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Farfetch Complaints & Reviews

Farfetch / cancel order and set the product new season that the promotional code will not available any more

Sep 06, 2019

I just bought a cloth on the website two days ago. I have waited for two days and it still not being confirmed. A few hours ago I received an email telling me that the order was cancelled. When I try to buy again, the product becomes a new seasons product, that mean I can't use the...

Farfetch / men’s off white industrial belt

Aug 18, 2019

As of August 16th, 2019 I've been trying to purchase a men's off white industrial belt. My mom has purchased it for me using her card and we get an email from FarFetch saying our order is being processed. After about 4-5 hours later it says our order has been canceled and we will receive a...

Farfetch / reverse refund - farfetch inquiry: 6e7jp3

Aug 15, 2019

Online purchase was performed on the 5 of July and the status was Accepted for Processing. However, the Farfetch customer service said they never received the payment as it was cancelled in their system. However, my local bank provided evidence that Farfetch had received the money on...

Farfetch / farfetch

Aug 06, 2019

This company is a complete joke. Their customer service team is atrocious and their representatives are completely clueless. I made a purchase on their website and was charged and then received an email follow up to say my order was cancelled. I called them back and they said had to wait...

Farfetch / loss of packages, refused to refund, burberry t-shirt, givenchy hoodie, 720$

Jun 05, 2019

FarfetchI ordered a Burberry T-shirt and a Givenchy hoodie on Farfetch on May 15th, the total value was 720$. However, I did not receive my packages, and the packages were lost. The lost was also claimed by the shipping company DHL. Those packages were lost because the driver did not follow the...

Farfetch / adidas falcon sneaker

May 25, 2019

FarfetchI ordered a pair of adidas falcon sneakers that was on sale for $86.00 that was suppose to delivered two days later. I was eagerly checking my emails looking for an exact shipping time the item would have been delivered. Two days later I receive an email stating my order has been cancelled...

Farfetch / I was charged although I did not have an account

May 17, 2019

I never made a purchase on farfetch, although everyone I know gives positive reviews about farfetch buying and returning and customer service. It seems that this problem happened with a lot of people and I suggest that the company takes measures against it. Someone is using the website to...

Farfetch / unauthorized credit card charge

Apr 23, 2019

FarfetchDear Sir/Madam, Yesterday (April 22) Farfetch charged my credit card 3817, 93 PLN which is roughly 717 GBP. I've never made any purchases at Farfetch. I suspect my credit card details have been stolen (probably in Lviv, Ukraine, where I was last week). I've already reported incident to the...

Farfetch / gucci handbag

Apr 18, 2019

I purchased a Gucci handbag on, and having paid quite a lot of money for this, I had the expectation that my order (which was coming from their partner store Browns UK) would arrive to me in pristine condition with its original Gucci box, Swing Tag and Authenticity cards - I.E...

Farfetch / order cancellation and my money isnt refunding

Apr 04, 2019

Recently I have order a shoes on farfetch, My order is cancelled and my money is being taken by farfetch I used a visa card, my visa provider have sent me a msg that farfetch have taken my money This case is really sensitive, after order farfetch never reply my submits. I submitted 2-3...

Farfetch / returns

Apr 03, 2019

FarfetchI have used Farfetch a couple of times and it was OK. My last order was a leather jacket which, unfortunately, was small sized. I requested a return, sent the jacket back, it was delivered to Farfetch and signed on March 5. Since then I haven't got neither a reply from the Farfetch team...

Farfetch / my order was cancelled without any notification and I didn't get my money back

Mar 21, 2019

My order was cancelled after 4 days of silence without any notification or explanation. I saw the new status of my order just by chance in the application. However the money were charged from the card (about 2 000 € what is a very big deal!) I have contacted Farfetch two times regarding...

Farfetch / fraud

Mar 15, 2019

I have been reading the previous complains and I feel so [censored]in pissed because when you open your bank account and you see this [censored]in company that has charged you an enormous amount of money you would love to set everything on fire. So the possible option is the company itself...

