...

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Sep 16, 2021

Farfetch - Order number FPUBDF

Hi I orderd a pair of trainers on the 29/30th august that I still have not received, the delivery driver deliverd it to the correct address but the wrong person as it is shared accommodation, even though I had to sign for it, I watched my neighbour ring doorbell to try and see if I could see who took my parcel but could only see the delivery driver confirming my name while just passing my expensive parcel to who ever was at the front door, this has been investigated and have been told that me the customer who is down £590 and have no item that I can not have a refund as was deliverd to the correct address we knew from the start of the investigation it was deliverd to correct address it was the wrong person they handed to and the delivery driver signed itself, so I waited 15 days to be told that even though that was never the issue the issue was being handed to the wrong personI think this is discusting as was totally out of my hands and is purely down to your delivery provider, i still require a full refund as I have no money or item i feel like I have been robbed.
Please advise me further
Thank you
Nikki gray

Email [protected]@outlook.com

Desired outcome: Refund

Oct 15, 2021

same thing they did to me, THEY WILL NEVER GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. Just file a chargeback claim and forget about them. Hi I orderd a pair of slippers in may, order D5BD9E, the delivery driver delivered it to someone else and farfetch blatantly refused to refund me my money. I'm a private client on their portal but they I wasnt even treated as such. I had to file a chargeback with mastercard through my bank and since then because the chargeback was successful, farfetch have barred me from shopping with them and even arm twisting me to return the money $568 to them and since then i cant even shop. DONT USE THEM BECAUSE IF YOUR ITEM GETS MISSING/STOLEN WHEN enroute NO REFUNDS!

Sep 10, 2021

Farfetch - Farfetch is scam

Today I been charged 321$ dollars! From doing nothing this is a real life scam! I never bought anything!, me and my girl are really into saving money we also have a baby, we dont spend money like that at all! We found out I was charged right away, I never bought anything from here this is a real life scam I recommned to contact your bank right away!

Farfetch - Faulty trainers, not fit for purpose

I bought my daughter some trainers from Farfetch for £140, they lasted a month and the rubber on the bottom is coming away on both trainers. I emailed them and they offered to repair, took them to the repair shop and he said gluing would not work. They have offered me 10% of my purchase price which is not acceptable, I have asked for a full refund or replacement, but they say no. I have sent them a complaint letter to which 16days later still no reply.

Desired outcome: Replacement/refund

Aug 08, 2021

Farfetch - Farfetch keep cancelling my order despite the fact that I change payment options

I am a silver customer yet Farfetch is treating me like sh*t. I place an order for 4 times with different payment options yet Farfetch cancels it EVERY SINGLE TIME saying it's security reason -- and I have used my credit card AFTER my FF order and 100% sure they are working. I have no idea what this is about, but in case they kill off orders based on implied ethnicity like some other companies did and got fined for I guess suing is the right thing to do here.


Farfetch - Return item and credit not received

Arranged return of item through Farfetch's courier of choice, DHL. After corresponding with farfetch customer service agents for 42 days and receiving the same written canned message from Ruben, "we are pushing our team, please be patient while we work on this." I finally called Farfetch and was informed by another agent. Brenda, that the package was reported as Lost by DHL. It is now Day 50 and I have not received my funds returned.

Desired outcome: Funds returned to my credit card in full

Aug 16, 2021

I had the same story with the exception that before I order the product from UK, a member of the support team of Farfetch told me that I have not to pay any extra money for the order. Then the courier ask me to pay more money to get the product, almost the same quantity that it costs. Then I am still waiting for my money and answers like yours from Ruben.

Farfetch - Customer service is poor

I had never thought that I'm going to launch a complaint against any company but it's such a shame that I'm abandoned by this company without resolving my issue about a big high end branded bag! Only thing they had to offer which is just nothing infront of what I paid for the brand, is just 10% back. Now they have only 14 days refund policy but sometimes it takes a little longer for the issue to come up! The clasp on my bag is very very hard to close( in a embarrassing way!) I thought that may be it's new that's why is little hard but it happened the second time as well then I contacted the customer services for this issue, first they gave me a 3-4 months time frame after assessing my bag etc but one day they emailed me that the brand is not available to assess your bag! Like seriously?
So the bottom line is I'm big gonna purchase with company anymore as they have no rights for customers! You'll be abandoned with your €1500 bag or maybe more to deal with its faults!
Highly disappointed and I don't trust this company anymore.

