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Farfetch Complaints & Reviews

Farfetch / fraudulent site

Jul 10, 2017

Beware of a "luxury goods" site called farfetch aka Fartfetch aka is a scam and fraud site where thousands of customers are charged for clothing, shoes, handbags, but are sent only counterfeit products or empty packages and are charged...

Farfetch / counterfeit products - boutique verified

May 31, 2017

I purchased a pair of shoes from farfetch some time back. Outer soles started to split form upper of shoes even though shoes were supposed to be Blake constructed. It was at this point that I realised that shoes may be fake. I contacted farfetch, but received some boilerplate answer about... / scam to get credit card info.

Apr 28, 2017

I ordered an item, got the cookie cutter/template email confirmation saying that within 48 hours, I'd get an email confirmation from the merchant with updates. Never got that second email. A week goes by. Still no email... and no product. But they had charged my credit card?? I call...

Farfetch / I am not satisfied with this company and their service

Mar 15, 2017

I bought a pair of pants from Farfetch and they arrived pretty fast but size was wrong and they were too big. First of all I found Farfetch contact information and contacted their customer service care and explained the situation. Their rep said that he has to ask their manager what to do...

Farfetch / money scam

Feb 23, 2017

I have a bad experience with Farfetch. I bought two items from this website and received only one. First of all I was not satisfied with its quality, but they rejected my refund request. And as I already said there was one item missing and when I contacted them about the missing item they...

Farfetch / wrong size

Jan 12, 2017

I decided to order from Farfetch and that was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I wanted to buy a sweatshirt from them but wasn't sure about the size so I contacted their customer service and their rep helped me to make my order. When I received the sweatshirt it was way too small! I... / don't stand behind quality of the goods they sell

Jan 09, 2017

My first and only experience with them was very poor. I placed an order with them for two items on October 25, 2016. I ordered a long sleeve cotton shirt (mini heart striped t-shirt) by Comme des Garcons Play, which I liked, so I kept it. Last week I washed it for the first time in...

Farfetch / they sale fake kenzo sweater

Dec 10, 2016

I buy two kenzo sweaters from farfetch. They are totally different with the same style swearters sale in the authorized kenzo franchise. Material is different, prints Is different, label is different, even the size is different even though they are both XS. The manager of kenzo franchise told...

Farfetch / cheap quality items

Dec 09, 2016

I have purchased a top an skirt from this website When I received my items I was very disappointed with the quality. This store is quite expensive and when I ordered I thought I'll get high quality items, but I was so wrong . Of course there was no way to get a refund...

Farfetch / unethical behavior

Jul 25, 2016

About one week ago I asked for an exchange of an item I bought online (Mary Katranzou skirt), a smaller size. I contact an operator from farfetch by phone as I needed to make sure that i understood the political returns. So I asked if the size I want in exchange will not fit, if I have a...

Farfetch / billing issues

Jul 20, 2016

Farfetch had internet issues one day that caused me so much grief. A purchase went through PayPal I didn't authorize. Then after calling Farfetch they assured me not to worry it was cancelled and I would not be charged. Well I was charged a week later then also had issues trying to get it...

Farfetch / unhappy customer

Jul 12, 2016

Ordered a product from and was very disappointed with its quality. Item looked nothing like picture and arrived defective. I contacted customer care service and asked for a refund. They said that they need some pictures and I did send them but never received a response...

Farfetch / I'm very disappointed with farfetch

Jun 15, 2016

I've purchased a pair of shoes from this website and received the wrong pair. Shoes looked nice and I really liked them. I went online and found out that these shoes cost less than the ones which I have ordered. So I contacted Farfetch customer service and said that I decided to keep the...

Farfetch / received a used pair!

May 02, 2016

I've purchased a pair of good looking shoes from Farfetch and received my order in reasonable time. Opened the package and was really happy, because my new shoes were really amazing and looked great. When I took them out I felt a strange feet smell. When I looked closer I noticed that...

Farfetch / consumer fraud and price gouging for international customers

Jan 24, 2016

FarfetchDate of the incident: 24 January 2015 Item ID on farfetch website: [protected] Complaint for 1) consumer fraud and 2) price gauging for international customers. I wanted to buy a dress listed at 995 Euro (incl EU VAT). However: 1) I live in Hong Kong and Farfetched automatically convert...

Farfetch / honorless

Aug 08, 2015

I don't like to make the bad review but this company is so terrible. I bought 2 pairs Burberry sneaker shoes online. There were their mistake to post the price, it was cheap compare with another stores. Then they don't sent them to me, while they already charged my Paypal...

Farfetch / horrid after sales service

Jul 30, 2015

This is my first time voicing a complain as I have been VERY DISAPPOINTED with the the level of service provided by Farfetch, I have ordered with them twice, and both experiences have been bad. The first time I ordered I paid extra for expedited shipping (1-2 days) yet the item still came... / false and deceptive means used to sell items

May 22, 2015

If I would have thoroughly read the reviews for FARFETCH I don't think I would have ever purchased an item from them! I am furious! I purchased a Maison Michel straw hat from ATELIER New York (a boutique) through the website about a week ago for a trip to Mexico. I paid for expre...

Farfetch / returned order

Mar 29, 2015

Like other people who had to return an item that did fit not I had a bad experience. Got a shirt - it did not fit - returned it with all tags attached, followed all the return instructions and not store in Rome Gente Roma claims I did not include the tags. Regret not taking picture of my...