Farfetch / terrible standard and service

Dec 07, 2018

FarfetchI order a pair of Birkenstock shoes from Farfetch in size eur37, however I received a pair of shoes in different which the left one in 36 and the right one in 39. Contacted the customer service and arrange for the exchange. They said they don't do exchange but I can oreder the shoes and...

Farfetch / farfetch canceled my order saying out of stock.

Nov 29, 2018

I ordered shearling jacket which is on sale on nov 27, 2018. The order went through. I got confirmation email. A few days later, they canceled my order saying it was out of stock. I go ahead and take a look online. They double the price and the coats are in stocks. So the out of stock is a...

Farfetch / high end garment returned because of defect

Nov 29, 2018

The zipper on the garment was defective. Before my daughter tried it on, she pulled down the side zipper. However it went off the teeth and therefore was unable to zip it up again. I telephoned Farfetch immediately and I put the notification of the non functioning zipper on the receipt...

Farfetch / awful service! no reply at all.

Aug 09, 2018

FarfetchI ordered an IN STOCK Saint Laurent handbag which I thought was on sale. However, 2 days later, Farfetch sent me an email saying my product was out of stock and they had already cancelled my order. I looked at their website and they actually had the EXACT same handbag (with a very...

Farfetch / service received about a faulty product

Jun 27, 2018

Order no :DB5564 made on 15/06/18. I ordered a jimmy choo mini shoulder bag and it came scratched and the suede part has dents on it and the buckle was scratched too. I'm very frustrated as I've sent two emails to customer services and still haven't received a reply back from anyone. Absolute...

Farfetch / clothing delivery

May 31, 2018

FarfetchI ordered some trousers from farfetch. I called the check they could be delivered in time for a planned holiday. They were very helpful and confirmed if I paid more they would get from Italy to the UK on time. When they arrived the box felt suspiciously light. I opened the box in front of...

Farfetch / fraud

May 04, 2018

I made a purchase and several hours later my card was charged for 3 different orders!!! One was even flagged by Amex for Fraud Alert. When I called the company they said its my fault.. Ridiculous if you ask me!!! The site is obviously compromised with a Data breach, BUYER BEWARE!!! they...

Farfetch / service - not able to get tracking for returned item

Apr 26, 2018

FarfetchHi there I purchased expensive handbag on 10 April Order no: TZF18998173. I realised straight after payment with PayPal that delivery address was not what was default on my paypal account and asked to change. The bag was shipped to the wrong address regardless. Fine. Picked it up from drop...

Farfetch / never received refund on return

Mar 28, 2018

I have used Farfetch a number of times during the past years, and their deliveries have generally been ok. However, I ordered a Cavalli dress through Farfetch for my wife as a Christmas present. As it was unfortunately not the right size, I requested a return. Farfetch informed me that...

Farfetch / not issue any refund

Mar 26, 2018

I purchased a coat from Farfetch back in November 2017 but never was able to receive the item and the item returned to Farfetch Italy directly. They showed the refund has been issued in early December, but my bank never got any refund. I kept calling for 4 months and their customer service...

Farfetch / off white shirt

Feb 10, 2018

We ordered an Off White shirt for my son from Farfetch, the order was confirmed, payment taken and delivery promised in about 10 days. After a week or so Farfetch sent us an proforma email saying that the shirt was not available after all. This is not a case of an order being processed slowly -...

Farfetch / returned items, still not refund after 3 weeks.

Jan 28, 2018

Dear Farfetch Firstly, I want to apologise, that I have had to send this email to each of you. I realise, that this ‘issue-related-email' may not be your department. I have had no other choice, but to correspond to each of you in the hope that ONE person, the right person will contact me and...

Farfetch / just keep messing up my order

Jan 10, 2018

I'm so disappointed about the order. And Farfetch just keep mess up my order. First, i received the wrong item. After I contacted the customer service, they told me that they will send me the correct item when they receive the return. However, right now they told me the item is turn out...