Farfetch - Gucci shoes send to me on both right shoe not a paired shoes

I ordered Gucci Espadrille for gift, however when the person open this gift the shoes was both for RIGHT foot they send me a not pired shoes! When I reached out to them they said that they cant do something about that which is So ridiculous that having a staff that stupid will have their customer suffer and just thrown some 💸💸💸 just like that! Do not buy from this site! Cheater! Scammer!


Farfetch - They are scammers - they never delivered the item

So I placed a order for 2 pairs of fendi shoes with FarFetch on March 27, 2021. I receive a email on March 29, 2021 that both shows have been shipped together. On April 1st I received a package from...

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Farfetch - STUART WEITZMAN Raylene knee-length boots

I bought the boots on JAN 10, but at first the transfer warehouse claimed they did not receive it even though it was shown signed by fedex (certification attached). Then, on Jan 26, the warehouse informed me they received my boots. But I have already bought the same pair at somewhere else. So I contacted Farfetch to initiate a return by using DHL pick-up service on Feb 1, and then Farfetch received the return boots on Feb 5. According to their return policy and promise earlier, it takes 10 days to show the refund. But until Feb 25, 15 days after they signed for the return goods, they said there was a very small scratch on the surface. This was sooo ridiculous! It was totally non-sense and disgusting. I have been in China all the time and never worn it. The DHL guy took the parcel away and they were responsible for the delivery. Farfecth signed, meaning they accepted the return! It is very probable the boots were defective when they shipped out! I have contacted them many times but they did not reply about the refund and marked the order closed. Also, I have seen many similar cases pointing out they did not refund on purpose! Somebody pls help here and give farfetch deserved punishment! So many similar cases on the Internet! They vanished and only replied like a robot! Totally robbery, no merchant treated customers THAT WAY!

Desired outcome: Apologize and full refund


Farfetch - Refund not made

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased three different sizes of the Gucci rhyton trainer; returning one size 36.5 via DHL (refund provided), one 37.5 (via Royal Mail- this is being chased up via Royal Mail) and one size 37 (via DHL). The latter has not been refunded and I have made serval enquiries. The last correspondence I heard from Farfetch was on 18-02-2021, copy email below:

Farfetch Customer Service 18 February 2021 at 17:44
To: "[protected]@gmail.com"
Hi Heather,

'Thanks for contacting Farfetch.

Our internal team have reached out to DHL regarding the order V8JR67/GLS121344783- Rhyton leather sneakers, Size: 37, DHL associated tracking number [protected]. The package has to be found and at least be sent back to the boutique before a refund can be issued.

Order number UK7FJL/ GUC121298475- Gucci Rhyton leather sneaker size 37.5, the DHL associated tracking number is [protected] also does not have any transit movement to indicate it is being returned to the boutique.
Can you advise which return label was used to return the item? I will also have to open a lost return investigation for this item.

Can you please fill in the details below regarding order UK7FJL, size 37.5.

Order: UK7FJL / GLS121344783

Return label tracking number if known- (usually on the return label that says from customer to Farfetch) the number after AWB-

Pick up or drop off date:
Picked up or drop off time:

Pick up address:
Drop off location:

Did the customer return more than 1 package at the same time?:

Which courier company was it handed to:

Soon as I receive the filled details, I will ask our internal team to open a lost return investigation for this package.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask, I would be glad to help you.

Wish You a Great Day!

Best Wishes,


Farfetch Customer Service, incluing the last one n: 18-02-2021, as follows:

I am very concerned that I have still not had the refund (£660) for the trainers despite their being returned via DHL on 5th February. am tired of writing and nothing happening. Please refund asap. This is alot of money. The returns label number for the return via DHL on 5th February which I used and you provided: A0011T-FLR-PSX.

Desired outcome: Refund made ASA

Jan 12, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Farfetch - Missing sunglasses

I have ordered 2 sunglasses, and only one came. The box was small so it was not possible to put both in them, even DHL have confirmed that-but still fighting more than a month for a refund.
Order WZT9LY was made 7.12.2020 and came 11.12.2021 without one sunglasses
The glasses were Christmas present and I had to buy the new one.
After several emails I have called again yesterday and they have said that the refund have been refused

Desired outcome: refund

Farfetch - Order never received

I made an order before Christmas for a gift, the item was updated with ups and noted as delivered a day earlier than expected. I had no delivery and contacted fare fetch asap to advise them I haven't received anything, they told me to wait until the delivery day, I did so and still not received anything. They said they would investigate and then advise the case closed as ups states the parcel was delivered! I am so upset they would do that, I just wanted the item, they were rude and unhelpful and now I have no item and have been robbed hundreds! Most unprofessional company to work with high-end products they need to be reported.

Desired outcome: Refund

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