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Farfetch Complaints & Reviews / clarification from the ceo


As CEO of I welcome any points of view and as a company we really listen to all complaints. We are a young company and we are improving our processes, feedback is, therefore, very important to us. I would like to comment on the posts above. I don’t know where these... / I am an extremely dissatisfied ex-shopper of this website


I am an extremely dissatisfied ex-shopper of this website. I purchased a pair of boots which was listed from France. Nowhere, prior to ordering, did it say I would have to send the item directly to this boutique in case of a return. I ended up spending over $200 for DSL postage and custom... / they sell items from europe, don't respond for weeks, send to the us and for their returns they make you pay 200 customs and $55 shipping


The absolute worst. They sell items from Europe, don't respond for weeks, send to the US and for their returns they make you pay 200 customs and $55 shipping, although the site says full refund for returns, so the total loss of any item around $1000 is $400 if they don't fit. I... / unreachable


The worst customer service ever I just recently made a purchase only to find that the item still has not shipped - and I still have not heard from them after sending them countless of emails - i've lost count - I still am not sure if my order was confirmed or not - however all the money i... / I am left with no shoes and in deficit in my bank for a delivery charge


Worst Customer Service i have ever experienced. I ordered a pair of guess shoes, they sent me the wrong size, i then had to return the shoes paying out an overseas delivery charge to get the shoes back to them and i never received any refund on the cost of returning the shoes even though... / they do not honor what they've put up on their website and neither do their suppliers


I ordered a pair of Volta boots today at the price of EUR100 and shortly after I received an email from RBS confirming that my payment successfully went through I received another email from Farfetch saying that my payment has been refused and hence my order cannot be completed. I emailed...