Farfetch / no refund for returned product

Jan 09, 2018

I received my bag in late November and noticed a multiple scratches so I contacted Farfetch and the representative asked for pictures to help facilitate the refund process. The boutique received it December 6th and no refund has been processed to date (it is now January 9, 2018). I contacted...

Farfetch / horrible experience

Dec 21, 2017

I purchased 2 items from their website for my mom as gifts for Christmas. They never arrived. I called them to ask for a refund or a replacement, they refused to do so saying that their system shows my order was received. How is that? Any order can be considered a received one only if...

Farfetch / poor customer service and delivery

Dec 13, 2017

Hi Farfetch team, Let's say I did not have the experience that you have promised on the website when using your services. 1. I have ordered the item and expected that the item will be dispatched in less than 24 hours. However, it first takes 48 hours to review the order. Then, it will...

Farfetch / order cancellation and not refunding money

Nov 29, 2017

Purchase from Farfetch ended badly for me...after 1 year of thinking over expensive purchase I finally decided to treat myself and bought 2 pairs of shoes only because there was Black Friday discount days... I paid around 600 euros which for me is quite big amount of money. I choose PayPal...

Farfetch / I want my money back

Nov 03, 2017

I am so tired of their promises. So many emails from them saying when exactly my order will arrive, but it's been 2 months and they still have it. Maybe it's the right time to be brave and to start standing behind your products and services? Yes, I already understood you weren't going to...

Farfetch / Don't buy from them

Oct 03, 2017

buyers beware and stay away if you don't want to lose your money and time. I have never encountered such a baggy website that simply doesn't allow me to place an order and pay for it. Their support team is ok, they tried to do anything to help me, but it didn't go further than just back...

Farfetch / credit card charged/did not complete order and now not reversing payment

Sep 14, 2017

FarfetchI made 2 purchase on this website. They charged my card ..after 1 day they send me an email saying your order has been cancelled and payment reversed but still I haven't received the payment . I would like then to refund the money to my bank account. I have attached all pics of orders and...

Farfetch / poor customer service

Jul 25, 2017

I made my first purchase at Farfetch, and the 10% code didn't get applied. I contacted Farfetch immediately, and Vera replied me asked me to provide that code to her, and since then, she disappeared, I emailed her twice she never response and there is no out of office reply. I called in...

Farfetch / a return

Jul 16, 2017

FarfetchHi My son purchased a top from yourselves in June (I am unable to give you the exact date at the moment as he works away. He returned from work to find the top was too big, this was the day it needed to be returned. I rang customer service and explained the situation regarding the return...

Farfetch / fraudulent site

Jul 10, 2017

Beware of a "luxury goods" site called farfetch aka Fartfetch aka is a scam and fraud site where thousands of customers are charged for clothing, shoes, handbags, but are sent only counterfeit products or empty packages and are charged...

Farfetch / counterfeit products - boutique verified

May 31, 2017

I purchased a pair of shoes from farfetch some time back. Outer soles started to split form upper of shoes even though shoes were supposed to be Blake constructed. It was at this point that I realised that shoes may be fake. I contacted farfetch, but received some boilerplate answer about... / scam to get credit card info.

Apr 28, 2017

I ordered an item, got the cookie cutter/template email confirmation saying that within 48 hours, I'd get an email confirmation from the merchant with updates. Never got that second email. A week goes by. Still no email... and no product. But they had charged my credit card?? I call...

Farfetch / I am not satisfied with this company and their service

Mar 15, 2017

I bought a pair of pants from Farfetch and they arrived pretty fast but size was wrong and they were too big. First of all I found Farfetch contact information and contacted their customer service care and explained the situation. Their rep said that he has to ask their manager what to do...

Farfetch / money scam

Feb 23, 2017

I have a bad experience with Farfetch. I bought two items from this website and received only one. First of all I was not satisfied with its quality, but they rejected my refund request. And as I already said there was one item missing and when I contacted them about the missing item they...