Farfetch / no delivery

Dec 31, 2014

I ordered a coat as a gift for my son, who was visiting from NYC over Xmas. I ordered on 12/11 and they took my Paypal payment. It is 12/31 and I still have no coat for my kid. All customer service could do was say "It's in customs in Cincinatti". I see, however, that the order...

Farfetch / extortionate prices. outlet items!

Dec 28, 2014

Ridiculously overpriced. Item received was not brand new. Total disappointment Extortionate prices you can feel you're being ripped off on the spot but that's my fault I admit. A quick search on google should have unveiled the truth to me about an online company that charges two to three time... / I received a defective bag and extremely poor customer service

Nov 23, 2014

So I bought a Fendi bag in Mid October from Farfetch. After I received my bag, I found out that the bag is USED (the button is poor there are tons of markings) I immediately took pictures of my bag and sent to Farfetch. They responded fast - they asked me to wait. After TWO WEEKS (their...

Farfetch / never order from this website..

Nov 07, 2014

My advice: don't go anywhere near this website. I ordered an Alexander Wang bag from them a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the stitching came undone after a few days, it clearly hadn't been finished properly at the factory. Assuming this was a rare occurrence, I contacted Farfetch... / refuse to refund

Aug 22, 2014

I bought a pair of bottega veneta for $858. 35 I returned the item as received. Dhl came to pick up the item and they checked the item before taking it. As per farfetch returns policy, the item was placed in the supplied farfetch box in addition to another cardboard box surrounding it. I... / returns

Jul 17, 2014

We had a very unpleasant experience with We ordered a Valentino gown in hopes it would be a the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding but unfortunately it did not fit. We returned the gown within the return period and received an RMA from Farfetch. We followed all direction...

Farfetch / terrible service

Jul 09, 2014

On June 16th, I have placed an order, number M3VP, "Dolce and Gabbana" pumps size 38. I have also placed a request to notify me once size 37 (which is my TTS) is back in stock. On June 30th, after the shoes were delivered, I have received a notification to my mail that my "item is back in... / dishonest store

Jul 03, 2014

Farfetch.comI bought a pair of shoes at I tried the shoes 1 min at home, then put them back into the box because they were too large and returned them to get a refund (Their website say you may return the items and get a full refund within 14 days) . Unfortunately, they refused to refund...

Farfetch / poor customer service

May 23, 2014

Far fetch offers shopping from around the world. I have purchased from them a couple of times and each time was a disaster. The first time, my shoes were delivered by UPS and the delivery guy reamed me out for not being home on his previous two tries. Granted this was no farfetch'... / overpriced and poor customer service

Jan 20, 2014

I purchased a product from but learned that the same product was available at another competing online shop for $200 cheaper. I reached out to the company immediately and recommended two options, option 1) price match (provided the link to the alternate merchant) if they... / would never recommend them to a friend

Jan 02, 2013

The jeans I ordered arrived in quick time and I had no issues with ordering. However, they did not fit and I am now in a return loop emailing with customer service. There is some process by which you are supposed to click on the 'return' button get an RMA # from 'my... / do not waste your time nor your money with farfetch


Do not waste your time nor your money with Farfetch. I had a very bad experience and wish I had read the reviews before I placed my order. In my case, I placed an order for a Fendi handbag on 12/6 and when the package didn't arrive within the 4 - 6 day timeframe I called Farfetch to... / I wont be shopping with this store again


Purchased a pair of shoes online, gave my credit card details and received confirmation of order. A few hours later received an email advising that displayed the wrong price and I would have to pay an extra $300 if I wanted them (like it was my fault). I requested cancellation and asked... / I tried to ring customer service and it only put me on a left message


I order recently items worth US$ 1985 this is a large amount of money- this is my first time ordering and item for this website as i really love the jacket and the shoes that will shipped from a small boutique from france- i pay the whole amount on my card and the money as been taken or... / still waiting on my return!? still heard nothing


Still waiting on my return!? Still heard nothing! Ordered a pair of Steve McQueen sunglasses from fartetch they're supposed to be 714 model and I was sent the 649 model. After contacting customer service I get a response saying they'd contact the boutique about my inquiry!? I stated I... / I will not recommend anyone to buy from here


I am new customer to FarFetch. Made a checkout payment of $758 AUD after the exchange rate. FarFetch replied, cancelled my order and request for bank transfer. Tried to do a bank transfer, now it cost $808 AUD with the lower exchange rate and bank transfer fee that I have to pay... / I have had the same bad customer experience as most of you


I have had the same bad customer experience as most of you and yes, wish I'd read the reviews before. I am massively frustrated that I have effectively had to hand over £70 to UK Revenue & customs just because I was taking a punt on a $230 dress that might suit me for a wedding... / after almost a week could not even tell me where the goods were or what was happening


Placed an order almost a week ago - farfetch still unable to tell me where the order is or what is happening. Order shipped after a few days, then the DHL status said returned to shipper. Chased the company several times for a response, no one ever got back to me as promised. In the end... / the shoes do not fit


A terrible experience. I wish i had seen the many negative reviews before i spent $350 on a pair of shoes. The shoes do not fit, as the actual makers have said they run a half size smaller than regular. so i have spent 5 days emailing farfetch customer service only to get absolutely no... / no order number given after payment


I just purchased a pair of Dr Martens from and their website is operated by Once I have completed the payment with my credit card, the page goes back to Sefton home page with no order number given or email acknowledgement even after 5 hours. I went to... / this shopping experience is so disappointing


Tragedy happened again. I bought a cloth from, they sent me a wrong size, and I sent their email and shots of my order history and cloth label I received. But no one responds me until now, guys what should I do, pay another shipment fee to send it back, or asking him to...